WWE Payback 2017 Preview and Predictions

Brian Damage, Earl Marx, Benjamin Trecroci and Craig Wilson

Tonight the WWE hosts the Raw exclusive PPV Payback. In the main event Randy Orton will face Bray Wyatt in a house of horrors match, Kevin Owens puts his US title on the line against his former best friend Chris Jericho, Alexa Bliss challenges Bayley and more. Today, the team preview and predict the show.

Pre-show tag team match
Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

Brian: In a fair and just world, Gallows and Anderson would destroy the team of Enzo and Big Cass but since this is the WWE, look for Enzo and Cass to get the win.

Winners: Enzo and Big Cass

Earl: I am just not sure what to make of this match. I guess I can’t say I am too interested in it. Let’s go with the heels here. Give them some juice going into a potential feud with those Hardee Boyz.

Winner: Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

Benjamin: Both teams keep going up, then down. Enzo and Cass looked like they were ready to become champs at WrestleMania but then the Hardyz happened. Gallows and Anderson probably should go over here and hopefully set up a feud with Hardyz while The Revival is out.

Winner: Gallows and Anderson

Craig: I’m tired of the Enzo and Big Cass shtick and am probably about as close to giving up on Gallows and Anderson as, I’m starting to think, the WWE are. Gallows and Anderson are a very good team that should be nowhere near a) the pre-show and b) a programme with Enzo and Cass. The worst bit? They are probably going to lose.

Winners: Enzo and Big Cass

Singles match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Neville (c) vs. Austin Aries

Brian: This should be another pretty solid match. As much as I think Aries will defeat Neville for the cruiserweight title, something else is telling me it just won’t happen. Perhaps some outside interference by TJ Perkins.

Winner: Austin Aries by DQ

Earl: I think the tide has turned on Neville’s reign. He was fortunate enough to make it through ‘Mania, but it’s over now. Let’s go with Austin Aries and see who his next big challenger is.

Winner: And New Champion, Austin Aries

Benjamin: Really big of both of these guys and actually probably one of the better feuds since WrestleMania. Thinking Neville has one more title win here with the help of TJ Perkins. But Aries is real close to winning the Cruiserweight Championship. He seems to be getting a ton of crowd support as well. Should be match of the night.

Winner: Neville

Craig: I have to say, since the Cruiserweight Classic, I’ve barely paid any attention whatsoever to the cruiserweight division in the WWE. I haven’t really followed the action or any of the programmes. Mercifully, the token bit they got on Raw has allowed me to be on top of this one. A long-time fan of Neville and think things look brighter since the heel-turn. Aries is on a different level though. The two work well together but I can’t see this being the end of the line. Expect interference here and there and a non-conclusive finish.

Winner: Neville

Tag team match for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship
The Hardy Boyz (Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy) (c) vs. Cesaro and Sheamus

Brian: The Hardy Boyz I think will lose the tag team titles to Cesaro and Sheamus with Cesaro/Sheamus turning heel. This will somehow (Hopefully) be a catalyst to another Broken Hardys gimmick. (If the WWE secured the rights)

Winners: Cesaro and Sheamus

Earl: I could be of the sort that is still wondering what’s happening with the Hardy’s. Where are they going? We haven’t had promos from them, but I am not too surprised at this (considering Matt’s Brokenness could return at any second). They have been playing it pretty even keeled and the nostalgia hasn’t worn off just yet. Champs retain.

Winner: The Hardy Boyz (Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy) (c)

Benjamin: This has to be the time The Broken Universe is unleashed because so far Matt and Jeff have been really fun to watch but they haven’t talked one time in the ring so we’re not really sure why they are back or what their story is. The whole handshaking thing makes believe something is in the works for a “Broken Turn.”

Winner: Hardy Boyz

Craig: I’ve enjoyed the build to this one actually and like both teams. This should be a good match-up, particularly the bits involving Cesaro and Jeff Hardy. My comrades appear to be after a return to the Broken Hardy stuff, am not sure we’ll see that at all. But if it were to happen, not this soon.

Winners: Hardy Boyz

Singles match
Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman

Brian: The WWE has really done an excellent job of booking Braun Strowman as this monster heel. With that said, Roman Reigns is still Roman Reigns and he will beat Strowman cleanly in my opinion.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Earl: The.Best.Booked.Match.On.This.Show.Period. I am genuinely confused on this one people. Do we keep Roman’s momentum up? Do we keep the mauling of Reigns by Strowman going? I think I may be guilty of fantasy-booking this one and not necessarily predicting this match. I think we need to see some kind of physical war between these two. I don’t see Roman taking a clean pinfall loss. Let’s go with a Strowman win with some controversy attached to it.

Winner: Braun Strowman

Benjamin: This is another one where a loss by Strowman is not the way to go here because he’s been unstoppable lately (minus that dumpster loss). Once again, they blew a moment with Reigns. He was on absolute fire with the crowd at Raw after Mania, now we are supposed to feel bad for him after the Strowman attack? So now what happens in this match? Assume Reigns comes back and wins, unless they beat him down further which should be the way to go at this point.

Winner: Reigns

Craig: It’s fair to say that the WWE have done absolutely everything to build-up to this one. In fact, they’ve thrown the kitchen sink at it and boy has it worked. I can’t disagree much with Earl’s thoughts. This won’t end clean, there’ll be shenanigans, but Strowman should triumph.

Winner: Strowman

Singles match
Seth Rollins vs. Samoa Joe

Brian: Could be a very good match and should be a very good match, but with Seth Rollins sometimes you get really good or just average. He seems to be hit or miss lately. I see Seth winning.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Earl: There’s some history here. We know. This match was slated to take place at Fastlane. For some reason, I feel like it has not been a major focus of the last couple of weeks. It could be match of the night. For some reason, I am going to go with a Samoa Joe win here. Wouldn’t be surprised if I was wrong here.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Benjamin: Maaaan not really sure with this one. Samoa Joe needs to become the force again. So far, he’s just kinda there which is a shame. Rollins had his big win at WM and seems to be finally becoming a full face. A loss for Rollins wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen. Thinking some type of shenanigans or maybe outside interference from Finn Balor either helping Joe or likely helping Rollins.

Winner: Rollins

Craig: At this stage am not sure that either man here can really afford to lose… Both need some of the big “mo”. I’ve not been terribly impressed with Joe since he made the jump up – but I’ve never been a huge fan of him as a worker – but it’s all felt very flat. The Triple H protégé stuff is getting a tad dull too. This should be a good enough match though. I’d rather see Rollins pick up the win but I sense it’ll be Joe that goes over here.

Winner: Joe

Singles match for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship
Bayley (c) vs. Alexa Bliss

Brian: Judging by the crowd reactions lately, it seems Alexa Bliss is really over. More over, dare I say, than Bayley? I am tempted to pick Bliss in this match and become the new champion. I just don’t think it will happen…yet.

Winner: Bayley

Earl: Bayley is the champ….in her hometown. Come on readers. You know what that smells like? Yep…Bayley is dropping the title in her hometown. Pops should be crying. Bliss should be the recipient of some nice heat here.

Winner: And New Champion, Alexa Bliss

Benjamin: Alexa Bliss is one of the best things going today. This match has potential to steal the show if they give it time to tell the story. Bayley is another one. She seems to have lost her appeal lately. Alexa has the buzz and should take the title here.

Winner: Alexa Bliss

Craig: I am a huge, huge fan of Alexa Bliss. I think she’s excellent. I don’t think there is any better female on the roster right now, no one can lay a glove on her, in fact. With the Smackdown brand about to appear in Glasgow, am a little disappointed that she’s no longer part of that roster but that’s just selfishness on my part. Anyway, back on track, yeah, Bliss should win this. It’ll get her heat and she needs some as the fans are desperate to cheer her at the moment.

Winner: And new champion, Alexa Bliss.

Singles match for the WWE United States Championship
Kevin Owens (c) vs. Chris Jericho

Brian: Kevin Owens is doing a great job with the United States title as the “Face of America.” I just don’t see Owens losing it in any way to Jericho. It will still be one heck of a match though.

Winner: Kevin Owens

Earl: I just want to get this match out of the way. Any match involving the shake-up, I just want to get through. C’mon, you know Owens walks out with his title. 2 and 0 on Mr. Jericho.

Winner: Kevin Owens (c)

Benjamin: Sounds like Jericho is about to head out on tour with his band so thinking this is the end of this feud. Probably the right way to go especially for KO. Still not real sure why this even on the card since KO is on Smackdown but they came up with stipulation about Jericho could go to SD with the belt.

Winner: KO

Craig: Well, we know that Jericho is about to embark on another tour with Fozzy so I think it’s safe to assume that a) his current run with the company is coming to an end and b) he won’t be heading off into the sunset with the US title around his waist. However, there’s murmurings online that Vince McMahon is “fed up” with Owens’ stature, which is astonishing and, at the same time, not remotely surprising. That plants a seed of doubt in my mind but ultimately, I’m going with my gut instinct and going with a win for Owens here.

Winner: KO

House of Horrors match
Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt

Brian: I do not know how to predict this match because I have no idea what the heck it is. I will say that since the WWE title is not on the line here…Bray Wyatt will win.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Earl: Again – any match involving superstar shake up…I just want to get through this. We shall appease the internet lovers of Bray (like myself). Randy will still be champion and Bray needs a little fire going into Raw. I would not be surprised if Jinder somehow finds his way to the House of Horrors. Maybe he rents a hotel down the street?

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Benjamin: This either is going to be really good or a really bad. Lately when the WWE tries to do something crazy or supernatural it turns into a hot mess. Maybe Sister Abigail finally shows up or someone new or don’t even know what they are doing with Bray Wyatt at this point.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Craig: Remarkably we don’t even know what a “house of horrors” match is. Ace booking, WWE. Well done. What I think we can expect is overbooked and overblown nonsense. Let’s not bet against an appearance from Jinder Mahal. All in all, shite. As it is a non-title match, expect Wyatt to win this but, hey, stranger things have happened eh?

Winner: Bray Wyatt…maybe


Brian: The show doesn’t look too bad on paper. It will be interesting to see what the House of Horrors match will look like. Rollins Vs Joe and Jericho Vs Owens will probably be the best matches on the card. It’s just not a must see show for me, although I will watch.

Earl: I can honestly say that this ppv is the most least interesting WWE ppv in a very long time for me. I just feel that since the shake up, we, as fans, are in limbo. Each Raw and SD has just become baffling in terms of decision making and I am spent. I will be watching as a supporter, but with one purpose – to literally get this ppv out of the way so we can really kick things off with stable rosters and stories (whatever that means in today’s WWE landscape).

Benjamin: After writing this, just noticing that this show needs to just be decent and let everything happen so we can all move on. These weird Raw/SD matches make things a bit confusing and makes you wonder if they came up with Superstar Shakeup at the spur of the moment thing.

Craig: I’m off anyway so will watch. Am about as excited for this as I am about watching an episode of Raw, truth be told. But, I’m off anyway with it being a bank holiday over in the UK so will stay up and watch this. Few things to be excited about, scattered across the show, including the tag and women’s title matches. Worried about the Orton vs. Wyatt match but hopefully it passes without too much tomfoolery. We shall have to wait and see. There’s enough here for this to be alright.


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