Tag Teams of Yesteryear: The Quebecers


Craig Wilson

Following on from our ‘Superstars of Yesteryear‘ series, we thought the next logical step would be to look at tag teams from wrestling history. So, debuting today, is ‘Tag teams of yesteryear‘ which will look at the good, and not so good, tag teams from wrestling history. Kicking it off, for no particular reason, are The Quebecers.

Jacques Rougeau was a mainstay on WWF television for almost a debut, from his debut as one-half of The Rougeau Brothers with his brother Raymond, through to a spell as a corrupt Canadian mountain police officer as The Mountie and as one half of the Quebecers.

Although typically cartoony, Rougeau’s Mountie gimmick caused the WWF a series of legal issues which prevented him being able to wrestle under that gimmick in Canada. After a two-year run as The Mountie, he briefly disappeared off of our screens before returning, with Pierre in tow, as The Quebecers

the pair even played on the former legal issues associated with The Mountie by having them make their way out with a theme song declaring “We’re not the Mounties”. To round off the gimmick, the former WCW star Scotty Flamengo managed them, under the name Johnny Polo.

Upon their debut, they quickly rose through the tag team ranks. In September 1993, just three months after their WWF debut, they faced the tag team champions The Steiner Brothers on Raw. The match was fought under “Quebec Province Rules” and when the referee saw Scott Steiner swinging a hockey stick, the champions were disqualified and the belts changed hands.

The two teams would continue to feud through to the end of 1993 – with both set to appear in the Survivor Series main event pitting the All-Americans against the Foreign Fanatics but an injury storyline saw Pierre removed from the team. Although the two teams continued to battle it out, The Steiners were unable to retain the gold.

In January of 1994, The Quebecers would eventually drop the titles to the team of the 1-2-3 Kid and Marty Jannetty on an episode of Raw. It was a short-lived reign and a week later, at a house show, Jacques and Pierre would retain the gold – becoming two-time champions.

They would act as the opponents of Bret Hart and Owen Hart at the 1994 Royal Rumble but would play second fiddle, despite being tag champions, to the furthering of problems between the two Hart brothers.

It would be Men on a Mission that would be the team’s next challengers and the two sets of teams would feud through the early part of the year. Men on a Mission would, in fact, win the tag titles during a house show in London when Pierre was unable to kick-out when Mabel pinned him, Pierre was supposed to kick out. Two days later, also at a UK house show, the Quebecers would retain the tag gold and hold it through until May when they dropped it to the newly turned babyface team of The Headshrinkers.

the-amazing-french-canadiansAfter that defeat, Pierre turned on his former partner – blaming him for the loss of the gold -and the two would face each other in Jacques’ first retirement match at the tail end of the year, which Jacques was victorious in front of 16,843 fans at the Montreal Forum.

The pair would return to teaming with each other in World Championship Wrestling in 1996 as ‘The Amazing French Canadians’ but would have limited success. The same was said for their return to the WWF in early 1998, which only lasted several months.

Although Jacques Rougeau is now retired but involved in the business still owning his own promotion, his former tag team partner competed in the ring as recently as 2016.

The Quebecers are unlikely to make many, if any, best tag team of all times lists. But looking back, it’s difficult not to take enjoyment out of their over the top gimmick that played on some of the difficulties caused by The Mountie. If nothing else, they will be remembered for their cheesy theme music and a tag team title loss caused by the heft of one of their opponents being too great to kick out from under.

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2 thoughts on “Tag Teams of Yesteryear: The Quebecers

  1. I truly feel that the stories of Jacques. Being a total ahole are true and is what is consistently preventing him and his family from being in the wwe hof


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