Whatever Happened to Los Boricuas


Craig Wilson

During 1997 in the WWE, the promotion had several different stables battling it out in a gang wars style battle. One of those groups, led by Savio Vega, was Los Boricuas. Today we ask Whatever Happened to that foursome of wrestlers.

Los Boricuas was formed when Vega, along with Crush, was tossed out of the Nation of Domination by Farooq. The group debuted in June of 1997 with Savio accompanied by three second-generation superstars. Miguel Perez jr. was the son of former WWF tag team champion José Miguel Pérez, José Estrada, Jr. was the son of former WWF Junior Heavyweight Champion José Estrada while Jesús “Huracán” Castillo is the son of Pedro Castillo.

The name Los Boricuas derives from a popular nickname for Puerto Rican people owing to all the group’s members being from Puerto Rico.

Very quickly, the group became involved in angles with other stables such as the Nation of Domination and the Disciples of Apocalypse. However, success was fleeting for the group as other storylines overtook the gang warfare one and they fell down the card.

In the lead-up to the 1998 Royal Rumble Los Boricuas, like most the roster, were on the hunt for Stone Cold Steve Austin. On the show, the Puerto Rican foursome attacked Skull, mistaking him for Austin, and ruling him out of the Rumble match.

The team performed regularly across WWE TV and at WrestleMania XIV all four took part in the tag team Battle Royal, with limited success. By July, Vega would leave the group and engage in a short solo return before leaving the company. Castillo largely occupied the role of jobber on Shotgun while also joining Perez and Estrada on occasions on Raw until the tail end of the year. They remained with the company until August of 1999, almost exclusively performing on the short-lived WWF SuperAstros – a show that promoted the company in Latin America.

After leaving the WWE, all four members appeared in the International Wrestling Association – joining for the company’s tenth-anniversary show – and defeated a stable known as “La Revolución Dominicana” in a flag-in-a-pole match.

Both Vega and Estrada would make appearances for Total Non-Stop Action (TNA) with Savio also involved with Ring Ka King, a TNA affiliate promotion in India, where he was responsible for training Indian talent.

On July 19, 2013, Los Boricuas joined the World Wrestling League (WWL), with all but Estrada joining the reunion. In June of the following year, Castillo reappeared in the World Wrestling Council alongside Pérez. The next July, New Wrestling Revolution announced that another incarnation of Los Boricuas, formed by Vega and Pérez, would appear at one of their events. Different variations of the classic Los Boricuas line-up would feature on a series of different promotions, largely in Puerto Rica.

Where are they now:

Savio Vega is the current president of World Wrestling League, an organisation that essentially serves as a Latin American version of the National Wrestling Alliance, allowing its talents to perform with associated organisations. You can follow him on twitter here.

Miguel Perez looks almost unrecognisable to his time with his time with the WWF, judging by his Twitter profile. In recent years, he returned to the World Wrestling Council and has feuded with Vega.

Although only 43, details on José Estrada Jr. are more difficult to source with no social media platforms that I could find.

Aged 54, Jesús Castillo Jr. saw his son step into the ring several years ago, becoming the first third-generation Puerto Rican wrestler.

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