This Week in Wrestling 2016 week 52

Craig Wilson and Brian Damage

It’s that time again as we look back at This Week in Wrestling. In this edition, Craig talks about the Raw women’s division while Brian shares some of the most interesting pictures and videos he’s stumbled upon over the last seven days. 

The Raw Women’s Division is a Mess


End of the line for the feud between Charlotte and Sasha?

This past week, at the fairly poop ‘Roadblock: End of the Line’, we had match 827492 of the Sasha Banks and Charlotte programme, which highlighted, without a doubt, a major weakness in the women’s division on Raw. And I say that as a fan of both competitors.

Before I go on, I should say that I loved the pair’s match at Roadblock. I think it was quite possibly Charlotte’s best WWE match. The booking of her is excellent and she’s perhaps the best-booked heel at the moment. There are no attempts to have her make the crowd laugh or make her look sneaky, she’s booked to look strong and aggressive and gets heel heat as a result. And being so dominant on PPVs makes her look very impressive.

Sure, the match at ‘Roadblock’ had some flaws – a babyface shouldn’t be tapping out with 2 seconds to go, that finish made Sasha, at that point not only a babyface but also the champion, look weak and a loser. But it was still perhaps the best match by a long way on an otherwise unremarkable card.

But we’re now a long way beyond overkill when it comes to matches between these two.

Over the coming weeks and months, the WWE has to keep them apart.

It’s one of a number of things that the WWE has to do when it comes to its women’s division on Raw. The focus has to be distributed more evenly. The division can’t be Charlotte and Sasha at the top, a gap then all the rest. Emmalina and the returning Tamina will make a difference. The former seems a natural opponent for the likes of Sasha whilst Tamina will provide the sort of opposition that Nia Jax has been crying out for, she looks completely lost battling it out week in, week out with smaller females. She needs the combative Tamina for her act to work. Sure, both are heels but it’ll work itself out.

As for Charlotte, the logical next step for her is a programme with Bayley. However, Bayley hasn’t been booked anything like strongly and needs some work to get her in a position to be seen as a credible opponent for the women’s champion on Raw.

Another thing that is needed, perhaps more than anything, is for the belt to stop being passed around like a joint at a party. Since the brand split in July of this year, there have been six title changes of the Raw women’s title – all between Charlotte and Sasha Banks.

If the WWE are trying to have Charlotte have as many title reigns as her father did, it won’t take long, but, being serious, it not only devalues the belt itself but takes away the element of surprise when it changes hands – particularly when all of Sasha’s wins have come on Raw and all of Charlotte’s coming at PPVs.


Undoubtedly over with the fans but under-utilised by the company

There are undoubtedly talented acts amongst the Raw women’s division. But, despite the time the WWE has available to it on a Monday night, only Charlotte and Sasha have really been used effectively.

When Emma and Tamina return, that gives you those two, Charlotte, Sasha, Nia Jax and Bayley. That’s not a bad roster to build a division around. That’s without giving consideration to Alicia Fox, Dana Brooke – who has been horribly booked, and Paige – w ho has her fair share of baggage.

A number of the aforementioned acts need some rehabilitation but nothing too major. A bit of a tweak here and there and some focus and the Raw women’s division could be in a much stronger position. Only time will tell if the WWE can actually capitalise on the talent it has at its disposal and move on from where it is currently.

‘Roadblock: End of the Line’? It has to be for the programme between Charlotte and Sasha Banks, certainly for the short and medium term and it has to be for the frequent title changes.

Picture Gallery

Probably the coolest Christmas tree you’ll ever see in your lifetime. An RKO outta nowhere!

randy-orton RKO Xmas

The legendary Ed ‘The Strangler’ Lewis with another legend in Babe Ruth!


Take a look at this super rare WWF world title from 1986. It was used only briefly and quickly replaced.


Ummmmm….nothing to see here. It’s just former WWE diva Celeste “Kaitlyn’ Bonin, her husband and in between them current porn star Kendra Lust.


One of these three women will grow up and become a wrestler/valet….marry a current WWE star and star in a reality show.

Hint: She’s not a blonde in the picture, but is now.

wwe maryse

So that’s what happened to the infamous ‘Smackdown fist’ from the show’s old set…

It has apparently become a trophy in Japanese wrestling


Santa Claus getting a Stone Cold Stunner, just in time for the Holidays!


Video Gallery

Merry Christmas from the World Wrestling Federation stars of 1983…

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