This Week in Wrestling 2017 week 12

Craig Wilson and Brian Damage

In part twelve of This Week in Wrestling in 2017, Craig looks at Sami Zayn and American Alpha possibly missing from WrestleMania 33 and Brian shares all the best viral content he’s stumbled upon this week.

Some Top Talent Set to Miss ‘Mania

As we publish, we’re just 8 days away from the biggest show of the wrestling calendar: WrestleMania. The stage is set for the most important weekend of the year for the WWE.

Months, if not a full year, of planning has gone into this year’s instalment. It is, after all, where one ‘series’ of WWE ends and the next night a new one begins. It is a night where one year’s feuds end, about to give way to the next programme of wrestler interactions.

It’s also where the brightest and the best talents come together to put on a show on a night when more eyes than at any other point of the year are on the product.

It is, therefore, a shame, certainly in this writer’s eyes, that a number of superstars that I regard as some of the best emerging talents are, as it stands, missing from the card. One being Sami Zayn and the others being American Alpha, Jason Jordan and Chad Gable.

Take the former, with his former nemesis Kevin Owens at the top of the card, and injuries thrown in, Zayn recently found himself thrust up the card and, to many, didn’t look out of place. With immense in-ring quality and firm backing from the crowd, a late addition to the card may not necessarily put any extra bums on seats but would certainly go down well amongst the WWE faithful in attendance.

A more puzzling exclusion, however, is the now former Smackdown Live tag team champions American Alpha.

Having gone from hugely popular NXT to a pivotal part of Smackdown Live in quick succession, recent weeks and months have seen a noticeable drop in interest in the team of Jordan and Gable with the pair being MIA at Royal Rumble, involved in the flat, and oddly booked, tag turmoil match at Elimination Chamber and now not featuring on the WrestleMania card.

Whilst the booking, generally, of Smackdown Live is deserving of praise, the way that the brand has booked the tag team division in recent weeks has been a cause of some concern.

This past week the WWE ended the pair’s 84-day run with the belts with their perennial challengers The Usos finally triumphing and taking home the gold. The hot-shotting of the titles of Gable and Jordon has fueled the rumours that The Hardy Boyz could be set for a surprise WrestleMania return. Such a move would surely mean that the only to be NXT and WWE tag team champions in the same calendar year, would be left off the biggest show of the year. That would be a tragedy.

Of course, there’s an episode of Raw and of Smackdown Live to go before we reach WrestleMania so the chance to rectify both of the issues above. Time will tell if we see Zayn and American Alpha added to the card but the show does look circa 99% confirmed. It would be, in my opinion, a huge loss if both acts failed to make the final card.

Photo Gallery

This photo is of the FUTURE WWF world champion, the Iron Sheik, back in his amateur wrestling days…

The Future is Now for this cigarette brand apparently…

When pro wrestling T-shirts weren’t anything special but now you want them anyway!

For all the complaining we as fans do on a regular basis, we certainly have come pretty far from this.

A program from the 1960’s where the first match of the night is between some “coloreds” and we don’t even get their names…

How John Cena and WWE merchandise really operate

What a difference the color of the strap makes! This is what the WWE Cruiserweight title would look like if it were black instead of purple. Much improved if you ask me…

For those who saw all the leaked videos and pics involving Paige. This pic might make you cringe a little now.

Video Gallery

Stone Cold Steve Austin doing his best Rick Astley impression.

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