Meanwhile, in WCW: 1997 Week 16

Jamie Lithgow

Remember DVDs, those discs that sit on a shelf but you don’t use because you have access to digital media? Well, back in 1997 they were just starting to take off. Warner Home Video lead the charge with 41 releases so far while Columbia Tristar got in on the action this week with their first release. Problem is, an actual DVD player will set you back between £300 and £400, that’s around $500. Yikes, but let’s get down to business in this week’s ‘Meanwhile, in WCW’…


  • Jeff Jarrett – who I think is a heel – lost his shit after Scotty Riggs – who is definitely a babyface – used the ropes for leverage to pin him. Double J beat the crap out of the cheating babyface using, among other things, a piledriver. An assortment of low card wrestlers tried to make the save, but Jarrett repelled them until The Steiner Brothers showed up. Double J wisely left swiftly after they arrived on the scene.
  • One of the wrestlers who tried to rescue Riggs, Alex Wright, hung around for his match directly after this segment. He was defeated by Hacksaw Jim Duggan, but praised on commentary for having the guts to go ahead with the bout.
  • The card for Slamboree was added to; The Steiner Brothers will face Konnan and Hugh Morrus while Luna Vachon will face Madusa. Also, the members of the nWo who will face Ric Flair, Roddy Piper and Kevin Greene were named as Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Syxx. I guess Scott Hall is no longer AWOL then…
  • Dusty Rhodes accidentally buried Glacier with the following remark, which I assume was supposed to be a compliment; “His game is as good, if not better, than his entrance”. He does have a cool entrance, but come on…
  • Mortis appeared during Glacier’s match and attempted to steal his helmet. He did not succeed and sustained a kick to the face for his efforts.
  • Laughing man Hugh Morrus got a chance to speak and seemed to prophesise Heath Ledger’s portrayal of The Joker by asking Lee Marshall “why are we so serious?!” Apparently he, and the entire Dungeon of Doom, are to be taken seriously now.
  • On the WCW hotline this week; rumours of a blow-up within the New World Order with some members potentially leaving. Also, rumour has it a current world champion might be on his way to WCW.

Full Results

  • High Voltage defeated La Parka & Galaxy
  • Chris Jericho defeated Super Calo
  • Hector Guerrero defeated Billy Kidman
  • Lord Steven Regal defeated Villano IV
  • Hugh Morrus defeated Psychosis
  • Glacier defeated Jerry Flynn
  • Jim Powers defeated Sgt. Craig Pittman
  • Scotty Riggs defeated Jeff Jarrett
  • Jim Duggan defeated Alex Wright
  • Diamond Dallas Page defeated Roadblock


He’s behind you…

JJ Dillon, who joined WCW from the WWF’s front office last year, made his first appearance on WCW Television for nearly 8 years. The former manager of the original Four Horsemen is now the Chairman of WCW’s Executive Committee. As such, JJ was on hand to clarify Eric Bischoff’s situation after Easy E was suspended several weeks ago, but has continued to appear on TV due to believing that his punishment was not valid. Although Dillon did confirm that Bischoff has no authority in WCW – even though he’s a senior executive – he also said that Bisch’s contract is “iron-clad” and thus he cannot be fired until he breaches said contract. Bischoff responded by saying “bite me” and putting himself over as the man who transformed the wrestling industry and made WCW the world’s top promotion. Dillon reluctantly agreed, but pointed out that Bischoff has betrayed the trust of those that helped him to achieve this. Again, Bischoff said “bite me”.

In Other News From Nitro –

  • Dillon took care of more business by stating that he is looking into the case for Nick Patrick’s reinstatement as a WCW referee after he was ditched by the nWo two weeks ago. JJ also cancelled the nWo contracts of Michael Wallstreet and Big Bubba by claiming that they were invalid due to them joining outside the window Eric Bischoff opened last year. This is total bullshit, they very clearly joined within the 30 day window Bischoff opened last November/December. Somehow Buff Bagwell and Scott Norton’s nWo contracts are legit though, despite also joining at the same time.
  • Responding to last week’s promo from Ric Flair, Roddy Piper and Kevin Greene; Syxx and Kevin Nash ripped into wrestling’s old guard. Syxx accused Flair of ripping-off The Nature Boy Buddy Rogers while Nash cut a little deeper. In reference to Piper and Flair putting each other over as having ‘paved the way’ for younger wrestlers, Nash stated that the road they paved is full of pot holes such as nepotism and selfishness. He went on to say that he will not simply hand Piper and Flair respect, rather they would have to beat it out of him. In response to this later in the show, Flair and co. called out the nWo. Their wish was granted, which even included a returning Scott Hall – who looked in great shape compared to last time we saw him. The show ended just as a stand-off between the groups turned into a brawl.
  • WCW are quickly running out of ideas to keep the Diamond Dallas Page and Macho Man feud simmering while Savage recovers from injury. Macho Man interrupted DDP’s promo from the crowd to insult him and Kimberly, Page called him out but Macho Man simply left. DDP didn’t even bother chasing him this time.
  • Konnan and Hugh Morrus miscalculated their run-in during The Steiner Brother’s match with The Public Enemy. After the Dungeon of Doom pair jumped Rick and Scott, The Public Enemy actually helped The Steiners to make it 4 vs. 2 against Morrus and Konnan
  • Chris Benoit will face Meng at Slamboree. In a weird segment, Meng’s boss in the Dungeon of Doom, Kevin Sullivan, asked the hardest man in wrestling to hit him. Just as Meng was about to comply, Jacqueline stepped in and had some cross words with Meng. Bizarre.
  • Lord Steven Regal will face Ultimo Dragon for the TV Title at Slamboree. Regal said that he will bring the title back to WCW. Erm, it never left mate. Dragon is a contracted WCW wrestler…
  • Nick Patrick made his case for reinstatement as a WCW referee. He said that he joined the New World Order to make a difference for the little man and that he was forced to do all the dodgy things he did, such as fight fellow referee Randy Anderson. Larry Zbyszko wasn’t buying it, Tony Schiavone was non-committal.
  • Kevin Nash Jacknife Powerbombed Rey Mysterio Jr during Syxx’s match with the masked luchador. JJ Dillon was on the scene quickly to ensure no more damage was done and that Rey was taken away on a stretcher.
  • Reggie White made a brief appearance when he stopped Steve ‘Mongo’ McMichael interfering in Jeff Jarrett’s match.
  • We saw footage – paid for by the nWo – of Hollywood Hogan hanging out with Grace Jones on the set of his most recent movie project; McCincey’s Island. It scores a 3.1 on IMDB, which makes it not quite as good as Mr Nanny or Suburban Commando but better than Santa With Muscles.
  • Apparently James Vandenberg was once curator at the Museum of Physical Abnormalities in Taipei. Chances of that being a real museum…?
  • Vandenberg instructed Mortis and his large, nameless friend – it’s Wrath, but he’s not been named yet – to attack Glacier. The unnamed wrestler left Glacier laying after a modified Uranage suplex aka a Rock Bottom.
  • Prior to this attack, Glacier hit Ciclope with a brutally hard and extremely dangerous looking Cryonic Kick to the head. The move is a super kick, but judging by the snapping back of Ciclope’s neck, this one really connected.

Full Results

  • WCW United States Title Match: Dean Malenko (c) vs. Yuji Nagata
  • Glacier defeated Ciclope
  • WCW Television Title Match: Ultimo Dragon (c) vs. Bobby Eaton
  • Meng defeated Chris Jericho
  • The Public Enemy vs. The Steiner Brothers – No Contest
  • Jeff Jarrett defeated Scotty Riggs
  • WCW Cruiserweight Title Match: Syxx (c) vs. Rey Misterio Jr.
  • Diamond Dallas Page defeated Psychosis


“It was like spending the night with a ripped-out bloody fireplace!”

Lord Steven Regal addresses Mean Gene’s claims that he has been spending time with Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York

  • Hulk Hogan did a clean job on a house show the other week. Why is this a big deal? Because it was his first clean, pinfall loss since he put The Ultimate Warrior over at Wrestlemania 6, seven years ago. So who did he put over? Jacques Rougeau, of all people. The show was held in Montreal, home town of the famous Rougeau wrestling family, of which Jacques Jr. is the last active wrestler. The match featured no outside interference and Jacques won with an small package.
  • Heavily rumoured up until a few weeks ago, the idea of a live WCW show on Thursday nights is looking dead in the water. It is something TBS were keen on, but very few people in WCW were pushing for it due to the added strain it would put on them to produce double the amount of live, prime time television, three days apart from each other.
  • Has anyone noticed that Kevin Sullivan’s feud with Chris Benoit seems never ending? The reason is because Eric Bischoff told Sullivan at the start of the rivalry that once it has run it’s course, Sullivan’s in ring career in WCW would be over. Hence, The Taskmaster has managed to milk this feud by adding Jacqueline, his family, Arn Anderson and the rest of The Dungeon of Doom into it. However, it would appear that Kevin Nash and Sullivan’s other backstage enemies have discovered this, hence why there has been precious little mention of a recent angle from a house show in Baltimore were Sullivan’s son hit him with a chair.

This week’s Raw featured a memorable angle between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Bret Hart, and was headlined by The Undertaker vs. Triple H. On a less exiting note, we also got the television debut of Tiger Ali Singh.


Raw 2.8 – 3.3 Nitro

A solid episode of Raw, and the fact that it wasn’t pre-recorded in South Africa, have added to it’s revival. Elsewhere this week, Ben Stiller guest starred in the lowest rated episode of Friends this season. The One With The Screamer scored a 15.5, which still equates to nearly 23 million viewers.

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