Meanwhile, in WCW: 1997 Week 7

Jamie Lithgow

On this week back in 1997 Scottish scientists announced that they have successfully cloned, of all things, a sheep. Dolly was created using cells from a donor sheep’s mammary glands. The name ‘Dolly’ is a reference to Dolly Parton and her rather prominent mammary glands. Elsewhere, Eric Clapton and Celine Dion collected most of the Grammy Awards on offer. That’s enough pop culture references for now; let’s get down to business in this week’s Meanwhile, in WCW’…


  • The stipulation for Chris Benoit and Kevin Sullivan’s latest match, at Superbrawl, was revealed; A San Francisco Death Match. As was revealed last week, Jacqueline will be strapped to Woman with a leather strap during the match too. Lee Marshall, who conducted the interview with Benoit, thinks this feud has gone too far and gone on too long. Why he felt the need to express this is as big a mystery as just what a San Francisco Death Match is
  • Dean Malenko revealed that Syxx was trained by his late father; Boris. Looks like this feud is a little more personal than just one man stealing another man’s belt…
  • Jeff Jarrett called The Four Horsemen the most elite group in wrestling, directly after running down three of their four members. Double J was also under the impression that Superbrawl, which is this weekend in our timeline, is two weeks away
  • Just as Eddie Guerrero was about to pin Konnan, Jimmy Hart broke up the pin causing a disqualification. Your winner, and still United States Champion – just as he would have been had Jimmy not interfered – Eddie Guerrero

Full Results

  • The Steiner Brothers defeated Bunkhouse Buck & Mike Enos (w/ Col. Robert Parker)
  • Maxx Muscle defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr.
  • Road Block defeated Al The Sledgehammer
  • Super Calo defeated Mr. JL
  • Diamond Dallas Page defeated Devon Storm
  • Chris Benoit defeated Billy Pearl
  • Harlem Heat defeated High Voltage
  • Jeff Jarrett defeated Villano IV
  • Hugh Morrus defeated Prince Iaukea
  • Eddie Guerrero (c) defeated Konnan (w/ Jimmy Hart) by DQ in a WCW United States Championship Match


The top story from America’s number one Monday night wrestling show was a road traffic accident that occurred over the weekend. Early in the show, Tony Schiavone mentioned that The Steiner Brothers had been removed from their four way tag match at Superbrawl (vs. Harlem Heat, The Public Enemy and The Faces of Fear) due to involvement in a car accident. Step forward Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Syxx who admitted to also being present at said incident and handed Tony a tape which would shed light on the situation, and presumably exonerate them of any wrong doing. A few matches later we saw the tape and, like Schiavone and the other commentators, we were left scratching our heads. The tape was footage from Syxx’s camcorder, who was sat in the backseat as Nash drove and Hall rode shotgun in their rent-a-car. The trio followed The Steiners in their car for a few minutes until Nash decided to ‘tap’ The Steiners’ bumper. Having caught Rick and Scott’s attention, what followed was a lot of swerving and shouting out of the windows. Ultimately, Rick took his eyes off the road for too long and launched his car into a hedge in a very impressive looking stunt. Realising the severity of the incident, the nWo crew turned the camera off and drove away. Given that Nash and co. essentially caused this accident, it is hard to comprehend why they – as dastardly baddies – voluntarily allowed the footage to be shown. A bemused Tony Schiavone quite rightly called a spade a spade by saying that what we were looking at was less wrestling angle and more criminal offence. All things considered, it was an interesting angle presented in an odd way, but I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt because they might be going somewhere with this…

In Other News From Nitro –

Lookin' good Mr. Page

Lookin’ good Mr. Page

  • Once again WCW fooled me into thinking they were running a show-long angle, only for it to barely be mentioned thereafter. Upon arriving at the arena in a limousine with his nWo stable mates, Big Bubba was stealthily taken out. He was later loaded into an ambulance and taken to hospital. We did not see the attack, or the attacker, and it happened so quickly and so close to numerous nWo members that it must have been a one punch knock-out. With absolutely no evidence found to explain this mysterious incident we are left with just one conclusion; aliens did it!
  • Obviously it was aliens, but this did not stop Mean Gene heavily insinuating that Diamond Dallas Page may have been responsible. DDP denied these claims but Gene kept pushing it despite admitting that taking credit for the attack would be no bad thing, and still DDP denied it. Gene, he didn’t do it, just take his word for it!
  • Following on from Saturday Night, Syxx said the respect and admiration he had for the Malenko family died with Dean’s father. There’s your added spice for this feud then…
  • Rowdy Roddy Piper was shown preparing for his match with Hollywood Hogan at Superbrawl by spending the week living in Alcatraz prison. The pay per view is being held in San Francisco, so this does make a little bit of sense at least. His promo, on the other hand, did not
  • In response, Hogan closed the show with an equally uninspired promo. Weirdly, Sting and Macho Man showed up in the aisle while Hogan was speaking and stared at him. This behaviour has become normal for this pair, the weird thing was that Hogan (nor Bischoff) even acknowledged their presence
  • Despite defeating Nick Patrick, Randy Anderson is still fired. To make matters worse, fellow WCW referee Jimmy Jett, was also given his marching orders. Jett, who was assigned to referee Randy’s match with Patrick, sneakily handed Randy a knuckle duster to thump the crooked nWo ref with. As expected, the match finished after just one punch. However, and equally as expected, Eric Bischoff appeared and – justifiably on this occasion – fired both Randy and Jimmy
  • We have a new WCW Television Champion. Prince Iaukea scored the upset win over Lord Steven Regal after the now former champ tried to taunt Rey Mysterio Jr, who was stood at ringside. The bottom of the wrung Iaukea caught Regal with a crucifix pin and celebrated with a random assortment of WCW performers who came out to congratulate him
  • Jacqueline continued to show how strong she is for such a little woman by suplexing a jobber on the floor. The theme of her and Kevin Sullivan’s promo this week was the term “too legit to quit”, whatever that means…
  • Konnan got another crack at Eddie Guerrero’s US Title. It was the same match and same nonsensical finish as Saturday Night, only Meng and The Barbarian interfered instead of Jimmy Hart. Nice guy Chris Jericho – who will challenge Eddie at Superbrawl – made the save for the champ
  • Highlights from this week’s Horseman promo include; Arn Anderson saying that he’ll help Randy Anderson financially, should he require it, and generally bad mouthing Eric Bischoff. Chris Benoit got in on the “don’t wrap me up” fun that has been plaguing WCW promos of late. Finally, Debra dropped the bombshell that Jacqueline can’t walk in heels as well as she can!
  • Mongo and Debra had an argument after big Steve nailed Jeff Jarrett with his briefcase instead of Chris Jericho. The saga continues…
  • The Giant squashed a couple of jobbers before spray painting the words “Hall” and “Nash” on their backs
  • Lex Luger has been granted a doctor’s release to tag with The Giant at Superbrawl against The Outsiders. Unfortunately, Eric Bischoff rightly pointed out that he was a week too late. Luger ended this segment by saying that Bischoff can’t control everything and that he would be in San Francisco on Sunday regardless

Full Results

  • Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Super Calo
  • Steve McMichael defeated Hugh Morrus
  • Public Enemy defeated Jacques Rougeau & Carl Ouelett
  • Prince Iaukea defeated WCW TV Champion Lord Steven Regal to win the title
  • Randy Anderson defeated Nick Patrick
  • Chris Benoit defeated Road Block
  • Kevin Sullivan defeated Doc Dean
  • WCW US Champion Eddie Guerrero defeated Konnan via disqualification
  • The Giant defeated Top Gun & Johnny Swinger
  • Chris Jericho defeated Jeff Jarrett


“That’s thrown a bolt in the nut wrench”

Son of a plumber Dusty Rhodes throws a spanner in the works of a popular phrase

  • Mean Gene’s hotline has some heat on it for discussing real life contract negotiations. Apparently WCW are in negotiations to bring Green Bay Packers defensive end Reggie White in for an appearance at the March PPV; Uncensored. This topic was discussed on the premium rate phone line and did not please the higher ups in WCW as the deal is not sealed. The hotline opperators have previously been warned about this kind of stuff after discussing reported interest in Harlem Heat from the WWF towards the back-end of last year
  • Coincidentally, our old friend Kevin Greene of the Carolina Panthers is also seeking permission from his team to be part of Uncensored
  • The May PPV; Slamboree is being held in Charlotte, North Carolina. Guess who is thinking of making his return from injury at this show? Flair is actually advertised for house shows from early April, but it is assumed his televised return to action will take place at this event
  • Apparently it won’t be long before we see Macho Man and Sting get back in the ring either
  • January’s nWo PPV; Souled Out drew roughly half the number of buys Starrcade did in December. It’s official then; Souled was a commercial flop as well as a critical disaster

This week’s Raw was a live episode broadcast the day after In Your House 13; Final Four where Bret Hart captured the vacant WWF Title in a four way elimination match. On Raw itself, Sycho Sid received his title rematch from the Royal Rumble. Find out who left Nashville with the belt here


Raw 2.45 – 2.9 Nitro

Having been bumped for a dog show last week, Raw returned to its familiar time slot and the familiar feeling of being defeated in the ratings by a better show. FYI, last week’s dog show was also unable to topple Nitro

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2 thoughts on “Meanwhile, in WCW: 1997 Week 7

  1. WCW lifted the finish of Price Iaukea winning the belt thanks to Rey Misterio distraction. WWF had it done earlier with Rock winning the belt thanks to Goldust distracting HHH for Rock to roll him up and win.


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