Rock N Roll Will Never Die! The Time Ricky Morton Almost Became NWA World Champion


Brian Damage

Renowned as one of the top tag teams of all time, Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson, as the Rock n Roll Express, were one of the most popular acts of the 80s. In fact, Morton came very close to being NWA champion. Today, Brian takes a look at what led to that and why Morton said no to being world champion. Continue reading

Meanwhile, in WCW: 1997 Week 8

Jamie Lithgow

20 years ago this week the updated version of The Empire Strikes Back hit cinema screens. Elsewhere, the Tennessee Volunteers’ young quarterback said he wants to play one more season of college football before heading to the NFL. Whatever happened to Peyton Manning anyway? Pop culture; done. Let’s take a look at an eventful few days in this week’s Meanwhile, in WCW’… Continue reading