The Way We Was: 1996 Week 52

Jamie Lithgow

We may have reached 52 episodes of Raw and Nitro from 1996, but a mixture of a leap year and January 1st 1997 falling on a Tuesday mean that today we bring you action from the penultimate week in 1996. With Jerry Maguire hitting cinema screens let’s find out why WCW’s ‘Ambassador of Quan’ was wearing a kilt in this week’s The Way We Was

90s Raw Logo

Should have just taken her to the movies mate

Should have just taken her to the movies mate

The Intercontinental Championship took centre stage this week. While champion Hunter Hearst Helmsley defended his title against former champ Marc Mero, Goldust (with Marlena) watched from the crowd. Mid-match, Mero chased Jerry Lawler away from the announce desk. Lawler has recently made enemies of both Mero and Goldust, so it was probably wise to run for it. Somewhat surprisingly, the champ picked up the clean win with The Pedigree; which JR put over as a move nobody gets up from. The result means that Triple H will now defend his belt against Goldust at the Royal Rumble. After the match, Hunter took a microphone and told Goldust that he’ll show him what it’s like to be a real man. He then raised The Bizarre One’s ire by saying that he’ll also show Marlena what it’s like to be with a real man.

In Other News From Raw –

  • Vince McMahon downplayed what is coming across as a Bret Hart heel turn. Instead he is being described as “more aggressive”
  • Shawn Michaels acted like a petulant teenager when Vince asked him about Bret’s performance against Razor Ramon; “your point being” is all he could muster. He did manage a few more words thereafter though. He said that he is prepared for anything at the Royal Rumble and intends to “win like a man” in his WWF Championship match against Sid
  • Speaking of Vince, he was putty in Sunny’s hands after she threw him a couple of compliments during Rocky Maivia’s match
  • Regarding the rookie; he is still using the shoulder breaker as a finisher and Sunny is very, very interested in him…
  • The Gunn family blame Bart for Billy’s injury last week – well duh, he didn’t drop himself on the ropes. Bart issued an apology in the hope that Billy was watching
  • WWF will debut a new show on January 4th; Shotgun Saturday Night. Apparently it will be broadcast live from a nightclub and according to Todd Pettingill it will be a “smokin’, sexy, rockin’ good time”
  • JR asked the legendary Mil Mascaras – who was doing guest commentary with the Spanish language team – what he thought of the superstars in the WWF. Instead of providing an answer he just talked about himself. He said that he intends to win the Royal Rumble…

Quote of The Week

“A lot of people in Georgia have a shortage of ethics”

Jim Ross

Full Results

  • Marc Mero defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley (c) by Count Out in a WWF Intercontinental Championship match
  • Rocky Maivia defeated Salvatore Sincere
  • Cibernetico & Pierroth defeated The New Rockers
  • Bret Hart defeated Razor Ramon

Nitro Logo

Quite an elaborate entrance just to receive a beat down...

Quite an elaborate entrance just to receive a beat down…

This was the go-home episode of Nitro before Starrcade. During the first hour we got the exact same Hollywood Hogan promo that he has been delivering for the last month. Again, the announcers emphasised that there was no point in Hogan calling out Roddy Piper because he wasn’t present. After this segment we heard that the New World Order were claiming Piper was in the building, and was just scared to face Hogan. Fast forward to the end of the show and Hogan was out for more of the same, however this time Piper’s music cut him off. True to form, it wasn’t Piper. Instead we got Eric Bischoff dressed as a Scotsman. Trying to do his best Piper impersonation, Bischoff (as Piper) said he had no business being in the ring with Hogan at Wrestlemania before laying doing for the Hulkster to pin him. At this point Piper’s music hit again, but in the form of a pipe band who formed a guard of honour at the end of which Rowdy Roddy Piper appeared. Hot Rod hit the ring to get a piece of Hogan, but only got a few shots in before the nWo swarmed the ring. Security appeared and saved Piper from a beating while Sting was spotted watching events unfold from the rafters.

In Other News From Nitro –

  • Chris Benoit is back from Germany and the Horseman infighting has begun. Arn Anderson was not impressed by Woman’s absence on the show, but Benoit insisted that she was dealing with Horseman business. Debra was permitted to use the microphone again and trashed the absent Woman, again. Benoit then tried to address Debra’s now weekly outbursts about his new lady friend but Debra’s man, Steve ‘Mongo’ McMichael, jumped straight in and said The Crippler was out of line i.e. the pot jumped in and called the kettle black. Before anything got physical Ric Flair jumped in, put everybody over and did some strutting to end the segment on a high
  • Another reason for Arn Anderson to be unimpressed with Chris Benoit was The Crippler’s shock defeat to Eddie Guerrero in the US Title tournament. Eddie will now face Diamond Dallas Page with the winner becoming the new US Champ
  • Following his match with Tombstone – 911 of ECW fame – Lex Luger managed to put The Giant in his Torture Rack submission
  • Rey Mysterio Jr – who had a run-in with Sting in last week’s mass brawl – claimed that Sting is not a member of the New World Order. He said that the Stinger’s reaction to being jumped from behind was normal and not the same as when Kevin Nash threw him into the side of a truck. Rey went on to claim that Sting stopped retaliating when he realised who had jumped him
  • We were reminded of some archaic WCW rules this week. Firstly, Konnan was disqualified for throwing his former stable mate, Big Bubba, over the top rope. Secondly, Lord Steven Regal clung onto his TV Title by his finger nails after the ten minute time limit expired just as the referee was counting his shoulders to the mat against Cruiserweight Champion Dean Malenko
  • The Amazing French Canadians, who always sing the Canadian national anthem prior to their matches, don’t actually know the words to the song
  • The nWo are getting their very own pay per view. It will be held in January
  • The nWo Sting appeared during Jeff Jarrett’s match with Rick Steiner. Jarrett attacked the intruder and, bizarrely, covered him. Even weirder, the referee counted the three…

Full Results

  • Eddie Guerrero defeats Chris Benoit (w/ Woman) in a WCW United States Title Tournament Semi Final Match
  • Lex Luger defeats Tombstone
  • Rey Misterio Jr. defeats Mr. JL
  • Glacier defeats Buddy Lee Parker
  • The Amazing French Canadians (w/ Col. Robert Parker) defeat The Public Enemy by DQ
  • Big Bubba Rogers defeats Konnan (w/ Jimmy Hart) by DQ
  • Lord Steven Regal (c) vs. Dean Malenko ended in a Time Limit Draw in a WCW Television Championship Match
  • Jeff Jarrett defeats Rick Steiner (w/ Scott Steiner)


Despite the massive nose dive from Raw, WWF officials can take comfort in the fact that we have seen the final Monday Night Football of the season. The 49ers defeated the Lions, by the way

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