Top Five Pay Per Views Which Should Be Scrapped

John Carbery, Brian Damage, Amerigo Diehl and Russ Morgan

In last week’s Top Five we took a look at PPVs from wrestling history which should be brought back including Wrestlewar, King of the Ring and Starrcade. In today’s Top Five we flip it around and look at events on the calendar that could well do with being scrapped.


5. Battleground

I just don’t like the branding of this show. It just comes across as lame and bland to me and a lot of the shows I’ve watched under the Battleground brand have been a washout. For a B-level samey PPV of its kind I’d be much happier if they brought something like Judgement Day or Unforgiven back.

4. Extreme Rules

There’s going to be a pattern here, as I hate the PPV’s WWE offer that are basically just named after match types. Extreme Rules has its origins in the ECW One Night Stand lineage but unlike those shows the “Extreme” elements are pathetic. These days I’ve no great love for Hardcore wrestling but the halfhearted, family friendly version WWE puts on under this banner is pointless and irritating.


3. TLC

WWE presents two ladder match PPV’s a year, the other being Money in the Bank, one has just got to go and TLC is it as far as I’m concerned. I’m not opposed to MITB as there is a point to it, with the winner(s) getting title shots down the line much like the Royal Rumble. TLC on the other hand is just a string of ladder, table or chair gimmicks that have been shoehorned into feuds that largely don’t call for them. There have been some tidy encounters at TLC over the years but I think those matches would’ve meant so much more if they had been at other shows. A ladder match at say, No Mercy, feels like a feud has climaxed on this particular night and there is call for a special stipulation to settle things. A ladder match at TLC is just a formality.

2. Elimination Chamber

The Elimination Chamber match really should feel way more special than it does. Given that it has its famed elimination style of a match I honestly think that it should only be reserved for when a title is vacated or if there’s a huge multi man feud that calls for it after months of build-up. It also shouldn’t happen every year, it’s so elaborate it should be kept special and only used once every two or three years. Make fans want it instead of making it part of the furniture. The PPV should be scrapped to preserve its aura.

1. Hell in a Cell

This used to be the WWE’s biggest and baddest gimmick match. From 1997-2002 it was a huge deal when the giant steel cage was brought out to finish a feud. It was really special too, something you couldn’t count on happening very often and only put on when a blood feud of epic proportions needed a spectacular conclusion. These days though its good name is exploited lazily every October to make up for what’s usually stale booking at that time of the year. I’d gladly see the back of it and see the Cell match protected like it used to be.


Bound for Glory leaderboard

5. TNA’s Slammiversary/Bound for Glory pay per views

This is nothing against those shows, but TNA right now is in no great shape to have any pay per views. They should continue to rebuild their brand before attempting to dive into the pay per view market.

4. Extreme Rules

Tell me again why this show is extreme? Are they still trying to captivate the old ECW? I honestly don’t know. What I do know is the days of gimmick pay per views should end and end very quickly.

3. TLC

Another show that to me is a waste of time. It’s perfectly fine to have one or two gimmick matches on a particular show but not an entire show of them. That is just overkill in my view.

2. Hell in a Cell

Again, nothing wrong with a HIAC match on a show, but if this last HIAC show was any indication, 3 matches in the cell is just overkill. Besides, if the WWE refuses to use blood in these matches, the actual match loses its hardcore appeal.

1. The Survivor Series

I know many will disagree with me, but I have totally lost interest in this show’s concept. What do the survivors in these matches actually get? What is the point? You could easily have the Survivor Series as a network special and nothing more. Put it back on Thanksgiving or even Thanksgiving eve.


5. TLC

Like Brian said, great concept for a one-off match during a pay per view. An entire pay per view dedicated to this is overkill.


4. Extreme Rules

Ummm, as Brian said, where is the extreme? I remember years ago, when I accidentally discovered ECW a channel of my television. It was amazing. Go back to that style, and I will not complain when you call it Extreme Rules.

3. Survivor Series

Used to be a great concept, now it just blends in with the rest of the pay per views. Another month, another set of boring matches blah blah blah!!!


2. Hell in a Cell

I understand injuries, and I understand the need to curb the gore. However, that is the whole purpose of this match. It should be used as a way to end a feud, just as no holds barred or cage matches used to be used. Now it is just getting overplayed.

1. TNA pay per views

Yes, pay per views generate money, and ticket sales, but as it’s been said, TNA is not in good shape right now. The roster they have is not strong enough to support large pay per view events.


5. TLC

Great idea when it was a one-off match, like at WrestleMania for example. It is just a show of overkill and who can do the best “spot”. A PPV doesn’t need to be themed around this type of match.

4. Hell In A Cell

Much like TLC, too much HIAC is overkill. You will never get back that retro feel that came with the first 2 or 3. This PG era doesn’t really cater for the blood and the antics of old. Shelve it.

3. Extreme Rules

I’m a great advocate for no holds barred matches, but a whole PPV dedicated to it? Once again this doesn’t work well within its PG rated confines anymore. By all means have hardcore/last man standing/no DQ matches every now and again, but you can put these type of matches on any show.


2. Elimination Chamber

The concept of the match in itself is a great idea and with the right competitors, these matches are usually pretty good. This match should be the end to storylines, whether it be a new champion crowned or end to a long feud. Again, too much is overkill and you can easily find a place for it on another show.


Common theme here with regards to TNA. They have basically lost all the talent they had to WWE in the last couple of years, so when you have “Bound For Glory” with a lack of interesting wrestlers, you know it is there to just try and make a buck.

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5 thoughts on “Top Five Pay Per Views Which Should Be Scrapped

  1. TNA now called Impact Wrestling should just rebuild the brand and then worry about pay per views later. The WWE has no blood…then any extreme, TLC, Hell In The Cell matches should be eliminated. And they’d better not bring back War Games either…same issue…no blood so the little brats won’t go home warped…they’re warped already. Blood never bothered us watching it as kids over the years.


  2. Brian and Amerigo, yes I will disagree with you that Survivor Series needs to be scrapped.

    Well, WWE is NEVER, ever gonna get rid of that PPV, because there’s still a demand for multi-person elimination tag-team matches.

    You see, the whole point of Survivor Series has ALWAYS been about the power of teamwork, which is key if you wanna survive.

    Also, Raw vs. SmackDown battles have always been the bee’s knees when WWE book the right talent.

    And with this year’s edition coming up in nine months, WWE will give us a reason to care. What will it be? Only time will tell…


  3. 1. Fastlane
    2. Hell in a Cell
    3. Elimination Chamber
    4. TLC
    5. Battleground

    They’re all a waste of time as they should focus less on PPV events and more time building up the big four as well as storylines for those events.


  4. TNA needs to scrap all PPVs with the exception of Slammaversary. They are in such piss poor shape right now that it would cost too much for such little gain to air one of these.

    As far as WWE’s goes, you take a TLC match, a HIAC match, and an Elimination Chamber match, and you put them on the same card. Solves three issues right there, while eliminating three needless PPVs. You could put them on a Great American Bash card or something. And in that card, go full out bloody. You’re in a cage match, you should be bleeding.

    You then take the Survivior Series and make at ALL matches the traditional; 4-on-4 or 5-on-5 type.
    The winners get championship title shots with in a 60-day period.

    In any event, you want the card to be special, so for crying out loud, make storylines leading up to it that actually mean something.


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