This Week in Wrestling 2017 week 8

Craig Wilson and Brian Damage

Welcome to the eighth edition of This Week in Wrestling in 2017. Today, Craig talks about the respective women’s divisions while Brian shares some of the most interesting pictures and videos he’s stumbled upon over the last seven days. 


The Similarity of the Women’s Division

This week, for me, the women’s division on both Raw and Smackdown took a turn for the worse. After all, both featured near identical segments within their TV time.

On Monday night, viewers of Raw were ‘treated’ to a segment featuring Raw women’s champion Bayley, WWE commissioner Stephanie McMahon and Sasha Banks. After her win over Charlotte, a win that came too early all things considering, the previous week on Raw, Stephanie McMahon took exception to the way that the title was won.

Now, this was where the babyfaces got it wrong. After all, whilst Banks did indeed interfere to allow Bayley to win, neither babyface – now, this is an important part – mentioned the fact that this was evening the odds – Dana Brooke had previously got involved to try and get her mentor to retain.

This all led to Stephanie trying to get Bayley to let her title go. It was an attempt to get her to relieve herself as the Raw women’s champion.

It was foiled, though, however, with Bayley announcing that she would not relinquish the title, all whilst being teary eyed and looking frightfully weak.

Fast forward 24-hours, a similar segment played out on Smackdown with Daniel Bryan and Naomi. The latter, having been about in the WWE for ages and only having appeared to find something interest with some brightly coloured clothes, finally climbed to the top at Elimination Chamber.

It was a moment that resulted in a ‘you deserved it’ chant from the crowd as most were left wondering why this move had been made.

But on Smackdown, having picked up a knee injury, a knee-brace clad Naomi made her way to the ring. Supposedly unable to defend her gold within 30 days – something subsequently proved to be nonsense – she relinquished the gold.

It led to Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch competing in a quick-fire for the, now vacant, Smackdown women’s title – a match won by Bliss through nefarious means, she drilled Lynch with a foreign object.

Both segments indicate the real issues both divisions are facing. On Raw, Bayley was left looking week and teary when instead she should be looking strong. On Smackdown, it was a case of a title change to drive a crowd reaction when one wasn’t in the offing.

On both shows, the bookers need to stop booking the women’s title like a joint at a party. It simply cannot be booked to be passed around between competitors while at the same time expected to pop a rating when the title-change is made. It’s simple and lazy and needs to stop.

The women’s division is a great, great thing. But cannot be expected to e a success as the division itself is stuck with the same issues as old.

Picture Gallery

Linda McMahon already hard at work in Washington D.C. after her cabinet confirmation…


For WWE toys, it’s all about the details…


Quick! Who is this future pro-wrestler and WWE hall of Famer?


If celebrity chef Guy Fieri ever joined the New World Order, he would most certainly be rocking that pork chop!


This gives new meaning to the “Montreal Screwjob”! I would hate to see Bret screws Bret scene however…


Gotta love the internet sometimes…


Here is Jerry ‘the King’ Lawler riding a camel…just because.


An interesting way to stay incognito before attacking your opponent…


Video Gallery

Who remembers WWE’s relationship with Stacker 2? We do…

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