Meanwhile, in WCW: 1997 Week 25

Jamie Lithgow

Last week we started our nostalgia trip with the sad reality that ‘Batman & Robin’ really happened. Well, better news this week because the absurdly silly, but thoroughly entertaining, ‘Face/Off’ starring Nicholas Cage and John Travolta hit cinema screens. So, let’s see what absurd forms of entertainment wrestling provided for us in this week’s ‘Meanwhile, in WCW’…


  • After her husband Tombstoned him last week, Debra McMichael said that Jeff Jarrett was not worthy of having her as a manager. Mongo then called Double J a loser and alluded to the pair having a match at Bash at The Beach. The sudden change of attitude from Debra – who has carried a torch for Jarrett since he debuted – sounds like a swerve to me. I’m thinking Mongo may be walking into a trap… baby!
  • Also, no word on whether Jarrett is still a member of The Four Horsemen or not. Fighting your stable mates is not a very Horseman thing to do.
  • The Lex Luger & Giant vs. Buff Bagwell & Scott Norton match was actually pretty good. After picking up the win, Luger and The Giant cut a promo on Hollywood Hogan and Dennis Rodman. Giant even called his pairing with Luger “the most awesome tag force ever put together”. They certainly think a lot of themselves.
  • Syxx beat Chris Jericho clean with his Buzzkiller submission – it’s a crossface chicken wing. Another clean loss on TV for the Lionheart, who has he pissed off?
  • Michael Wallstreet and referee Nick Patrick continued their little angle with Wallstreet getting in Patrick’s face throughout his victory over Joey Maggs.
  • Tony Schiavone and Dusty Rhodes did plenty of hype for the big house show at The Great Western Forum in LA next weekend.
  • According to the WCW Hotline there will be a big debut next week. This has been promoted on TV for weeks, so it must be a slow week for the hotline.

Full Results

  • Harlem Heat defeated The Power Company
  • Wallstreet defeated Joey Maggs
  • La Parka & Silver King defeated Juventud Guerrera & Super Calo
  • Syxx (c) defeated Chris Jericho to retain the WCW World Cruiserweight Championship
  • Lex Luger & The Giant defeated Buff Bagwell & Scott Norton


Ooooh, a Mexican stand-off. Guess when Nitro went off the air…

With Hollywood Hogan and Dennis Rodman taking the night off, the Diamond Dallas Page vs. Macho Man feud took the spotlight. DDP opened the show by saying that he loves surprises and won’t reveal who his partner will be at Bash at The Beach to face Savage and Scott Hall. Page doesn’t seem to understand that it’s not a surprise to him. Anyway, Kimberly doesn’t like surprises and wants to know exactly what her husband will be up against. Thus, she revealed that she called JJ Dillon earlier to arrange a match for Page against Scott Hall for later in the night. After this announcement was made, Tony Schiavone revealed that Kevin Nash was not present and that Hall would be flying solo. Well, not quite, Hall is a member of the nWo, remember. Thus, Macho Man and Liz accompanied Hall to ringside and naturally got involved to cause the disqualification finish. Sting managed to stop the two on one attack simply by standing in the crowd. He then made his way to the ring to protect DDP from a further assault. Hall and Savage launched an attack on the baseball bat wielding Sting just as Nitro went off the air. So DDP has a mystery partner, Sting comes to aid and the crowd pops huge? I sure hope WCW can pay this off somehow…

In Other News From Nitro –

Where did he go?!?

  • The commentary team theorised that the superstar debuting on Nitro next week could potentially be DDP’s mystery partner.
  • Finally, Ric Flair has turned on Roddy Piper. In a segment that should really have aired last week, Piper wanted to know why Flair ditched him at The Great American Bash in favour of fighting Syxx. Piper asked the same question last week but seemed more than happy with Flair’s explanation then. However, this week he seemed more upset with the situation. Flair said that fighting Syxx, instead of his actual opponents, was in everyone’s best interests and told Piper not to question his motives. At this point, Flair’s Horsemen teammates – Chris Benoit and Steve ‘Mongo’ McMichael – came out to get in Piper’s face. Flair played the part of a man caught between his two groups of friends until Piper took a swing at Benoit – despite Mongo being the main antagonist – and it all kicked off. Piper was beaten down and put in The Crippler Crossface as Flair put the boots in.
  • Piper and Flair did nothing to dispel their stereotype of being old and out of touch by referencing the wrong PPV. They kept mentioning Slamboree – where they defeated The Wolfpac in a six man tag alongside Kevin Greene – not The Great American Bash where all their drama unfolded.
  • Ernest ‘The Cat’ Miller made his in-ring debut in a tag match with Glacier against High Voltage. He took zero bumps and 100% of his offence was kicking, albeit impressive ones. Mortis and Wrath came down after the bout but got cold feet when Miller and Glacier stared at them. Prior to the match, we saw a promo package for Miller featuring him kicking a punching bag as some guy said how good he is at karate. I’m sure WCW’s wrestling fans really care about that…

    Finally, Ric puts the boots to Piper

  • Eddie Guerrero is now a super heel. Prior to his recent arm injury, he was a bland, boring babyface. Speaking for the first time since appearing back on TV, he is now the sleazy Eddie Guerrero we all know and love. He claimed that he did not wrestle Dean Malenko last week because he wasn’t medically cleared and that his nephew, Chavo Jr. offered to take his place. Chavo then appeared slightly confused by Eddie’s account of events but changed his tune when Uncle Eddie gifted him his Cruiserweight Title match against Syxx later in the show. Chavo lost the match and received no help from Uncle Eddie who watched the match – featuring interference from Scott Hall – from the ramp. Granted Eddie, and Malenko, have both played the part of tweener in recent times, this felt like a total 180 from Guerrero. His performance made me question why he hasn’t been a heel all along.
  • Lex Luger said that he will use last week’s beat down by the nWo as an incentive when he and The Giant face Hollywood Hogan and Dennis Rodman at Bash at The Beach. He also called Hogan a quitter, referencing his submission to the Torture Rack two weeks ago.
  • The big house show in LA this Saturday will be taped and broadcast online next Tuesday. I’m not convinced how well that will work in the early days of dial-up internet…
  • The Steiner Brothers defeated Harlem Heat to become number one contenders for the tag titles. Booker T was distracted after he accidentally knocked Sherri off the apron to allow Rick Steiner to hit him with a botched top rope bulldog. Last we heard the title shot would be granted at Road Wild, but Rick wants The Outsiders next week.
  • Alex Wright is, apparently, doing The Hart Foundation gimmick of being a heel in America but a face everywhere else. I can’t help but feel that this gimmick only works with guys who actually have a pre-existing fan base?
  • Speaking of Wright, he was cleanly defeated by Chris Jericho. With this win, Lionheart stopped the rot of clean TV losses since he returned from competing in the ‘Best of The Super Juniors’ tournament in Japan.
  • Hugh Morrus tried and failed, to attack Konnan with a kendo stick during K-Dogg’s match with Mongo. Security got to the Laughing Man before he reached the ring.
  • Buff Bagwell cut a promo on Scott Steiner before christening his tandem with Scott Norton “Vicious & Delicious”. Mean Gene immediately got the name wrong. Fuck sake Gene, he just said it!

Full Results

  • Damien & La Parka defeated The Public Enemy
  • Chris Jericho defeated Alex Wright
  • WCW Tag Team Champions The Steiner Brothers defeated Harlem Heat
  • Hector Garza defeated Villano IV
  • WCW World Cruiserweight Title Match: Syxx (c) defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr.
  • Steve McMichael defeated Konnan
  • Ernest Miller & Glacier defeated High Voltage
  • Diamond Dallas Page defeated Scott Hall via disqualification


“It looks like Scott Steiner’s arms are going through atrophy

Buff Bagwell who either doesn’t know who Scott Steiner is or doesn’t know what atrophy means

  • Former ECW Champion, Raven, will debut very soon. The original plan was to have him on TV already, but he hasn’t actually signed his contract yet. Gee, I wonder if that will play into a storyline?
  • Remember a while ago it was reported that Rey Mysterio Jr. was putting off major knee surgery but had then decided to go for it? Well apparently another doctor says he doesn’t need it and just needs to rest up for a couple months. Either way, expect Rey to disappear for a while to get his bad wheel mended in some way, shape or form.
  • As we learned last week, August’s PPV will be called ‘Road Wild’ instead of ‘Hog Wild’, as it was last year. The reason is that the term ‘Hog’ is a registered trademark of the Harley Owners Group (HOG).
  • Chris Jericho, who seems to have done a few jobs recently, isn’t actually in the dog house. Quite the opposite actually. Temporary head booker, Terry Taylor, wanted him to defeat Syxx for the Cruiserweight Title. Obviously, those plans were nixed because Syxx scored the clean win on Saturday Night. I say nixed, but the word should be postponed. Having done a few high profile jobs himself recently, the plan is to build Syxx up by giving him a few wins. Thus, when Jericho does win the belt it will be more impactful and more of an upset. If this does turn out to be the case then it will be a case of the Wolfpac influencing storylines for the greater good, which doesn’t often get said.
  • Here’s a very random rumour from the dirt sheets; apparently there is talk of making Hugh Morrus the third member of Public Enemy. I know, I can’t picture it either.

This week on Raw saw the continuation of a tag team tournament and also provided Ahmed Johnson a platform to explain why he turned heel on The Undertaker to join The Nation of Domination last week.


Raw 2.4 – 3.2 Nitro

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  1. Damien being top-rope sentoned through a table and into the Upside Down is one of my all-time favorite wrestling GIFs!


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