Whatever Happened to Mad Maxine?


Brian Damage

She was a fast rising star in the World Wrestling Federation. After only 3 matches, she was gone. In this latest piece in the series, we ask ‘Whatever Happened to‘ Mad Maxine?

Jeannine Mjoseth was a 24 year old with a degree in journalism when she first was introduced to the world of professional wrestling. She met a wrestler at a party and because of her look (standing over 6 feet 2 inches tall) was convinced to give it a try. After training in a few different places, Mjoseth was urged to go to South Carolina and meet up with the Fabulous Moolah. Moolah ran a wrestling school out of her home and Mjoseth became one of her students.

She quickly stood out because of her size and her look. Mjoseth shaved her head and gave herself a Mohawk. She adopted the name ‘Mad Maxine’ from the then popular movie Mad Max starring Mel Gibson. Because of Moolah longstanding relationship with the McMahon family and the WWF, Mad Maxine was brought in and quickly became somewhat of an attraction.


Merchandise with her likeness started popping up and was surprisingly selected to be a part of the WWF’s new Saturday morning cartoon show, Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling. That is when jealousy started to rear its ugly head. Mad Maxine’s manager and trainer Moolah had allegedly become jealous of her young protege’s early success and somehow found a way to not book Mjoseth on any cards and ultimately replace her in the cartoon.


Moolah apparently had convinced the McMahon family that Mad Maxine was simply too green and not ready for the spotlight. Before long, Mjoseth was out of the WWF, but not out of wrestling. She continued her career in several territories including the American Wrestling Association (AWA) Florida and Bill Watts national upstart, the Universal Wrestling Federation based in Oklahoma.


She feuded with the likes of Luna Vachon in Florida and was also a valet for Jack Victory and the Sheepherders down in the UWF. After just a mere two years under her belt as a pro wrestler, Mjoseth became tired of the wrestling lifestyle. She was lonely on the road and wasn’t a hardcore partier like her fellow grapplers. Mjoseth made the decision to quit pro wrestling in 1986 and never looked back again.


Jeannine Mjoseth would continue her career in journalism writing several articles for newspapers and magazines. Mjoseth has also worked on documentaries and other forms of media. She currently works as the Associate Communications Director for a government agency known as the National Human Genome Research Institute. It does countless studies on genetic and non genetic diseases. Mjoseth is married and lives in the central part of Florida.

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3 thoughts on “Whatever Happened to Mad Maxine?

    • I agree and fuck the fabulous Moolah. She may have been a good wrestler but she was a piece of shit who would pimp her students and rip them off with any chance she got.
      Hope someone pisses on her grave


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