Whatever Happened to ‘Vivacious Veronica’?


Brian Damage

She was ‘Stunning’ Steve Austin’s first ever valet during his WCW sting. However, after just one series of TV tapings, she disappeared from television. Today, though, in this latest piece in the series, we ask ‘Whatever Happened to‘ Vivacious Veronica.

Throughout the years, she has become somewhat of a pro wrestling trivia question: ‘Who was ‘Stunning’ Steve Austin’s first ever valet in WCW?’ The answe, of course, is ‘Vivacious Veronica.’ Who was she? Where did she go? Is she still involved in pro wrestling?

There has been a lot of rumors and speculation as to how she ended up Steve Austin’s valet in the first place. Some have said she was a last minute replacement for Austin’s real life wife Jeanie Clarke after Jeanie had traveling issues.There are rumors that have circulated that she was the girlfriend of a higher up at Turner Broadcasting and was asked to “forced” on Austin because they didn’t like Jeanie’s British accent.

The truth is, ‘Vivacious Veronica’ wasn’t a “ring rat” or a trophy girlfriend who was forced on WCW management. She was actually professionally trained and had a career in wrestling before her big break with Austin in 1990. She was trained by none other than Larry Sharpe of the world famous ‘Monster Factory’ in New Jersey in 1989. The same school that trained wrestlers like Bam Bam Bigelow, Raven and Chris Candido.


Her first job in the wrestling business was being the valet of fellow Monster Factory grad…Scott Levy aka Raven in the Pacific Northwest territory out in Portland, Oregon. Scott wrestled under the name ‘Scotty the Body’ and she was one of his valet’s named ‘Nurse Veronica Lane.’ Nurse Veronica would ido what valet’s usually do in matches as she would interfere on behalf of her charge, but Veronica did actually wrestle.

After an angle where both Nurse Veronica and Scotty’s other valet Ginger got into a heated feud, the two valets battled each other in the ring in a hair versus hair match. A match that Veronica lost and had some of her bleach blonde locks cut off.


In 1991, Veronica gained her most notoriety by joining World Championship Wrestling as the valet of newcomer ‘Stunning’ Steve Austin. She was given the nickname “vivacious” by then booker Dusty Rhodes. After a week of television tapings, there was obviously no chemistry between Austin and Veronica, so a switch was made without explanation. In was Austin’s real life wife Jeanie Clarke and out was Veronica.


For many fans, this is where Veronica’s career supposedly ended but they would be wrong. During this time, Veronica was dating wrestler Rex King known to WWE fans as Timothy Well of the tag team ‘Well Dunn.’ Veronica was able to get a gig with ECW (Eastern Championship Wrestling) in 1992. Her one and only match took place at the famed ECW arena where she teamed with Larry Winters and Tony Stetson to take on Don E. Allen, Johnny Hot Body, the Sandman & Peaches. A match in which Veronica’s team lost when Hot Body pinned Veronica.

Veronica and Rex King got married and had one child together…a son named Travis. The two would divorce and Veronica wound up back in school. She attended the University of Georgia State where she earned a Bachelors degree in Communications. For the next few years…under her real name of Robin McKendrick, she appeared on both radio and TV as a weather person and a traffic reporter.


Robin has since left the communications industry and remarried. She now resides in Georgia where she focuses on being a mother and wife and also plays semi-professional tennis.

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