Meanwhile, in WCW: 1997 Week 9

Jamie Lithgow

This week marks the 20th anniversary of Christopher ‘Notorious B.I.G.’ Wallace’s murder. The details of the incident are eerily similar to the murder of fellow rapper Tupac Shakur six months earlier. In slightly happier news, Paul McCartney has been knighted. The Queen will also be happy to hear that the WWF now have a European Champion, and he’s a Brit! Anyway, let’s get to the important news in this week’s Meanwhile, in WCW’…


  • Announced for Uncensored: Prince Iaukea will give Rey Mysterio Jr. another shot at his TV Title and Eddie Guerrero will defend his US Title against Dean Malenko. To quote Lee Marshal; “complete, spectacular, scientific wrestlers”… so why have Eddie and Dean been booked in a no disqualification match then?
  • On the subject of The Iceman, he delivered almost exactly the same promo as he did last week
  • The WCW Executive Committee are mulling over Lex Luger’s proposal for the nWo to put all their titles up for grabs at Uncensored, in exchange for WCW doing the same. Erm, Television and United States Title matches have already been announced…
  • Eddie Guerrero wrestled a masked luchador called Lazertron. Why have I bothered to mention this? Because under the mask was Hector Guerrero, Eddie’s older brother

Full Results

  • The Faces Of Fear defeated High Voltage
  • La Parka defeated Mark Starr
  • Chris Jericho defeated Bunkhouse Buck
  • Bobby Walker & Jim Powers defeated The Liverpool Lads
  • Hugh Morrus defeated Top Gun
  • Juventud Guerrera defeated Ray Mendoza Jr.
  • Scotty Riggs defeated Super Calo
  • Eddie Guerrero (c) defeated Lazertron to retain the WCW United States Championship
  • Public Enemy defeated The Amazing French Canadians (w/ Col. Robert Parker) by DQ


Due to WCW’s continued incompetent approach to promoting pay per views, I don’t have a clue what’s going on with regards to Uncensored. Last week Lex Luger seemed to propose a WCW vs. nWo PPV, with all titles on the line. However, with the US and TV Champions already booked, I figured Luger was maybe just refereeing to Hogan and The Outsiders putting their titles up? Well, this week there was talk of teams. So maybe the thinking is a big WCW vs. nWo tag match with all New World Order titles on the line? Enter Roddy Piper to confuse matters further. Piper – who doesn’t represent WCW remember – held try-outs for his team this week. Confirming a three team rumble at Uncensored, Nitro ended with a stair-down and then a brawl between Team nWo, Team WCW and Team Piper.

Team Piper; a veritable who's that of professional wrestling

Team Piper; a veritable who’s that of professional wrestling

If he doesn’t represent WCW or the New World Order, then just who has Roddy Piper found to be on his team? Two random guys and a has-been, of course. The rowdy Scotsman announced that he would face six guys, one after the other, with fans voting on their performance with a thumbs up or thumbs down. The concept bombed spectacularly because, like me, fans assumed that sooner or later a big name star would appear – y’know, like Sting – to join Piper’s “family” and blow the roof off the arena. That didn’t happen, instead random guy #1 was mauled by Piper in a mat wrestling exchange before tapping out. Random guy #2 showed more aggression – despite wearing booty shorts – but ultimately succumbed to Piper’s sleeper hold. Random guy #3 was jumped by random guy #4, who came out wearing boxing gloves. Piper followed suit and the pair had a boxing/wrestling match that lasted way, way too long. This guy did appear to receive a nod of approval though, from Piper that is. Fans had even given up booing by this point. Random guy #5 – who at first glance I thought was Dr Death Steve Williams – had an MMA style and also put up a spirited, yet thoroughly dull, fight. Random guy #6 was John Tenta, who we have not seen for around a year. Guys 4 and 5 attacked Tenta, which Piper seemed to enjoy so much that he took them all under his wing to form Piper’s “Third Family”. His first family being his wife and kids and his second family being the fans, obviously. Seriously, these random guys are going to face the likes of Hogan, The Outsiders, The Giant and Lex Luger?!

In Other News From Nitro –



  • Eric Bischoff flexed his corporate muscle by accepting Lex Luger’s challenge for Uncensored on behalf of both the nWo and WCW. This prompted the President of Turner Sports, Dr Harvey Schiller, to appear and suspend Bischoff for his recent actions surrounding the Tag Titles and referees. This fell short of the rumour that Ted Turner himself would appear and fire Easy E, but at least Bischoff finally got his comeuppance. Or did he?
  • Bischoff reappeared during the nWo’s weekly promo segment. Rendering the earlier angle entirely pointless, Bischoff barked that nobody could fire him. Nobody did Eric, you were suspended…
  • Sting looked more like a member of the New World Order than ever before. He entered with the group during their promo segment. Albeit he lagged way behind everyone else, did not wear an nWo t-shirt and did not interact with anyone. He also chose not to participate in the show closing brawl
  • The nWo arrived at the arena in a WCW Nitro branded stretch hummer…
  • Diamond Dallas Page called out Macho Man after being attacked by Savage last week
  • The Steiner Brothers were back in action, no-selling the effects of the car crash they were involved in two weeks ago
  • Dean Malenko cut a promo on Eddie Guerrero. He later confronted Eddie who, in his post-match interview, vented his frustration at Malenko’s refusal to accept his apology. This is an interesting feud because technically both men are still babyfaces, but Malenko has adopted more of a heelish attitude while Eddie continues to ‘accidentally’ do heelish things. He won his match this week despite clearly being in the ropes
  • Buff Bagwell attacked Scotty Riggs but Riggs grabbed a chair as an equalizer. Nobody cared
  • Madusa cut a worked shoot promo on Eric Bischoff about being underutilised since returning to WCW. Luna Vachon appeared from nowhere and attacked her. Nobody cared
  • The Dungeon of Doom borrowed a page from the nWo’s playbook by commandeering the announce desk. They said nothing of note other than Jacqueline appearing to call out the entire male locker room. Once again, nobody cared
  • New Horseman, Jeff Jarrett, got another telling off from Mummy and Daddy Horseman i.e. Ric Flair and Arn Anderson. In trying to wrestle Mongo’s briefcase away from the Public Enemy – who will face Jeff and Mongo at Uncensored – Double J hit his own partner with it, cutting him open hardway in the process. Even Flair, who has thus far supported Jarrett, questioned the sincerity of Double J and accused him of making old Nature Boy look bad. Naughty boy Jeff

Full Results

  • Konnan & Hugh Morrus defeated Jeff Jarrett & Steve McMichael (w/ Debra McMichael)
  • Diamond Dallas Page defeated Rick Fuller
  • Juventud Guerrera defeated Ray Mendoza Jr.
  • Dean Malenko defeated Mike Enos
  • Eddie Guerrero defeated The Ultimo Dragon (w/ Sonny Onoo)
  • Scotty Riggs defeated Michael Wallstreet via disqualification
  • Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Mr. JL
  • Lex Luger & The Giant fought Rick Steiner & Scott Steiner to a no contest


“In all hugs there has to be a hugger and a huggee”

Dusty Rhodes

  • Eric Bischoff is rumored to have held talks with New Japan Pro Wrestling. Apparently he is exploring the idea of TBS purchasing a stake in the company
  • An nWo hotline was launched a month ago. In that time it has done the same amount of business that the regular WCW hotline generally does in a day
  • After WCW booked the Knickerbocker Arena – which is in New York – for two dates later in the year, the WWF decided to book three dates at the venue. Guess what happened next? The arena canceled the WCW shows. Vince is still the king of New York, if not the ratings
  • The Steiners’ car crash angle looked like a big deal, right? So why has it barely been mentioned on TV since? Because WCW received so many complaints about it. Consider the whole thing swept under the rug
  • Now to that segment; So we know who John ‘Earthquake/Avalanche/Shark/Golga’ Tenta is, but who are the other guys on Piper’s team? That would be one of his mates and his bodyguard. Seriously. Due to his popularity not diminishing – as was expected – WCW have understandably decided to use Piper more, thus he has been inserted into the Uncensored main event. In return for agreeing to work the PPV, Piper – who has a limited date deal – was allowed to choose his team mates and permitted a degree of creative freedom over this week’s segment.
  • As discussed, WCW did not expect Piper’s popularity to remain at such a high level. The original third team for Uncensored was supposed to be ‘Team Sting’
  • What of the other guys who didn’t make Piper’s team? They were just generic Powerplant guys. That said, random guy #2 went on to become Luther Reigns in WWE. Remember him?

The WWF were in Germany this week. To mark the occasion, this week’s Raw featured the finals of a tournament to crown the first ever European Champion. Find out who won here. Here’s a clue, it was the only European on the roster…


Raw 1.9 – 3.4 Nitro

A pre-taped Raw from another country was never going to compete with a live Nitro from Atlanta. 3.4 may be enough to win the Monday Night Wars, but over on NBC Friends scored a massive 17.5 with The One Without The Ski Trip on Thursday.

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