Wrestling with Sin: 96 in the Mix


Brian Damage

This is the 96th installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A group of stories that delves into the darker, underbelly of pro wrestling. Many of the stories involves such subjects as sex, drugs, greed and in some cases even murder! As with every single story in the Sin series…I do not condone or condemn the alleged participants. We simply retell their stories by researching interviews, newspapers, magazines and various other sources of media.

Guerrera Warfare


Furia Guerrera was a luchador that came from a famous wrestling family. His uncle and trainer was the legendary Fuerza Guerrera and his cousin was none other than Juventud Guerrera who competed all over the world including ECW, WCW and the WWE. Furia Guerrera did not have the success of his uncle or cousin, but did have a small stay in AAA before leaving and starting his own independent promotion in Mexico.

on August 11th of 2009, Furia was in Mexico City recruiting wrestlers to compete on some of his shows. He was approached by two men who robbed him by knife point. One of the robbers stabbed Guerrera multiple times before fleeing. The worst wounds were the the ones by the lung and near the heart. Guerrera was rushed to a nearby hospital but sadly, did not survive his injuries.

I’ve Got You Under My Skin


In the mid-1960’s, Freddie Blassie challenged Bruno Sammartino for the WWWF world title at Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City, New Jersey. The ending of the match saw Blassie win on a count out when he hit Sammartino with a low blow. As Freddie Blassie went to the back he was met by one of Sammartino’s friends, a man named Jilly Rizzo.


Jilly Rizzo was a restaurateur who was also close with none other than Frank Sinatra. Blassie saw Rizzo and kept in kayfabe talking trash about Sammartino and Italians in general. According to Blassie, Rizzo became upset and pulled out a gun and threatened to kill Blassie right there and then. Sammartino saw the situation begin to escalate, so Sammartino jumped off the stretcher that he was lying on and had to contain Rizzo from “whacking” Blassie. Bruno calmed Rizzo down by saying he would get back at him next time in the ring.



In early 2013, a wrestling promotion called Hart Legacy Wrestling ran a show in Calgary, Alberta, Canada called ‘Resurrection.’ The show had an abundance of talent on it including Teddy Hart, Lance Storm, Harry Smith, Bobby Lashley and many others. The show seemingly drew a large crowd to the Victoria Arena with about 1800 fans.

Problems quickly arose when several talents like Lance Storm alleged that they were never paid for their services. A local hotel manager even claimed that hotel rooms for the talent and crew were never paid for either. The news in that area did a story about what seemed like nothing but a big scam. The people involved with Hart Legacy Wrestling were a man named John Oniston and a woman named Stacey “Angel” Olszak. Most of the Hart family including Bret Hart were and are not involved in any way to the promotion.

Bret’s older brother Smith is and he himself was involved in a bit of a controversy involving the late Chris Benoit’s son David Benoit. Smith Hart advertised that David would have his very first match at a Hart Legacy Show, only for Chris Jericho to step in and put a stop to it saying David was not yet properly trained. Hart Legacy Wrestling is still holding shows with many of the wrestlers allegedly being paid upfront before the show.

Texas T’s


Lacey Adkisson aka Lacey Von Erich was a former WWE developmental wrestler and a former TNA Knockout. She is the daughter of the late Kerry Von Erich and was a third generation wrestler. Before she got her start in pro wrestling, Lacey was an aspiring actress and model.


At 18 years old, Lacey did a photo shoot with Playboy magazine. It was a non nude pictorial. She also did a topless photo shoot for a now defunct website. Those pics have remained online and Lacey has since retired from wrestling.

Oooh What A PUNCH!


Several years ago while on a tour of Japan, Eddie Guerrero and Road Warrior Hawk were drinking heavily at a bar. Guerrero readily admitted that when he was drinking, he would become an angry drunk. During the course of the night, Eddie started talking trash to Hawk.

Hawk who was also drinking heavily, warned Eddie a couple of times to back off or he would kick Eddie’s ass. With other wrestlers around, Eddie Guerrero felt he had to keep it up to save face and not back down to the much larger Hawk. Eddie continued badmouthing Hawk and turned his back away from Hawk who did what he warned Eddie he would do. He punched Guerrero hard in the back of Eddie’s head knocking him out.

A few wrestlers held Hawk back from doing any more damage. Eddie Guerrero later said that the two would make up years later and became really good friends before both sadly passed away.

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