This Week in Wrestling 2017 week 24

Brian Damage

It’s Saturday so time for the latest instalment of ’This Week in Wrestling’. Today, in part 24, Brian asks if there’s an impending WWE civil war and shares all the best viral content he’s stumbled upon this week. 

The WWE’s Civil War?

There have been recent reports that Triple H and Vince McMahon have butted heads lately. The reason, apparently, it is all over the way many of Triple H’s NXT stars have been portrayed on the main roster. It has been no secret that many NXT stars have been floundering on the main roster. The list is a who’s who of wrestlers who were big in NXT but have struggled on either Raw or Smackdown. Bo Dallas, the Ascension, Apollo Crews, the Vaudevillians and Adam Rose, just to name a few.

If these reports are true and Triple H has been arguing with Vince over the way his former students have been portrayed on TV, is it justified? Has McMahon done enough to push these young talents? Is McMahon’s vision that much more different than Triple H’s?

Let’s be honest, a lot of the talent that was once over on the NXT level, just haven’t translated well on the main roster. With that said, however, it must be said that the WWE’s main roster audience is bigger and much different than the smaller NXT fan base. They both expect different things from their “superstars.” It is proof positive just how difficult it is to really “make it” on the big stage.

It also needs to be said that with NXT airing every week including their big Takeover shows, these NXT stars are being exposed a lot more than back in the FCW and OVW days. There isn’t much of a mystery to these characters when they move up. The days of building a character by long vignettes are seemingly becoming extinct. Very few NXT guys and gals are debuting on the main roster without the WWE Universe not knowing everything about them already.

That may or may not dilute the way fans see these wrestlers when they debut on the main roster. There may already be somewhat of a burnout. I believe the last wrestler to debut without being overexposed on NXT was Braun Strowman and look how well he has developed. Is Vince McMahon at fault? Partially. Is Triple H overreacting? Perhaps a bit. The truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Poll Results from this Week

2-star – 44.44
3-star – 33.33
4-star – 11.11
1-star – 11.11
5-star – 0

205 Live
3-star – 50%
1-star – 33.33
4-star – 16.67
5-star – 0
2-star – 0

2-star – 33.33
1-star – 33.33
4-star – 16.67
3-star – 16.67
5-star – 0

2-star – 41.18
3-star – 23.53
4-star – 17.65
1-star – 17.64
5-star – 0

Photo Gallery

It’s very nice to see a guy like Cedric Alexander work so hard through the years to finally see his own face on the side of a WWE truck. Kudos!

The NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers left these WWF fatheads on the seats of their season ticket holders to distract their opponents, The Golden State Warriors. It really didn’t work, because the Warriors won the NBA title anyway.

Albert Einsteiner!

The Uso twins and Roman Reigns signing their college letters of intent…

These are a few of the WCW action figures that were never released from the good ol’ Jim Herd era…

Rotary phones are okay!!! Thank Goodness!

A Stu Hart coloring book? Call me intrigued…

This is Maryse without much makeup. Different but still hot!

Video Gallery

This is awesome!

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Next Week on the Blog

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