Wrestling with Sin: 117


Brian Damage

This is the 117th installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series‘. A group of stories that delves into the darker, underbelly of pro wrestling. Many of the stories involve such subjects as sex, drugs, greed and in some cases even murder! As with every single story in the Sin series, I do not condone or condemn the alleged participants. We simply retell their stories by researching interviews, newspapers, magazines and various other sources of media.

Sake to Me


Mika Akino aka AKINO is a female Japanese wrestler or ‘joshi.’ In 2005, Akino was in Tokyo’s Roppongi nightspot district with friends. That is where she had a run-in with two members of Japan’s national Rugby team. One, in particular, was a young 19-year-old stand out Wing from the island of Tonga named Christian Loamanu.


Loamanu and a Japanese-born teammate got into a verbal altercation with Akino and her friends. Loamanu and his teammate attacked Akino and knocking her unconscious in a brawl outside of a nightclub. The fight made headlines in both Tonga and Japan. Loamanu would be banned from the Japanese Rugby team for a full year.

From Shots to Just Plain Shot


Juan ‘Chico’ Morales was a midget pro wrestler who allegedly had a bad boy reputation. People claim that Morales would drink heavily and expose himself to people and even stabbed another man in a fight. On September 7th, 1980 at an Athletic Club in Buffalo, New York, Chico Morales got into a verbal and physical confrontation with a man named Noe Diaz Rodriguez. According to reports, both Chico Morales and Rodriguez were drunk when the pint-sized wrestler hit Rodriguez in the stomach with a pool stick.

Morales would be kicked out of the club…but did return later that evening. Rodriguez who stood 6 foot 1 and weighed 210 pounds claimed that he felt threatened by Chico once he returned. Rodriguez claimed that Morales stared him down and then looked like he reached into his pocket for what he thought was a weapon. Rodriguez pulled out his .38 Caliber handgun and shot the wrestler in the face killing him instantly. Rodriguez fled the scene and the state entirely. He was later intercepted on a flight from Atlanta to Puerto Rico.

Rodriguez claimed self-defence but he was charged and subsequently convicted of 2nd-degree manslaughter. He was sent to prison for an estimated 15 years.

Not that Long Ago…


Mei Long was an independent wrestler who competed for MTV 2’s Lucha Libre USA show under the alias of La Fenix. In 2009, Long posed topless for Playboy magazine. Her nude pictorial was even used in an angle for her in the independents.

Urine Big Trouble


While William Regal was still employed by WCW in 1997, he was on board a flight from Japan to Detroit, Michigan. Regal admitted that he was extremely drunk and got up to go to the bathroom. Regal left the bathroom door open while he was urinating. A flight attendant saw the open door and tapped Regal on his shoulder to tell him to close the door. That is when Regale allegedly turned around and started peeing on the flight attendant.

Regal then allegedly passed out and when he awoke he found himself in jail in Anchorage, Alaska. William Regal was fined a sum of $2,500 and released from jail.

Roses in Gloom


Former WWE wrestler Ray Leppan aka Adam Rose was arrested in May of 2016 after getting into a physical argument with his wife Cassandra. It occurred in Florida around 1:30 am when Leppan grabbed his wife by the neck during an argument. Cassandra reached for a phone and that was grabbed away by Leppan.


Ray Leppan was arrested and charged with both domestic battery and domestic tampering with a witness. Leppan was released the very next day after posting a $1,000 bond. While it is unknown what the argument was stemming from Leppan at the time was recently suspended by the WWE for violating their drug wellness policy.


The WWE have a zero tolerance policy on domestic abuse cases since the murder/suicide of Chris Benoit and his family. They were awaiting results from the case in how to proceed with dealing with Leppan but he immediately asked for and was granted his release from the company. All charges were eventually dropped when his wife decided not to press charges.

Dusty Trails to You


During the days of the Florida territory, Dusty Rhodes and then referee Bill Alfonso hung out at a local bar and got drunk together. They decided to split a cab to take them both home. The problem was Bill Alfonso was so drunk he couldn’t remember where his house was. The cab driver was driving all over running his meter and Dusty began to get angry. Dusty told Bill if he didn’t remember where he lived soon, he would kick him out of the cab.

Alfonso got upset and punched Dusty in the face. Dusty then grabbed Alfonso and dumped him at the nearest store. Alfonso was very drunk and with no money, so leave it to Dusty to send the cab back to retrieve Alfonso after Dusty got home. Alfonso passed out on the way home and when he woke a cop was threatening to arrest him if he didn’t pay the cabbie his fare of 40 bucks.

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