Wrestling with Sin: 107


Brian Damage

This is the 107th installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A group of stories that delves into the darker, underbelly of pro wrestling. Many of the stories involve such subjects as sex, drugs, greed and in some cases even murder! As with every single story in the Sin series, I do not condone or condemn the alleged participants. We simply retell their stories by researching interviews, newspapers, magazines and various other sources of media.

Johnny B. Very Badd!


Marc Mero aka Johnny B. Badd in WCW readily admitted being addicted to steroids, painkillers and recreational drugs. Being a star for WCW helped him gain easy access to any and all drugs he could ever want plus he was making around six figures a year with the company. It really didn’t get any better when he jumped ship to the WWF despite having his then wife Rena ‘Sable’ Mero travel everywhere he went.


Drugs were a big problem for Marc and after both his parents and several wrestler friends died, Mero began spiraling into a depression. He basically lost most of the money he had made as a wrestler on drugs and lavish spending sprees. After going into semi-retirement, Mero stayed home while his wife would continue to travel the world with the WWF/E. Mero recalls calling her cell sometimes and there being no answer. He suspected the worst of her.


As it turned out, Rena was carrying on an affair with fellow WWF star Brock Lesnar. Marc and Rena would eventually divorce because of it. With practically nothing left; no money, no friends, his parents were gone; Mero took a handgun out of his dresser drawer and went into his shower. He sat inside of the shower put the gun to his head and was ready to commit suicide.

Luckily, Marc Mero realized the error of his ways and began to pray and put the gun away and sought help for his addictions and depression. Marc Mero is now a motivational speaker who talks candidly about his life and his redemption.

Should old acquaintance be Shot….


On New Year’s Eve in 1968, wrestlers Pedro Morales and ‘Killer’ Buddy Austin were at a party in Sydney, Australia. At the time, they were working for Jim Barnett’s Australian promotion. During the course of the night, Morales got into an argument with a nightclub employee named Daniel Duggan. Duggan would grab a glass vase and hit Morales over the head with it, knocking him out.

Fellow wrestler Austin saw this and went to aide his friend but was shot in the stomach for his troubles by an unidentified man (NOT Daniel Duggan). Buddy Austin would collapse on the floor as party goers fled the scene in a panic. Duggan would later turn himself into police while the gunman was never found. Austin would survive his gunshot wound and later return down under to wrestle again, Pedro Morales never wrestled in Australia again.

Last Chance


Robbie Chance was a wrestler who competed for several indie groups as well as WWE’s former developmental group Ohio Valley Wrestling. In 2005, before a match, Chance took off his shirt and started “heeling” up the crowd in attendance. One of the security guards thought it would be a good idea for a fan to wear Chance’s shirt to draw more heat. It was a big mistake, because Robbie Chance legitimately went ballistic.

Once he saw the fan wearing his shirt, he jumped out of the ring and attacked the fan with punches. Security tried to pull Chance off of the fan who was fighting back and Chance started hitting the security guards, bloodying one of them. When order was finally restored, Chance went to the back and demanded money but was told no and to leave the arena immediately. The incident caused Chance to be blackballed from wrestling and was allegedly never seen in a ring again.

Tag Team Turmoil


In 1992, the team of Marcus Bagwell and 2 Cold Scorpio were red hot in WCW. They won the WCW world tag team titles and were chosen WCW’s Tag Team of the Year. They were not only tag team partners, but good friends as well. That is until the duo went on a promotional tour around 1993. While on a flight, Bagwell allegedly asked 2 Cold if he could move so Bagwell’s wife could sit with him on the plane.

That is when things get sketchy because according to Bagwell, 2 Cold Scorpio moved without incident while Scorpio contends Bagwell demanded that Scorpio move his seat and an argument ensued. Scorpio allegedly challenged Bagwell to a fight and even said he told Bagwell’s wife he wanted to have sex with her.

Scorpio also claimed that Bagwell backed down at that point and Scorpio lost all respect for Bagwell from that point on. Bagwell denied those claims and stated if he ever heard Scorpio make a sexual advance to his wife, he would’ve kicked Scorpio’s ass. The team would split up with 2 Cold Scorpio getting fired and Bagwell forming a team with the Patriot. The two haven’t spoken or seen each other since.

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