This Week in Wrestling 2017 week 2

Craig Wilson and Brian Damage

Welcome to the second edition of This Week in Wrestling in 2017. Today, Craig talks about the Carmella match on Smackdown while Brian asks if Aron Rex is damaged goods and shares some of the most interesting pictures and videos he’s stumbled upon over the last seven days. 

Carmella’s Horrible Smackdown match

The above match took place this week on Smackdown Live.

First let me start by saying, I’m not much of a fan of Carmella. She doesn’t look all that good in the ring and it’s difficult not to find her character completely grating. Throw in her new alliance with James Ellsworth – a joke that’s long since ceased being funny – and you’re in trouble.

Carmella’s opponent in the match was CJ Lunde, better known to wrestling fans as Thunderkitty from her time in SHIMMER.

The match itself? It was terrible.

It’s not really clear whether this was a squash or a competitive match. If it was the former, then Lunde got far too much in the way of offence in. If it was the latter, then having the commentators destroy Carmella’s opponent throughout, negated any advantage that she would have gotten from this win. I can’t also help but think the stick Lunde got was incredibly harsh. After all, she’s been brought in for the purpose of losing to Carmella. The stick that Sylvia got was over the top. JBL is, as well as an awful announcer, is a terrible guy at times. You could tell that Mauro thought this was a very awkward segment. And to think, the WWE has an anti-bullying initiative as well…

But the action itself, this was terrible. It takes two to tango and these two danced terribly throughout. Carmella looks far, far from the finished article and perhaps there was an element of stage fright from Sylvia, but cmon – watch the above video and try and have anything but absolute disdain for the bout.

Hell, look at the finish. That downward spiral attempt was horrible. There is really no other adjective that describes it better than that. Horrible.

In the olden days, before Smackdown was broadcast live, this bout would never have made it to air. Agents in the back watching would have seen how utterly awful it is and cut it down or eliminated it completely from the broadcasted show. Instead, we were subjected to a match that shows whilst the women’s revolution has brightly shone a light on women’s wrestling in the WWE, there are still some talents so far off of that high mark. Carmella has a long, long way to go.

Here, as per Thunderkitty’s Twitter page, is one of her matches.

Is Aron Rex Damaged Goods?


I admit it, I was a big mark for Damian Sandow when he wrestled under the “Mizdow” gimmick. It seemed that something FINALLY clicked for Sandow after all those years in developmental and the main WWE roster. Fans were solidly behind the character like he never experienced before.

He didn’t get that reaction as Sandow, or as Mr. Money in the Bank or Macho Mandow or any other incarnation of his character. It was shocking when he broke free of the Miz and went on his own, he was suddenly off TV and gimmickless. It just didn’t make sense when Sandow was finally over with the fans and was not being utilized at all. When he was released from the WWE, it seemed like a mercy killing, but also felt like a fresh beginning to his career.

So when it was announced that he signed with TNA, it seemed like a good fit. After his initial debut, the fans of TNA embraced him and it looked like big things were finally going to go his way, even if he was saddled with a silly name in “Aron Rex.” He looked like he would immediately be thrust into the TNA world title picture, but that quickly faded. He then became the inaugural TNA Grand champion, so things were still looking positive.

Then, suddenly, the wheels came off his TNA career. Fans were like crickets responding to Aron Rex every time he came out to wrestle. Then, in a not so shocking move, he turned heel in what I consider the worst heel turn of 2016. It was clunky, sloppy and didn’t really make too much sense how they did it. He eventually lost the Grand championship and disappeared off TNA television…until now.

He has since debuted a new Liberace type of gimmick with Rockstar Spud as his lackey. I don’t know if this will pass or fail, but if history is any indication, it will most likely be a failure. That begs the question, has Aron Rex’s time pass him by? Was his only big opportunity as Mizdow? Is he damaged goods that will never get over with the fan base again?

It’s obviously too early to tell how this latest gimmick will do. I hold out little hope, but you never know. What I do know is that Damian Sandow/Aron Rex has had an up and down career (Mostly down). Is it the bookers/writers fault that he hasn’t gotten over, is it just a reality that he is simply destined for midcard hell? I guess time will tell.

Picture Gallery

Taking a selfie and then an RKO outta nowhere!


Who the hell bought this?!?


Now this I would buy….


A teenager who would soon become “The First Lady of Professional Wrestling” Maria Kanellis-Bennett.


The man who would become the ‘Exotic’ Adrian Street back in 1961…


It’s true ya know.


The WWE United States Title just got sponsored and here is what the new belt will look like…


Hiroshi Tanahashi’s WWE debut is imminent…


This is how much Bruiser Brody made main eventing against Ric Flair in 1983…


Is Kenny Omega headed to the WWE? I seriously doubt it, but he and John Cena have been trolling about it.


Video Gallery

A classic commercial featuring George ‘the Animal’ Steele in 1986

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