Meanwhile, in WCW: 1997 Week 5

Jamie Lithgow

It’s Monday, which means it’s time to escape those ‘back to work blues’ by reliving a simpler time before media was social and news was fake… or was it?! Back in 1997, OJ Simpson has been found liable for the wrongful death of Ron Goldman and battery of Nicole Brown by unanimous decision in his civil trial. Also, America is braced for an influx of foreign nationals who have already wreaked havoc in the UK. Yes America, the Spice Girls are coming! Anyway, that’s enough to keep anyone awake at night so let’s lighten the mood and see what Hollywood Hogan and co. are up to in this week’s Meanwhile, in WCW’…


  • The Steiner Brothers still consider themselves to be the WCW Tag Team Champions, despite being stripped of the titles on Nitro. Scott called out The Outsiders while Rick made dog noises
  • It was announced that Rowdy Roddy Piper – who has been granted a WCW Title match with Hollywood Hogan at Superbrawl – will be on Nitro this week. It will be his first appearance this year
  • Jeff Jarrett launched his latest bid to be accepted as a Horseman by complimenting Ric Flair and Debra, but insulting every other member of the group. It has been alluded to on several occasions that membership to The Horsemen is decided by majority vote. Thus, insulting three card carrying members and sucking up to just one is an interesting tactic by Double J. This is before considering that he is campaigning to join ‘The Four Horsemen’, of which there are already four…

Full Results

  • Glacier defeated Ace Darling
  • The Amazing French Canadians defeated High Voltage
  • Disco Inferno defeated Trevor Allen
  • Alex Wright defeated Buddy Lee Parker
  • Ultimo Dragon defeated Super Calo
  • Lex Luger defeated La Parka
  • Harlem Heat defeated The Public Enemy


I'd favour Team Piper if this tag match ever gets booked

I’d favour Team Piper if this tag match ever gets booked

Rowdy Roddy Piper has returned and, in a pleasant surprise, his show closing segment with Hollywood Hogan was a good one. Hogan opened the show by calling out Piper and demanded that the Scotsman admit that he is the better man. In return The Hulkster offered to put his title on the line in the show’s main event to prove it. Fast forward to the end of the show and Piper – along with his young son, Colt – graciously declined the opportunity to face Hogan for the title by stating that he has nothing to prove and that he wants to spend more time with his family. It’s worth pointing out that it was not made clear if Piper was turning down Hogan’s offer for that night, or the WCW Championship Committee’s offer to challenge for the belt at Superbrawl. Anyway, this prompted Hogan to come out and get in Roddy’s face. It was funny to hear Bischoff and Hogan deny that Piper won at Starrcade – which he very clearly did – while knowing that the only reason Hogan wants to face Piper is to avenge his loss. In an edgy move by 1997 standards, Piper called Hogan “Terry” and asked him to dial it back while in the company of his son. Using Roddy’s concern for his boy as leverage, “”Terry” forced Piper to say that he beat him at Starrcade. It was at this point when Hogan pushed his luck too far. He accused Piper of hiding behind his son. Roddy then motioned as if he was about to leave but instead he stopped and apologised to Colt, who was escorted away from ringside by a large man. As Hogan posed for his ‘nWo-ites’, Piper removed his jacket and proceeded to open a can of whoopass all over the champ and Bischoff. Piper managed to steal the title belt, which he posed with before accepting the match for Superbrawl.

In Other News From Nitro –

  • The Outsiders will defend their tag titles against The Giant and Lex Luger at Superbrawl. Hall and Nash kicked things up a notch by attacking Luger backstage with a couple of metal pipes
  • The Outsiders, and their lengthy rods, popped out later in the show too. They appeared after Diamond Dallas Page’s match, but DDP quickly equipped himself with a chair to ensure that he encountered a stare down, and not a beat down. Joining in the staring contest, Sting and Macho Man appeared on opposite sides of the crowd. This segment ended when everyone just, sort of, left
  • DDP debuted his Diamond Death Cutter; a Diamond Cutter off the top rope
  • With Luger unable to compete, Steve ‘Mongo’ McMichael asked to take his place against Jeff Jarrett. His request was granted, but Mongo’s plan to kick Double J’s ass backfired. The big duffus got himself counted out while arguing with his wife, who was very pleased with herself
  • Speaking of Debra and The Horsemen, she claimed to have an IQ of 145 while the group displayed a united front for the second week in a row. It would appear that they have gotten over their differences by focussing on common enemies. While the guys cut promos on Kevin Sullivan, the gals took shots at his new lady friend. She has been christened Miss Jacqueline
  • Later we saw a Dungeon of Doom promo. The highlights of which included Jimmy Hart being sexist, Jacqueline claiming to be 100% natural, Kevin Sullivan making vague remarks and Konnan calling out Chris Benoit. It was also reiterated that Sullivan and Jacqueline previously had some kind of relationship around ten years ago
  • Jacqueline reappeared during Konnan’s match with Benoit. She tried to attack Woman with a leather strap, but The Crippler confiscated it. Konnan and Jimmy Hart had to escort the new girl to the back
  • Having seen Eddie Guerrero reclaim his United States Title belt, Syxx stole another championship; Dean Malenko’s Cruiserweight Title. He did this as Malenko wrestled Mike Enos. The Iceman was left confused, angry and a little sad once he realised his belt was missing
  • Jimmy Hart wore a tie featuring an image himself wearing a tie similar to the tie he was wearing featuring an image of himself
  • With The Outsiders set to defend their ill-gotten Tag Titles against the new tandem of Luger and The Giant, what has become of the ‘real tag champs’; The Steiner Brothers? They were attacked by The Faces of Fear and The Public Enemy during their match with Harlem Heat. All four teams rumbled with each other after the match was thrown out

Full Results

  • The Ultimo Dragon defeated Rey Mendoza Jr.
  • Glacier defeated Billy Kidman
  • Ice Train defeated La Parka
  • Harlem Heat fought The Steiner Brothers to a double disqualification
  • WCW Cruiserweight Champion Dean Malenko defeated Mike Enos
  • Diamond Dallas Page pinned The Renegade
  • Alex Wright defeated Super Calo
  • Konnan defeated Chris Benoit via disqualification
  • Jeff Jarrett defeated Steve McMichael via count out


“I hate women in professional wrestling”

Jimmy Hart displays his outdated views with insulting language. We say ‘sports entertainment’ these days, pal

  • It’s not just hindsight that says the nWo’s first ever pay per view, Souled Out, was rubbish. The February 3rd 1997 edition of the Wrestling Observer had this to say about the show; “NWO Souled Out, what came off to outsiders as the brainchild of someone intoxicated by his own success to the point of all perspective being lost, was the single worst PPV in the history of pro wrestling”. Yikes
  • Kevin Greene – that American football guy – was on ESPN this week alluding to a return to WCW during the off-season
  • You may be wondering why Macho Man Randy Savage has returned to TV, despite WCW’s unwillingness to match his contract demands over the last three months? Well, WCW’s Slim Jim sponsorship is dependent on Macho Man’s involvement. So from being unemployed and unwanted, Macho Man has inked a $1million a year deal
  • Rumour has it Macho Man’s new deal means Kevin Nash and Scott Hall have automatically received a pay rise. It is said that they have some kind of clause which means only Hollywood Hogan can earn more than them

It was a landmark episode of Raw this week as the show switched to a two hour format. You can catch up with significant events here.


Raw 2.6 – 3.0 Nitro

The overall ratings would suggest that the return of Roddy Piper was a big turn off for Nitro viewers. Not quite, Raw actually won the first hour. Thus it would be fair to assume that the promoted confrontation between Piper and Hogan is what rescued Nitro and denied Raw it’s first ratings victory in over six months

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