Wrestling with Sin: 121

Brian Damage

This is the 121st installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A group of stories that delves into the darker, underbelly of pro wrestling. Many of the stories involve such subjects as sex, drugs, greed and in some cases even murder! As with every single story in the Sin series, I do not condone or condemn the alleged participants. We simply retell their stories by researching interviews, newspapers, magazines and various other sources of media.

You Vega Me Crazy!

While wrestling as TNT in Puerto Rico, the wrestler formerly known as Savio Vega in the WWF says fans were rabid and legitimately hated the heels. One night after a match, Vega had a woman attack him with her shoe. Vega decided to “play it up” and began cursing and yelling at the woman. That is when someone believed to be her husband threw a beer on Vega.

Vega still in heel character went up to the man and started yelling at him. The man then allegedly grabbed Vega by his pants. Not knowing what the man was going to do, he took a swing at the man and knocked him out cold. The man eventually came to and pressed charges against Vega. He was arrested and had to appear in court and pay a fine and was later released.

Threats, I’ve Made A Few

Back in the early 1983, a few wrestlers and front office personnel defected New Japan Wrestling to start a new promotion in Japan called the Universal Wrestling Federation (UWF) not be confused with Bill Watts or Herb Abrams incarnations in the United States. The UWF president was a man by the name of Noboru Urata who worked closely with wrestlers and was seemingly well liked.

In October of 1984, however, a very popular wrestler from the UWF…Satoru Sayama had a bad falling out with his business manager. Urata and a member of the Yakuza (Japanese mafia) started making threats to the former business manager for causing trouble for Sayama. In October of 1984, Urata and the yakuza member were arrested for making those threats.

The scandal hurt the UWF’s chances of securing a much needed television deal at the time. With no TV the UWF began to struggle financially and several wrestlers defected the sinking promotion. In September of 1985…the UWF folded after only a year and half in operation.

The Fling of Saturyne

‘Lightning’ Mike Quackenbush is a wrestler, trainer and promoter who is most famous for his creation of the wrestling promotion called Chikara. Chikara shut down operations for over a year back in 2013. Many fans wondered why the popular little promotion shut down. According to Quackenbush, it was all a part of a storyline. The company did resume operations in April of 2015.

Some have speculated that the shut down was not only a storyline but real life problems were involved as well. The word was Quackenbush supposedly had an affair with one of his trainees, a female worker by the name of Saturyne. Quackenbush was married at the time and his wife found out, filed for divorce and an internal battle brewed over the rights to his company. Quackenbush was eventually awarded the rights and the company could resume storylines.

Driving Away From Ms. Daisy

After partying in Tijuana, Mexico, Ed ‘the Strangler’ Lewis was driving back to California with his wife and brother in law on August 11th, 1924 when they struck another car. The driver of the other vehicle was a woman named Daisy Haynes. She got out of her car very upset and yelled and screamed at Lewis to get out of his car to inspect the damage he had apparently caused. Ed Lewis did get out of his car and a verbal argument ensued between Lewis and Mrs. Haynes.

Two of Mrs. Haynes sons got out of their mother’s car when Ed Lewis began yelling and cursing at their mother. A verbal argument quickly escalated into a physical confrontation when the pro wrestler punched out both men. The mother Daisy Haynes was also roughed up with her clothes ripped and visible bruises on her arm. It is unknown if Ed Lewis did that or the other people in his car. Lewis wound up driving away and was later pulled over for speeding.

Ed Lewis apparently refused to get out of his car when police ordered him to do so and back up was called in. Lewis was eventually removed from the car and arrested on 4 counts of battery and one count of disturbing the peace. Ed Lewis appeared in court and paid a $500 fine and was released.

Bird Call

The incident took place at the Rosemont Horizon in Chicago, Illinois in the mid 1980’s in the WWF. Paul Roma had jokingly called Koko B. Ware a name, believed to have been Buckwheat for Koko’s apparent likeness to the Little Rascal character. Koko B. Ware took offense to the name and got in Paul Roma’s face. While Roma was just trying to brush it off as no big deal, Koko got angrier and punched Roma in the face.

Apparently unfazed by the first punch, Koko punched Roma three more times before Roma grabbed Koko in a front facelock. That is when Koko started biting Roma on his arm and they both fell to the floor. WWF agent Blackjack Lanza jumped in and broke up the fight.

Paul Roma claims the reason he really didn’t fight back was because of two things. First, Roma knew Koko had a boxing background and knew he probably could’ve seriously hurt him in a fight. Secondly, Koko was the guy getting the real push at the time and hurting Koko would probably jeopardize his job.

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6 thoughts on “Wrestling with Sin: 121

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  2. Well I don’t know how good of a boxer Koko was if he punched Paul Roma in the face a couple times and Roma didn’t even go down. Then Koko starts biting him on the arm?-WTF! And no way Koko should be in the WWE Hall of Fame. He was a good mid level wrestler that had an ok gimmick for a couple years. The Hall of Fame should be for only the best of the best. LOL at shutting down your company for a year as a storyline. Nice try
    Quackenbush. 😂😂


    • Ha ha, right? News to me about that one. As for the Roma-Koko fight, I just happened to watch a shoot interview about just that, and Roma didn’t mention Koko having a boxing background, just that he didn’t want to get fired for fighting him.


  3. Why is the writer and commenter s downplaying the fact that Paul Roma insulted Koko? If Koko called Paul a stronzo guinea wop, Paul would (if he were any kind of man) been the one fighting. Also I don’t believe his version without some corroboration. Wrestling with sin probably needs to do some self reflection. Biased Much?


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