This Week in Wrestling 2017 week 16

Craig Wilson and Brian Damage

It’s Saturday so part for the latest instalment of This Week in Wrestling. Today, in part 15, Craig discusses the beginning of the Jinder Mahal era and looks at the results of this week’s blog polls while Brian shares all the best viral content he’s stumbled upon this week.


While a cynic might attribute it entirely to a desire from a business perspective to break further into India, this week on Smackdown Live Jinder Mahal became the number one contender for the WWE title.

Yip. Jinder Mahal.

You know, the perennial loser, member of 3MB, surprised no one when he was released, surprised everyone when he was rehired and gave Finn Balor a concussion on his first night back. You know, the guy that is beyond ripped now.

Fresh from losing in a matter of minutes to a concussed Balor, Mahal was transferred to Smackdown as one of the bits of the superstar shake-up that nobody cared about.

Well, I certainly didn’t. Perhaps it speaks volumes about me that I gave Mahal’s move the same amount of attention as that of the Shining Stars who now make American Alpha look like jobbers… But the tag team stuff is saved for tomorrow’s Sunday Sermon.

I was keen to gauge the reaction from you, our dear readers, when it came to the Mahal push from nowhere, so I posted a poll on the blog. I tried to open it out a bit. There was: absolutely yes, absolutely no, yes…I think, no…probably not and unsure.

The two negative responses received more than 50% with more than a third (37%) saying absolutely not. But are they right?

First up, I admire the desire to try and create a new star in the main event picture. But to be frank, that’s where the positivity ends with this decision.

Now, it’s nothing against Mahal, per se. In fact, Mahal could be a credible contender, hell he could even be a credible champion. However, that takes time. You can’t go from being a lower-card talent one minute to be challenging for the title without something in the middle, such as a long undefeated streak.

Does Mahal have the charisma to be a top star? I don’t know. I barely know anything about the man. I can’t recall a promo on main roster TV or on NXT. Other than lose matches, I’ve barely seen anything else from him. That for me is the biggest issue: we don’t know much about him other than losing matches. It’s hardly a strong base for a guy challenging for a title, is it?

Now with a senior member of staff appointed in India to deal with operations over there, this sudden push has caused the more cynical among us to question the motives of Mahal’s push.

Time will tell what, if any, the Mahal push will have on business in India or if he’ll return to the lower end of the card in a similar time as it took him to get to the top.

Raw, Smackdown, NXT and Jinder Mahal poll results

This week on the blog we hosted polls to get readers thoughts and reviews of this week’s episodes of Raw, Smackdown and NXT as well as which brand benefited most from Superstar Shake-up. The results were:

Is Jinder Mahal correct choice for no.1 contender on SD Live

Absolutely not – 37.5
Absolutely yes – 20.83
Probably not – 16.67
Yes, I think – 12.5
Unsure – 12.5


Good – 46.15
Excellent – 19.23
Average – 19.23
Poor – 15.38
Awful – 0

Smackdown Live

Average – 45
Good – 40
Excellent – 10
Poor – 5
Awful – 0


Average – 37.5
Excellent – 25
Good – 25
Awful – 12.5
Poor – 0

Photo Gallery

A very cool championship belt for the one and only Mastodon: Big Van Vader!

Stay Classy Mom!

It’s all about merchandising…

A glimpse at what Andre the Giant’s pro wrestling license looked like.

Easter has come and gone…but take a look at these very creative Easter eggs.

Another cool looking championship belt…

Sign this girl right up! She took one heck of a bump.

Video Gallery

Who better to sell a car than the Iron Sheik?!?

Last Week on the Blog

In last week’s Sunday Sermon looked at the superstar shake-up; on Monday we had part 15 of ‘Meanwhile, in WCW‘; Tuesday featured a piece on former ECW talent Kimona Wanalaya; Wednesday had part 110 of ‘Wrestling with Sin‘; Thursday’s Top Five looked at the worst talkers; and we rounded off the week with part 5 of ‘Styles Clash: Clash of the Champions Revisited‘.

Next Week on the Blog

In tomorrow’s Sunday Sermon we look at the WWE tag team division; we have the latest ‘Wrestling with Sin‘, the next instalment of ‘The History of the Intercontinental Title‘ and much, much more.

All previous ‘This Week in Wrestling’ pieces can be read here.


One thought on “This Week in Wrestling 2017 week 16

  1. In fact Jinder Mahal push to the main event is good thing. For the sole reason that It was about time that the WWE seizes the opportunity offered by the India market, by far the most populous country in the world.

    Nonetheless, going from pure jobber to number 1 contender in one week is a pure non-sense. But hey, we talk about a wrestling federation that had his resident monster, legit asskicker, and former UFC Champion Brock Lesnar getting humiliated in a matter of second by a 50 years old, 13 years retired, Goldberg. So I don’t think logic apply here anymore.

    Look at what they do with Titus O’Neil, the guy is a 6’6″, 270-pound physical freak, a former football player, a family man, a sharp-dressed role model outside the ring, and they made him their worst loser/jobber ever seen.


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