The Next Generation of Wrestlers You May Not Know About Yet. Volume 2


Brian Damage

A couple of years ago, I wrote about some 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation wrestlers you may or may not have heard of. Some made it, while others faded away into obscurity. I know that you heard of the Charlotte Flair’s, the Cody Rhodes and the Harry Smith’s of the world. This piece will continue to look at generational wrestlers who are still scratching and crawling to “make it big!”

Some you have heard of, while others not so much. Some will make it, while others may never be as big as their legendary parent. Either way, let’s take a look at some of pro wrestling’s next generation of wrestlers…

Tessa Blanchard-Daughter of Tully Blanchard and granddaughter of Joe Blanchard


This is one that many have probably heard of already. Tessa has already appeared on NXT television a few times and also appeared on Monday Night Raw. She wrestles full time on the independent circuit.

Sean Studd– Son of ‘Big’ John Studd


Sean is the youngest child of three from the late John Studd. He stands at over 7 feet tall and is currently training under Booker T in Houston, Texas. Studd made his in ring debut in 2015.

Xia Brookside– Daughter of Robbie Brookside


Xia was trained by her father, current WWE Performance Center trainer and former wrestler Robbie Brookside. She started out as a valet in 2014 and had her first match a year later in 2015. She mostly wrestles in Europe.

Terrance and Terrell Hughes– Twin Sons of Devon Hughes aka D-Von Dudley


Terrance and Terrell were trained by both their dad D-Von and his tag team partner Bubba Ray Dudley. They have already made appearances on TNA Impact Wrestling and wrestler on the independent circuit under the team name of TnT.

Rachael Ellering-Daughter of ‘Precious’ Paul Ellering


Rachael was trained at the Storm Academy by Lance Storm in 2015. She has appeared on NXT television as Rachael Fazio. She also wrestles on the independent scene, including SHINE.

Chad Hart-Son of ‘The Playboy’ Gary Hart


Chad has wrestled as enhancement talent in WCW’s final days and has wrestled for independent groups in the Texas area.

Miranda Gordy– Daughter of ‘Freebird’ Terry ‘Bam Bam’ Gordy


Miranda is used mostly as a valet for the new Freebirds consisting of Tristin Hayze and Buddy Roberts Jr. She is known as the “Badstreet Beauty.”

AJ Castillo-Son of Hurricane Miguel Castillo and Grandson to Fidel Castillo


AJ is a third generation wrestler from Puerto Rico. He was trained by his father former WWE star Hurricane Castillo Jr. He started wrestling in 2009 and wrestles primarily in Puerto Rico for the World Wrestling Council.

L.T. Falk– Son of ‘Cowboy’ Tony Falk


L.T. (Little Tony) Falk debuted in 2003 and wrestles mainly in the South-western region of the United States.

Jasper Orton– Cousin of Randy Orton, Nephew to Bob Orton Jr. and Grandson to Bob Orton Sr.


Jasper Gunner Orton made news by signing a developmental deal back in 2013 at the age of 18 years old. He was sidelined with a serious knee injury during training at WWE’s Performance Center. As of writing, he is still in the developmental stages of his pro wrestling training.

Leland Race– Son of ‘Handsome’ Harley Race


Leland Race has been wrestling since 2003 and was trained by George South and his dad Harley Race. He also wrestles under the alias of “Jason Jones” and mostly wrestles on the indies in the Missouri area.


10 thoughts on “The Next Generation of Wrestlers You May Not Know About Yet. Volume 2

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  2. Damn! D-Von’s sons could really be a solid, hoss tag-team if they’ve inherited their dad’s skills in the ring. Could be looking at the Dudley Boyz 2.0.
    Jasper Orton certainly sure does have the look for it, but is he as athletic and charismatic as the rest of his family?
    I could be wrong, but I personally feel Tessa’ probably the one most likely to break and be a legit star, be it in NXT to WWE or on the indies/Japan.


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