Top Five Superstars Not in the WWE Hall of Fame

Earl Marx, Brian Damage and John Carbery

Now one of the most popular aspects of the WrestleMania weekend, the Hall of Fame is a cause of much debate – much of it centred on whether or not it deserves to be considered as a real Hall of Fame. Either way, in today’s Top Five we look at superstars who currently are not part of it.


steiner-brothers4 & 5 are cheats, because I’m going to go with the tag team of The Steiner Brothers. I know Scott is a loose cannon and it’ll probably never happen, but the body of work is there. As faces, they were good. Each of the solo runs (especially Scott’s run) was good. As a team, absolutely one of my favorites with Harlem Heat, but a lot of good 90s tag matches in WCW involved the Steiners. Did I score one here or no?

3. Sycho Sid Vicious: OK. Deep breath here and I’ll try to keep it short and sweet. Was Did the draw that he thinks he was? No. Was he goof wherever he went?? Yes!! Did he really have a bad run? The early WCW stuff was solid. The Millennium Man stuff was good when he came back. A Sid promo used to strike fear into my heart. I know some people think more of Tatanka, but Sid remains overdue for the accolade.

2. Vader – It’s VADER time: The BEST big man of his day. Agility. Prowess. Mic skills. Those jarring stiff shots. His WWE run was doomed but he was one of THE guys in early 90s WCW. Perhaps his gimmick ran too thin towards the end of his run, but if you asked what time it was – I’ll give you two times…the standard time…and VADER TIME!!

1. Rick Rude: I came in on wrestling near the tail end of Rude’s days and it’s still impressive to see. He looked the part. Talked the part. Drew the heat for being the character he was VERY well. He made others look good. Truly a shame his career ended when it did.


honkytonk man5. The Honkytonk Man: The HTM is currently the longest reigning Intercontinental champion of all time and truly was one of the top heels during the 1980’s for the WWF. He helped elevate the IC title for the duration that he held on to it. His induction is a no-brainer for me personally.

4. Demolition: A top tag team for the WWF for a large portion of the early 1990’s. They were dominant and pushed hard and fans loved them both as heels and as babyfaces. Their reign as longest tag team champions was just broken this year by the New Day.

3. Miss Elizabeth: While Elizabeth never wrestled and hardly ever got involved in matches…she was a huge part of the WWF in the 80’s and early 90’s. Young adolescent boys had her posters on their walls and her quiet grace and beauty had young girls idolizing her. Miss Elizabeth was the first real First lady of the WWF and deserves her own spot in the Hall of Fame.

2. Andy Kaufman: How can you possibly have a “celebrity wing” of the Hall of Fame and not have comedian Andy Kaufman in it? I do realize that Kaufman had his wrestling angle in the Memphis territory and not in the WWF but according to Jerry Lawler, Vince McMahon was inspired by Kaufman in part to do WrestleMania. So, in a way, Kaufman is a pioneer for all the celebrities that tried their hand in pro wrestling.

1. Ivan Koloff: “The Russian Bear” definitely deserves this honor for the great career he had not only in the then WWWF as world champion but also being a top heel in several territories throughout the country. Now that Koloff has been diagnosed with liver cancer, it would behove the WWE to induct him while he is still alive.


5. The Midnight Express: With the Rock N Roll Express going in this year, and deservedly so, it’s hard not think that their most famous rivals should be joining them. Bobby Eaton, Dennis Condrey and Stan Lane should all go into the hall of fame under the Midnight Express name along with their troublesome manager Jim Cornette. One of the greatest tag teams of all time in either configuration the efforts of the Express should be recognised.

british-bulldogs4. The British Bulldog(s): I’d honestly be fine with WWE just inducting Davey Boy Smith on his own as he was such a huge singles star in the 90s but I could understand if he were to go in as a package deal with Tom Billington too. As a tag team, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more explosive duo in the 1980’s anywhere. In the WWF, NJPW and AJPW the Bulldogs were a must-see attraction. When the team broke up Davey Boy was a great success drawing at that point the WWF’s largest ever (real) crowd number at Summerslam 92 and having a classic match on the night which should ensure his induction regardless of the rest of his achievements.

3. Demolition: At one time the longest reigning tag champs ever and a constant presence on major WWF shows throughout the 80s, Demolition were one of the better tag teams of their era. I think it’s only proper that the Ax and the Smasher get enshrined in the Hall of Fame.

2. Bull Nakano: Bull already had a hall of fame worthy career before she debuted with WWF in the mid-90s with her work in Japan. When she turned up on WWF tv in the mid-90s though she set a high standard for women’s wrestling that it could be argued in the WWE hasn’t been topped since. Her most famous opponent, Alundra Blayze, is already in and I think it’s only fair that Nakano follows her.

1. The Honky Tonk Man: From what I’ve gathered the only reason Honky isn’t in the HOF is that he’s refused induction because it would interfere with his business outside of WWE. When it comes to major players from the 1980’s that have yet to be inducted the pool is quite shallow, but the “Greatest Intercontinental Champion of All Time” is the most glaring omission in my opinion. An amazing talker and showman, if a limited in-ring performer, Honky deserves his spot.

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7 thoughts on “Top Five Superstars Not in the WWE Hall of Fame

  1. Brody wrestles in the WWWF with Grand Wizard managing him WTH is going on here? After the most obvious absentee in the HOF I would ask where is Batista, at the very least he made Vinces Faces look good, that guy was awesome! VADER will be there in the next 2 years.


  2. 1.Koloff
    3.Ox Baker
    4.Midnight Express
    5.Steiner Brothers

    I don’t know…because of issues with McMahon I can’t see Demolition going in now and the circumstances surrounding the death of Elizabeth might be reasons.


  3. Owen Hart is a no brainer, but I understand the stuff with his widow that’s getting in the way. It’s criminal that Vader and to a lesser extent Bam Bam Bigelow aren’t in. Hard to think of two more agile big men, not to mention actually intimidating! Vader left a mark on me in my younger days that not many other wrestlers ever did.


  4. All of them are HOF material maybe Stan Hansen and Bryan Pillman missing. They could introduce the whole Hart Foundation like they did w/ Horsemen.


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