Meanwhile, in WCW: 1997 Week 13

Jamie Lithgow

What have Pamela Anderson, Cindy Crawford, Jenni McCarthy, Anna Nicole Smith and Diamond Dallas Page got in common? Back in 1997 they all appeared in the April edition of Playboy’s Nude Celebrities. So proud of his, and wife Kimberly’s, appearance in the magazine, DDP brought a copy with him to Nitro. All this and more in this week’s Meanwhile, in WCW’…


  • Diamond Dallas Page revealed that he is proud of Kimberly’s appearance in Playboy and that he plans on snapping into Macho Man’s real world. Claiming not to care about winning or losing, DDP said all he wants is “one real shot” at Savage and that Macho Man will have to kill him to stop him.
  • Booker T and Stevie Ray claim to have a strategy in place for their four corners match with Lex Luger and The Giant and that one of them will win.
  • Luger and The Giant both claimed to be okay with the prospect of each other winning the bout but intend to approach the match as a team. The Giant mentioned himself, Luger and, oddly, Harlem Heat in hypothetical scenarios against Hollywood Hogan. A match against Hogan for the WCW Title is the prize for the winner of this match.
  • Madusa cut a promo on Luna Vachon and Akira Hokuto. She also reminded us why she is called Madusa; Made in the USA. Get it?!?
  • Kevin Sullivan offered forgiveness to Arn Anderson after The Enforcer offered the olive branch a couple of weeks ago. Sullivan most certainly has not forgiven Anderson’s Horseman stable mate Chris Benoit though.
  • Armbar, headlock, cross body block, pin; that was the story of Prince Iaukea’s dull as dish water win over Bobby Eaton.
  • US Champion Dean Malenko wants the Cruiserweight Title back from Syxx, wants to “expose” Eddie Guerrero and cut another respectful promo on Chris Benoit. That’s right, Dean Malenko is currently involved in three feuds.
  • Mean Gene was punting news of a potential new signing on his WCW hotline
  • Scott Steiner said Spring Stampede will be payback time for The Outsiders. Meanwhile, Rick actually strung a sentence together this week.

Full Results

  • Harlem Heat defeated The Armstrongs
  • Greg Valentine defeated Billy Kidman
  • The Steiner Brothers defeated Bunkhouse Buck & Mike Enos
  • Madusa defeated Peggy Lee Leather
  • Chris Jericho defeated Super Calo
  • Ultimo Dragon defeated Galaxy
  • Prince Iaukea (c) defeated Bobby Eaton to retain the WCW Television Championship
  • Kevin Sullivan (w/ Jacqueline) defeated Johnny Swinger
  • Dean Malenko (c) defeated Scotty Riggs to retain the WCW Cruiserweight Championship
  • Diamond Dallas Page defeated Maxx


It’s not easy being lazy

Is there trouble in the nWo camp? Nitro started with the news that Scott Hall is AWOL – scroll down for news on that – while Hollywood Hogan, Eric Bischoff and various other members were said to be in Chicago, attending the premiere of Dennis Rodman’s film with Jean Claude Van Damme; Double Team. Later, we saw footage of Kevin Nash, Syxx, Mr. Wallstreet and Scott Norton exchanging words. Nash questioned Wallstreet and Norton’s loyalty by asking if they were “with us or with them?” Wallstreet was clearly ‘with them’ because he was shown leaving the arena in a huff shortly afterwards. Tony Schiavone then suggested that the nWo may be breaking into factions. Fast forward to the end of the show and Nash, along with Syxx, who had otherwise not featured on Nitro, took over the announce position to cut a promo on their absent nWo stable mates. Nash said he and Syxx (and Norton, I guess) were taking care of business and that Hogan, Bischoff, Vincent and DiBiase had their priorities wrong. A very interesting way to end the show, or was it? Syxx and Nash had to ask if their headsets were working because they had clearly not been told how long they had to fill time for. Having wrapped up his promo with a minute to spare, Nash improvised and cut a promo on the “Napoleons” in the locker room before he and Syxx trashed the announce position.


In Other News From Nitro –

  • Bobby Heenan made a complete arse of vacating his announce position when Nash and Syxx appeared..
  • DDP cut the exact same promo as he did on Saturday Night, almost word for word. However, on this occasion Macho Man showed up in the crowd to taunt him. The outcome of this most recent exchange is that Page will be bringing Kimberly with him at Spring Stampede to counteract Liz, who will be in Savage’s corner.
  • Harlem Heat jumped Lex Luger and The Giant. Afterwards Booker T cut a promo about not being afforded the respect they deserve, so they are going to step up and take it instead. Stevie Ray said something similar, but much worse, while Sister Sherri assured us that one of her men will win on Sunday. There’s been no mention of this being an elimination match, so what’s to stop Stevie Ray laying down and letting Booker T pin him as soon as Luger and The Giant are either incapacitated or distracted?
  • There was a sense of déjà vu when Chris Benoit was attacked by The Dungeon of Doom only to be saved by Ric Flair. The differences from last week were that Benoit actually won his match, Woman and not Dean Malenko made the initial attempts to help The Crippler and Arn Anderson was present at ringside cheering on the all-conquering Flair.
  • Just like last week, Benoit brushed himself down to deliver another solid promo. He talked about Kevin Sullivan’s career coming to an end and a new era beginning, his respect for Dean Malenko and that victory on Sunday would be a victory for him, not The Horsemen. A weird comment, but he did embrace Arn Anderson – whom he made a sarcastic comment towards earlier – and Ric Flair afterwards.
  • Earlier, and after exchanging barbs, Ric Flair appeared to persuade Roddy Piper to join him on a night out and possibly tag with him at some point. That was the implication anyway, Flair even brought in a random female from the audience to persuade married man Piper to join him. It worked…
  • During this exchange Piper forgot the story of Pinocchio, claiming that Fair’s ears were growing with every lie he told.
  • A Women’s Cruiserweight Championship tournament has begun. That’s right, the company with only just enough women for one women’s division is creating another one. The wrestlers involved hail from the GAEA promotion in Japan, so why this is a WCW Title is beyond me.
  • WCW Women’s Champion, Akira Hokuto, defeated Debbie Combs who appeared to be dressed as Goldust. Afterwards the champ had a pull apart brawl with Madusa, who had some promo time with Mean Gene ahead of their match at Spring Stampede.
  • La Parka, who was sharply dressed again this week, made good use of a steel chair en route to defeat against Prince Iaukea. The variety of ways La Parka attempted to use the chair felt like he was trying to get it over as a gimmick…
  • Lord Steven Regal wants to turn Rey Mysterio Jr. into “a vegetable” and called him “a bloody dwarf”. After being defeated by Chris Jericho, Regal battered the Lion Heart and everyone who came to his aid. This included Joe Gomez, Billy Kidman and Lenny Lane. Weirdly, The Renegade was first to run to Jericho’s aid but opted not to get involved. The commentators were left just as confused as I was.
  • During Steve ‘Mongo’ McMichael and Jeff Jarrett’s match with The Amazing French Canadians, The Public Enemy showed up and tried to take Mongo’s briefcase from Debra. She resisted, which distracted Jarrett, but Colonel Parker manged to sneak in and grab the case for himself. He then slid it to Jacques Rougeau, who used it to smack Mongo for the win. The Horseman tandem had their customary argument as a result.

Full Results

  • Lex Luger & The Giant defeated Rick Fuller & Road Block
  • Psychosis defeated Villano IV
  • WCW Television Title Match: Prince Iaukea (c) defeated La Parka
  • Chris Jericho defeated Lord Steven Regal
  • WCW Women’s Title Match: Akira Hokuto (c) defeated Debbie Combs
  • The Amazing French Canadians defeated Jeff Jarrett & Steve McMichael
  • WCW Women’s Cruiserweight Title Tournament Match: Toshie Uematsu defeated Meiko Satomura
  • Chris Benoit defeated Hugh Morrus
  • Diamond Dallas Page defeated Lance Ringo
  • The Steiner Brothers defeated High Voltage


“Scott Hall’s taking care of business more important than professional wrestling right now”

Kevin Nash

  • Scott Hall has checked into rehab, which explains the quote from Kevin Nash above. Compared to a year, or even six months ago, Hall has looked like a shadow of his former self recently. WCW’s handling of the situation has left a little to be desired though. Tony Schiavone hinted that Hall’s absence was due to transportation issues, which sounded legit due to a snow storm. However, Nash’s comments at the end of the show stuck a pin in that theory. Regardless, no mention of The Outsiders match against The Steiner Brothers at Spring Stampede was made during the broadcast, thus it is assumed to still be going ahead. Problem is, fans will be expecting Scott Hall and, until this week, this match was being treated as the PPVs main event. An obvious solution would be to have Syxx take Hall’s spot, which is what he has done at  recent house shows. Syxx is still on the mend from injury though, so a match against The Steiners probably isn’t a wise move. Either way, one would think WCW should make fans aware that Hall will not be at the PPV.
  • With commentators and announcers trying not to draw attention to this bout, the four corners match involving Harlem Heat, Lex Luger and The Giant was pushed heavily as Spring Stampede’s main event instead. Erm, Macho Man Randy Savage vs. Diamond Dallas Page would have been the pony to back there, but whatever.
  • If you’re wondering where Hogan is and why he’s not headlining the show, he’s filming another shit movie.
  • Kevin Nash and Scott Hall have been complaining about selling too much and putting their opponents over too often. They may have a point, the only reason they still have the Tag Titles is because Eric Bischoff has consistently rescued them or reversed match results in their favour.
  • If you’re wondering why Eddie Guerrero hasn’t replied to Dean Malenko’s claims, it’s because he is on the shelf with a triceps injury. He’ll be out for around six weeks. That’s just about enough time for the heat in this feud to cool off, which is a shame.
  • If you think the nWo and Horsemen are just on screen factions, think again. There is currently somewhat of a backstage power struggle between Hogan, Hall and Nash and head booker Kevin Sullivan, who has the backing of senior Horsemen Arn Anderson and Ric Flair. Nash’s “Napoleon” comment at the end of Nitro was a dig at Sullivan and Flair, not the Cruiserweight division.
  • The new signing rumoured on Mean Gene’s hotline could be Lizmark Jr, who will debut soon.
  • If we jump forward in our timeline a little; Lance Ringo, the jobber that DDP defeated this week, is probably best remembered as Sick Boy from Raven’s Flock. Real name Robert Scott Vick, he also signed for WWE in 2002 to play a role in the infamous Katie Vick angle, as her brother. This did not materialise and he retired from wrestling shortly afterwards.

Over on Raw, the WWF Tag Tag Champions (Owen Hart & The British Bulldog) fought each other. However, rather than divide them further, they are now stronger than ever thanks to the seeds being sewn for the formation of a new version of The Hart Foundation.


Raw 2.7 – 3.4 Nitro

Surprisingly ratings are up. I say surprisingly because the NCAA Finals were held on Monday. The match between Arizona and Kentucky pulled a whopping 28.4 rating.

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