The Way We Was: 1996 Week 46

Jamie Lithgow

To celebrate the end of the working week, today we turn back the clock and head back to 1996 to remember The Way We Was. Evander Holyfield shocked the boxing world by completely out-boxing WBA Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson to become a three time world champion. That’s enough chat about the fake world of boxing, let’s see what happened this week in the real world of professional wrestling…
90s Raw Logo



This week’s Raw was the go-home episode before Survivor Series, which takes place at Madison Square Garden this Sunday. To complete the build for the main event pitting WWF Champion Shawn Michaels against his on/off friend Sycho Sid, the big man finally snapped. The duo opened the show by tagging together against WWF Tag Team Champions Owen Hart and The British Bulldog. Shawn and Sid’s uneasy relationship once again hit the rocks when HBK accidentally nailed Sid with Sweet Chin Music while aiming for The Bulldog. This allowed Davey Boy to score the pinfall as Owen restrained Shawn. After returning from a commercial break we learned of some brawling in the back, presumably involving Sid and Shawn. When Kevin Kelly caught up with Sid, The Master and Ruler of The World said that he had given HBK the benefit of the doubt last week – Owen Hart hit him with a chair, but from Sid’s perceptive all the evidence pointed towards Michaels. An irate Sid finished by saying that he would capture the WWF Championship on Sunday. Later in the show HBK said that his superkick on Sid was a mistake, but it still knocked him out. He then ended with our quote of the week…

Quote of The Week

“With that chin you’re sporting I can hit it from anywhere in Madison Square Garden”

Shawn Michaels to Sycho Sid

In Other News From Raw –

  • Other than a very brief apology from Vince McMahon and a very brief non-apology from Steve Austin, there was absolutely no reference to the show-long angle that dominated last week’s broadcast. The reason is simple, this week’s Raw – and thus the bulk of the commentary – was recorded about two weeks prior to Stone Cold’s invasion of Brian Pillman’s home
  • During this same promo Austin said he would try to find Bret Hart tonight. Fast forward to the end of the show and we were led to believe that Stone Cold had located The Hitman’s dressing room, where Bret was earlier pictured watching Austin’s match with Bob Holly. Standing at the door, The Rattlesnake backtracked on his promise to attack Hart by stating that he wasn’t interested in beating up The Hitman for free. In a dig at WCW, Austin called his match with The Hitman this Sunday “the match of the decade”
  • Killer Kowalski and The Valiant Brothers will join Pat Paterson in the Hall of Fame at a ceremony on Saturday night
  • We met the WWF’s first ever third generation superstar; Rocky Maivia. We learned that he is the son of Rocky Johnson and grandson of High Chief Peter Maivia. We also learned that he’s good at working out in the gym
  • The Undertaker – who is still invisible to human eyes, apparently – taunted Paul Bearer and Mankind with the same upside down effigy from Superstars. Humorously, the deranged Mankind attacked the cage which encased the portly dummy
  • Sable defeated Doc Hendrix in the Milton Bradley Karate Fighters Tournament… I can’t believe this is actually a weekly segment

Full Results

  • Owen Hart & Davey Boy Smith (c) (w/ Clarence Mason) defeated Shawn Michaels & Psycho Sid (w/ Jose Lothario) to retain the WWF Tag Team Championships
  • Mankind (w/ Paul Bearer & The Executioner) defeated Freddie Joe Floyd
  • Steve Austin defeated Bob Holly

Nitro Logo

Yes, this was a real thing...

Yes, this was a real thing…

My abiding memory from this week’s Nitro is most certainly Rowdy Roddy Piper’s music video. Yes, you read that correctly. In an utterly bizarre angle, a random man from the crowd fought through security and handed Tony Schiavone an envelope containing a video tape. The man who left the tape was named as Ken McDade – a detail which seemed completely extraneous – and labelled it as a hit from Europe in 1992. Although Schiavone was dismissive of the tape, Eric Bischoff – who handles the second hour of Nitro – seemed quite excited to show us the footage. What we were treated to was a music video for a song called “I’m Your Man” by Rowdy Roddy Piper. If that wasn’t random enough, our attention was drawn to a specific moment in the video which featured an advertisement for a Roddy Piper vs. Hulk Hogan match. That’s right, someone had imagined two famous wrestlers – who had already wrestled each other multiple times – wrestling each other four years before a potential match in WCW….. spooky or what?!

In Other News From Nitro –

  • Apparently Piper’s single “I’m Your Man” was only ever released in the UK, as you can imagine it did not trouble the top of the charts
  • The nWo are on a recruitment drive. Ted DiBiase made another plea to Sting while The Outsiders officially offered Diamond Dallas Page a spot in the group. DDP referenced his past relationships with both Hall and Nash but firmly declined the offer after feeling insulted at being the potential eighth member. Nash tried to claim that politics prevented them from asking Page any sooner. The interesting thing here is that DDP sounded like a real person. Up until now he has very much been a gimmicky heel character
  • Ultimo Dragon, Dean Malenko and Psychosis were all scouting Rey Mysterio. Dragon was sat at ringside with the eight belts that comprise his recently acquired J-Crown. This was quite an impressive sight
  • Ric Flair will soon undergo shoulder surgery
  • Hogan, Hall and Nash will be attending the Cable Ace Awards this weekend, which we all care about of course
  • In other New World Order news, the group have launched and according to Kevin Nash intend to present nWo Nitro in a couple of weeks. How they plan to accomplish this is anyone’s guess
  • Good news for those who think Jeff Jarrett is a total prat. He was booked against Chris Benoit this week so that the real Horseman could teach him a lesson in respect. In the middle of this match Sting walked to the ring and nailed Double J with a reverse DDT. After the match was thrown out, Woman persuaded Benoit to help Jarrett up because at least they know he’s a WCW guy. Benoit obliged, albeit by dragging Jarrett up by his hair
  • After applying an impressive Torture Rack to Scott Norton, Lex Luger apologised to Sting for not trusting him at Fall Brawl. I’m sure he already said sorry several weeks ago, but I guess it’s worth another shot…
  • We saw footage from WCW Saturday Night and our prayers have been answered; Harlem Heat have officially ditched Colonel Parker. The colonel can now be found alongside The Amazing French Canadians
  • The Nasty Boys were refused entry to the arena. They then met with a man lurking in the shadows in the parking lot. This turned out to be fellow outcast The Bootyman. I wonder if they’ll form their own group of nWo reject guys?
  • Bizarrely, The Nasty Boys are in-line for a Tag Title shot against The Outsiders. Pointing out that this makes no sense, Jimmy Hart pitched adding his guys (The Faces of Fear) to the match at World War 3. Eric Bischoff sounded suitably convinced by this argument
  • Shock horror, Nick Patrick disqualified Chris Jericho for the softest accidental collision you’ve ever seen. Why WCW continue to assign Nick Patrick to Jericho’s matches is beyond me
  • Some clarity from last week; Kevin Sullivan hasn’t gone mad, he really will be facing Chris Benoit in Baltimore. He was referring to a forthcoming episode of WCW Saturday Night when he mentioned it last week. Slightly odd for such a strong build towards a match on WCW’s B-show
  • There was another miscommunication by The American Males…
  • Nitro ended with the same segment for the third week in a row; Hogan calling Piper a chicken before posing. The only difference this time is that Liz was also present, in a Christmas outfit. I presume this was a reference to Hollywood’s forthcoming movie; Santa With Muscles

Full Results

  • Jeff Jarrett defeated Chris Benoit (w/ Woman) via disqualification
  • WCW Women’s Championship Tournament Quarter Finals: Zero (w/ Sonny Onoo) pinned Malia Hosaka
  • Rey Mysterio Jr. pinned Ciclope
  • Lex Luger defeated Scott Norton via submission
  • Harlem Heat (w/ Sister Sherri) fought Jacques Rougeau & Carl Ouellet (w/ Col. Rob Parker) to a no contest
  • Konnan defeated Chris Jericho via disqualification
  • Miguel Perez Jr. pinned Juventud Guerrera
  • Meng & The Barbarian (w/ Jimmy Hart) defeated Marcus Alexander Bagwell & Scotty Riggs


It could be argued that last week’s Austin/Pillman angle helped claw back a few viewers to Raw. If that is the case then what a shame for those viewers that the angle was not followed up in any way, shape or form this week.

You can read all previous ‘The Way We Was’ pieces here.

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