Meanwhile, in WCW: 1997 Week 6

Jamie Lithgow

It’s official, The Spice Girls have landed in America and have secured the number one spot with their single ‘Wannabe‘. In the world of wrestling the industry has been asked to keep an eye open for a missing smile. Anyway, let’s see what the New World Order have been up to in this week’s Meanwhile, in WCW’…


  • Pat Tanaka was dressed like an extra from Big Trouble in Little China
  • Steve ‘Mongo’ McMichael and Debra watched Jeff Jarrett’s match with Hugh Morrus from the aisle. In trying to further the Mongo/Jarrett/Debra storyline the WCW bookers seemed to forget that a Horseman really should not be cheering on a member of The Dungeon of Doom, especially while Chris Benoit is embroiled in a heated feud with Kevin Sullivan
  • The Faces of Fear showed off a cool finisher; Meng back-dropped Jerry Flynn onto The Barbarian’s shoulders, who then powerbombed him. Flynn is no small man either
  • On mean Gene’s hotline this week is the rumour that a wrestler who has been out of action for a few years may be heading back to the ring, and is in negotiations with WCW. The mystery man is probably Curt ‘Mr Perfect’ Hennig, who has already inked a deal with the company
  • In what I thought was an upset – because I thought he was a jobber – Ron Powers defeated Bunkhouse Buck with a Tombstone Piledriver
  • Jimmy Hart was still adamant that women do not belong in WCW, but was willing to listen to Jacqueline’s argument that as a woman she is allowed to beat up the likes of Woman and Debra
  • Eddie Guerrero and Dean Malenko’s match ended in a draw when TV time ran out

Full Results

  • Villano IV defeated Pat Tanaka
  • Ultimo Dragon defeated The Cheetah Kid
  • Jeff Jarrett defeated Hugh Morrus
  • The Faces Of Fear (w/ Jimmy Hart) defeated Jerry Flynn & Mark Starr
  • Ron Powers defeated Bunkhouse Buck (w/ Col. Robert Parker)
  • Maxx Muscle defeated Mr. JL
  • Konnan defeated Billy Pearl
  • Road Block defeated Buddy Lee Parker
  • Alex Wright defeated Devon Storm
  • Eddie Guerrero (c) vs. Dean Malenko ended in a Time Limit Draw in a United States Championship Match


No word yet on whether Lex will need a steel plate in this forearm

No word yet on whether Lex will need a steel plate in this forearm

Quite an eventful show this week as Superbrawl draws ever nearer. I’ll start with the storyline that saw the most advancement and thus requires the most explanation; Lex Luger and The Giant’s alliance. So last week we saw footage alluding to – but not showing – an attack on Luger by The Outsiders. This week Luger was scheduled to be in action against Ron Powers. However, as the Total Package made his entrance Eric Bischoff halted him. Luger was wearing a cast on his arm and accepted Bischoff’s claim that he had suffered a broken hand as a result of last week’s attack. As a member of the nWo whilst also being a high ranking WCW executive, Easy E’s motives soon became clear. He wanted to see Luger’s Doctor’s release – which would clear him to wrestle – which obviously he was not carrying on him. Moreover, Bischoff demanded Luger produce said document before the end of the evening – at which point Bisch would be catching a flight – or face up to six weeks on the sidelines. The sleazy Bischoff cited the health and safety of his performers as his phoney excuse for essentially trying to block Luger from competing against The Outsiders at Superbrawl.

Luger returned to the back, but unbeknownst to Bischoff The Giant came out to take his place against Powers. After giving Bisch a scare, The Giant squashed Powers. Post-match The Giant called out Luger to let him know that he is prepared to fight alone at Superbrawl should he need to, but will happily call Luger his Tag Team Champion partner should he win. Annoyingly, we did not get any closure on the whole ‘can Luger get a doctor’s release’ angle. In fact, it wasn’t even mentioned after this segment finished. We can only assume that The Giant will be flying solo at Superbrawl and that we won’t be seeing Luger for a while…

In Other News From Nitro –

No. he's not a manager at ringside. This idiot is in the front row

No. he’s not a manager at ringside. This idiot is in the front row

  • Nitro began with a rematch from Saturday Night pitting Dean Malenko against Eddie Guerrero. However, just as on Saturday, the result of this bout was inconclusive. Syxx – who last week stole Malenko’s Cruiserweight Title and has previously thieved Guerrero’s US belt – tried to steal Eddie’s US strap again. Guerrero managed to stop the nWo’s resident kleptomaniac, but not before being counted out. Both Eddie and Dean were left furious with Syxx’s involvement
  • Prior to this match Malenko actually called out Syxx to face him for the Cruiserweight Title “tonight, or any night”
  • There was some jackass in the front row wearing a giant, green, novelty cowboy hat during this opening bout
  • The show ended with another Hollywood Hogan/Roddy Piper segment, but this one wasn’t a patch on last week’s effort. With Piper in the ring and Hogan supposedly live via satellite from LA, the pair argued for a couple of minutes. Hogan was very quick off the mark for someone live via satellite in 1997…
  • Fired referee Randy Anderson appeared with his wife and kids to plead for his job. Despite being a complete dick, Bischoff did open the door for Randy to get his job back; if he can defeat fellow referee, and nWo member, Nick Patrick in a match next week. Ignoring warnings from his wife, Randy accepted
  • Scott Hall started his promo with the phrase “Hey yo”. Can’t say I’ve heard him say that before, wonder if it’ll catch on?
  • The Outsiders squashed The Extremists (Ace Darling and Devon Storm). On commentary Bischoff sarcastically referred to the jobber team as “Eastern seaboard champions”. Upon revealing that the duo hail from Connecticut, babyface announcer Larry Zbyszko also joined in this not so subtle dig at the WWF and ECW
  • Those familiar voiceovers have been added to the nWo theme. It’s just Bischoff soundbites, for now
  • Harlem Heat and The Public Enemy were scouting the Steiner Brothers
  • A knee brace sporting Rey Mysterio Jr. has returned from injury and very nearly won the TV Title. The ten minute time limit saved Lord Steven Regal, again
  • Kevin Sullivan – who appeared to ditch his Taskmaster nickname when he told Jimmy Hart to just call him “Kevin” – cut a very personal promo about his relationship with Nancy, aka Woman. Most of it went over my head because, quite frankly, I’m not a member of their family. The takeaway line – because Jacqueline repeated it – was that Nancy was brought up in a “community”, but Sullivan and his new flame hail from a “neighbourhood”

    Hey DDP, does my bum look big in this?

    Hey DDP, does my bum look big in this?

  • Prior to this, Jacqueline beat the crap out of a jobber while in Sullivan’s corner to get over how hard she is. I love that she kicked this guy’s ass while wearing stilettos! Apparently she will be strapped to Woman at some point, I assume during a match at Superbrawl?
  • WCW continued their terrible job of publicising matches for their pay per views when it was merely suggested that Steve ‘Mongo’ McMichael will face Jeff Jarrett at Superbrawl. The stipulation for this one appears to be if Double J wins he gets to join The Horsemen
  • In trying to do something – it was not clear what – to Jarrett’s outfit, Debra gifted victory to Mongo and Benoit in their match against Double J and Chavo Guerrero Jr. So long as he’s winning, it appears that Mongo is happy enough for his wife to openly pursue another man…
  • For reasons unexplained, there were Hooters girls present during the show. At first I thought it was the Nitro girls, but their debut is still six months away. They appeared at ringside during wrestlers entrances wearing white (Nitro t-shirts) and very short, orange hot pants. Y’know, like Hooters girls…
  • Big Bubba appeared to call out Diamond Dallas Page for a match at Superbrawl. Again, it wasn’t particularly clear…
  • Speaking of DDP, he took to the ring and sent a bold, proactive message to the New World Order, Sting, Macho Man and everyone else he has crossed paths with lately; “If something’s gonna happen, make it happen”. Sting and Macho Man appeared and did the baseball bat routine Sting did with Luger, The Giant, The Steiners and Savage himself. The confused commentators have not twigged that Sting only does this routine – which appears to be a show of respect – with WCW guys

Full Results

  • Dean Malenko [CW] (c) defeated Eddie Guerrero [US] (c) by Count Out in a WCW United States Championship Title Vs. WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match
  • Konnan defeated Bobby Eaton
  • The Giant defeated Ron Powers
  • The Steiner Brothers defeated High Voltage
  • The Outsiders (c) (w/ Syxx) defeated The Extreme to retain the WCW World Tag Team Championship
  • Lord Steven Regal (c) vs. Rey Misterio Jr. ended in a Time Limit Draw in a WCW Television Championship Match
  • Kevin Sullivan (w/ Jacqueline & Jimmy Hart) defeated Maverick Wild
  • Hugh Morrus defeated Alex Wright
  • Chris Benoit & Steve McMichael (w/ Debra & Woman) defeated Jeff Jarrett & Chavo Guerrero Jr.


“WCW has something far worse than bad referees, they have Hulk Hogan. Hogan lost his flair so long ago that it boggles my mind why people would want to tune into that. Watching myself plod along like Hogan, an old, pathetic embarrassment would be too much for me to take. When I walk out, whether it is three months from now or three years from now, I will hold my head high. Perhaps the strongest reason I didn’t go to WCW is because I pictured myself getting lost in the shuffle in a deck of cards filled with Hulk Hogan.”

Bret Hart in the Calgary Sun

  • Could Chicago Bull Dennis Rodman be heading to WCW? Apparently the WWF made him a $500,000 offer to appear in Goldust’s corner at Wrestlemania before leading to a potential tag match at Summerslam. Having worked together previously, Rodman’s people gave WCW the chance to match that offer. Whether or not The Worm is actually allowed to participate in wrestling angles during his NBA suspension is yet to be determined though
  • Arn Anderson is dealing with a fairly serious hand injury, so don’t be surprised if Jeff Jarrett wins a spot in The Horsemen to ensure there are at least three active members of the group
  • As mentioned above, Rey Mysterio Jr. is back, for now. However, he requires major knee surgery, but has elected to ‘play through the pain’ for the time being. The surgery – which he will need eventually – will likely sideline him for six months
  • It has been mentioned in the Randy Anderson angle that the referee is a cancer survivor. This is indeed true. He underwent 25 bouts of chemo therapy en route to defeating testicular cancer. Also, and this may become a factor next week, Randy was a state wrestling champion in high school. Nick Patrick better watch out!

Instead of Monday Night Raw it was Thursday Raw Thursday this week. Again, it’s another episode worth reading about because a certain someone misplaces their smile and relinquishes the WWF Title as a result. Find out who on Earth that could be by clicking here.


Raw 0 – 3.8 Nitro

Wow, what happened to Raw?! Don’t worry, it was broadcast on Thursday. Instead of being spanked by Nitro, Raw was trounced by Friends which scored a whopping 18.3 to Raw’s 2.3. It was ‘The One Where Ross and Rachel Take a Break’.

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