Sunday Sermon: Brock Lesnar and Goldberg

Craig Wilson, Brian Damage and Jamie Lithgow

To the surprise of many predicting last week’s SummerSlam on this blog, the New Day held their titles extending their reign as tag champions. In homage, in today’s Sunday Sermon, we take a look at tag team wrestling through the years and discuss our favourite tandems.

Craig: I doubt I am the only one on this blog that was staggered by how Sunday’s Survivor Series main event.

After all, it was only Russ that predicted a Goldberg win whilst the others all anticipated Brock would win. I doubt even Russ expected the match to be over in less than two minutes!

So what does it mean for both superstars now? Is the Brock mystique done after the squash loss or is it more a case that Goldberg would have been found out had he gone longer?

All that and more in this latest Sunday Sermon.

Brian: I like many, many others were shocked by the result of the Lesnar/Goldberg match. A lot of fans were obviously upset by the outcome because some felt it somehow negated ‘the Wrestlemania streak’ of the Undertaker that was broken by Lesnar.

I will say this, while the Undertaker’s streak was very important for years to many…it never really was to the Undertaker himself. In fact, he went out on Smackdown last week to say he didn’t want Wrestlemania to define him. As for Brock getting squashed, that is really the only way to book Goldberg sadly.

If you want Goldberg to be Goldberg and get over with fans…you can’t have him in a 20-minute match. He was at his best when he decimated his opponents in seconds. Do you really think Lesnar will be hurt by this? I have my doubts…simply because of who Brock Lesnar is. He is a monster..a beast and will continue being one of the most physically threatening wrestlers in the WWE today.

Craig: totally agree re Goldberg. Not only would he be exposed in a 20-minute bout but that’s not the Goldberg folk want. Fans don’t want early 00s WWE Goldberg. Instead, they want late 90s WCW Goldberg, the one who steamrolled over opponents.

Was just having a chat via text with Jamie about this. Here’s my call:

Both in Rumble. Goldberg lobs out a few guys leaving him in the ring. Enter Brock. They battle. Goldberg eliminates him then Brock re-enters and throws him out.

It then sets up their Wrestlemania bout. It’s also the way they set up the last one! This works well if both guys are largely kept apart. Which won’t be hard with their part-time schedules.

Jamie: I’m in agreement with Craig, surely this feud is building towards a Wrestlemania match? I figure it will be a gimmick match too, because it can’t be a rubber match with Goldberg 2-0 up. I doubt we’ll see another squash between these two again, but at least a gimmick match could help mask any shortcomings Goldberg may have. By that point, I assume the feud will have built towards a logical gimmick match (Hell in a Cell?) conclusion too.

In terms of people being upset by the result. Yes, it was shocking but I’ll say this; it gave us what we wanted regarding Goldberg and I for one am more interested in seeing Brock Lesnar’s next match now. We’re used to seeing him destroy guys, which I’ve seen this multiple times to the point that I wasn’t remotely excited for his match with Goldberg. Lesnar being destroyed is also a realistic representation of how real sport works. Rhonda Rousey and Conner McGregor were both soundly defeated in the UFC this year. In recent years dominant football (soccer) teams have also been completely spanked in surprise results. These things happen, and it’s always interesting to see how people/teams bounce back.


Brian: I think Jamie brings up an excellent point about dominate teams or fighters that lose in a shocking fashion. It happened with the Undertaker at Wrestlemania a couple of years ago. It certainly hasn’t hurt the legacy of the dead man one bit in my opinion.

It does make you hungry to see Brock Lesnar again and maybe hear what Paul Heyman’s spin on the loss was about. Having Goldberg remain in the company also eases the blow a bit. I mean, if he left and decided he was one and done…would I guess justify fans being upset. That is not the case here.

Craig: I’d agree with Jamie and I’d also be minded to support the notion that it makes me more interested in Brock Lesnar as a performer. I’m not curious to see what Brock and Paul Heyman have to say about it. If they have something to say on tomorrow night’s episode of Raw, the WWE need to hype that as that is now a big deal.

We all know that Goldberg is a short-term deal and that’s fine. It was a shame that age and injuries meant that Sting’s deal couldn’t be a longer-term thing and we didn’t get to see Taker vs. Sting, as many fans wanted. This time the WWE will learn from that and really make sure Goldberg’s in-ring work is as limited as possible. After all, he injured his shoulder in that segment on Raw the other week. If the WWE want a couple of big buy rates from Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar, then they have to almost wrap him in cotton wool!

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7 thoughts on “Sunday Sermon: Brock Lesnar and Goldberg

  1. If they want to have Brock-Goldberg III for WrestleMania 33, forget it. I ain’t seeing that shit. I knew the 2nd match wasn’t going to live up to the hype and well, it defied my expectation in the wrong way. Honestly, fuck them both. That was Vince suckering the fans for their money.

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  2. In my view, the fact that Goldberg very easily squashed Brock Lesnar in 1:26 without any opposition is a catastrophy!!
    Multimillionaire and former UFC Champion Brock Lesnar accepting to be humiliated and annihilated with such ease by an almost 50 years old retired legend is a non-sense and a joke!! For what? More Money?!? Lesnar’s worth $16 Million and lives in a compound!?! Do he really need some more?!?
    Brock Lesnar destroyed his own legacy and reputation at the hands of a bogus fighter, a video game character, with no real-world credentials whatsoever!
    Vince McMahon decided to sink his most dominant wrestler in shit at the hands of a 12-year retired WCW creation. And by sinking Lesnar in shit, Vince McMahon also sinked all Lesnar’s victims in shit (his main eventers like The Undertaker, John Cena, Randy Orton, The Shield, etc.) and also his last UFC opponent, Mark Hunt…

    I was Brock Lesnar’s number 1 fan!
    By now, for me.
    Brock Lesnar is dead! I don’t even want to see him ever again in a wrestling ring.

    Health & Wealth



  3. That main event was pathetic in all details. I get that you want Goldie to look dominant, but that was beyond stupid. The man is 49 years old, and for him to whoop a 39-year-old more physically fit Lesnar in such a fashion was a slap in the face. What should of happened was a hard fought 11-minute match in which Lesnar wins, but only by the skin of his teeth. Then it gets settled at WM33, no muss, no fuss, no outrage. And I don’t want to keep hearing the rumors that either one of those guys were injured just before the match at SS. 1:25, and Brock jobs? Unacceptable, and chalk this up to another bad Vinnie Mac snafu. This could have been a great feud if this had been protected properly all the way back at their first meeting at WM22, but everyone knew that they were leaving WWE after the match, and that bout was boring as shit. The SS match could have been good, but we all saw what bullshit it was, and I dare say NOBODY saw that squash coming. I have heard that even a few WWE wrestlers were pissed at that outcome as well. Hard to blame them.

    Any excitement that may have happened about this match at WM33 was destroyed at SS in one minute and twenty-five seconds. David Arquette winning the WCW title was more aesthetically pleasing, to be honest.


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