Sunday Sermon: The WWE Future of Paige

Craig Wilson, Brian Damage and Benjamin Trecroci

The real-life soap opera that is the life and times of Paige shows no sign of letting up so seems very much Sunday Sermon worthy. Today we discuss her rise to the top, fall from grace, continuing issues and whether or not she is likely to ever make a WWE in-ring return.

Craig: As WWE performers that burn very bright for a short-term before blowing out go, Paige is right up there. It’s remarkable that considering all we know about her now, she only made her WWE Raw debut just over three years ago the night after WrestleMania XXX.

She would go on to win the WWE Diva’s title two times before things spiralled out of control in 2016 thanks to, in no particular order, a neck injury, a wellness violation and a second wellness violation. In fact, she recovered from said surgery in October 2016 but hasn’t been seen on WWE programming since.

There has, however, been sex tape leaks, her relationship with Alberto Del Ro an alleged appearance – under a mask – at TNA Slammiversary and, just this week, reported legal issues surrounding her and Del Rio.

So, what does the future now hold for a once very promising WWE career? Aged just 24, you would think there is more than enough time to turn things around but are the WWE willing to and does she even desire a return to the company?

Brian: It really is sad that instead of us talking about how Paige helped change the landscape of women’s wrestling in the WWE, we are instead talking about her hard downward spiral. Truth be told, at this point in time, we shouldn’t even be concerned with her wrestling career, but her own well being. Completely forget about her being hacked, she had no control over that. The things that really stand out to me are the wellness suspensions (2 so far) and her relationship with Alberto El Patron.

Several reports have come out this week that Alberto is being investigated for domestic abuse and not only are there witnesses but there is also some audio of their confrontation as well. There have also been reports that Paige has been spotted with several bruises since dating Alberto and her brother even came out and flat out said that Alberto has been abusing her for months. This is a very scary situation. I realize that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but if true Paige needs to get out and out fast.

Benjamin: Yeah you know everyone loves a comeback story but not sure if it’s going to happen with Paige in WWE.

Even before the whole Del Rio soap opera, it seemed like she wasn’t performing up to the standards that everyone built her up to. She came in like like a tornado winning the championship over AJ Lee in a classic moment the night after Wrestlemania. But after that what can you really say was a highlight?

Not sure if the injuries played a part in her performance of other ” personal issues” but she was being passed up by Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Naomi, etc.

She had a few flashes when it looked like she and Sasha were teaming up to take on Charlotte and Dana Brooke. But then nothing.

Now as far as Del Rio goes, that is a story that is going to end with someone going to jail or worse. As long as she stays involved with him she won’t be seen in WWE anytime soon. He’s crippled her comeback by running his mouth non-stop. Luckily she’s kept her mouth mostly shut.

The only silver lining for her is this Rock movie project about her family. You know once that gets going the WWE is going to want to attach their name to anything The Rock does.

Personally, I was a big fan so hope she comes back and gets to where she belongs.

Craig: I, too, am a fan and I would like a comeback for her. And I also agree with Brian. It is a shame we are having to focus on her issues rather than the impact she has had on the business. If things hadn’t gone off the rails, we may well have been hailing her as one of the most important women wrestlers ever, despite her young years. But, alas, events and all that…

It’s an absolute tragedy what’s happened. Very few seeing her hook up with Del Rio would have viewed that as being for the long haul. But who predicted it would be like this?

Brian: I don’t think anybody would’ve predicted this outcome at all. I am no psychologist, but there are obviously some serious deep rooted issues that Paige is going through right now. Perhaps it is the fact that she grew up in a pro wrestling family? Maybe she never got to just be a kid when she was one and now she is rebelling? I honestly do not see her ever returning to a WWE ring again anytime soon.

Craig: The latest instalment of this soap opera is her denying she was assaulted, contradicting the tape recording made at the airport and hitting out at the person who reported the incident. Is it just me or does this show no sign of letting up?

Brian: It sounds like she is in denial. Keep in mind, while she is a wrestling veteran, she is only just 24 years old. She is still very young and vulnerable. I’m not saying anything with Alberto El Patron is true or not but she definitely needs help for all the crap going on in her life right now.

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Sermon: The WWE Future of Paige

  1. I recently watched a clip of Total Divas as it related to Paige and her relationship w/ del Rio and the look in Natalya’s face and her body language said it all as she was like “oh no, this is trouble”. I’m sure the Man w/ 3Hs also saw the relationship as troubling and probably had a part in separating the two in working different brands as a way to protect her. Instead, it goes to shit and she’s in this very toxic and abusive relationship. What she needs to do is leave him. Go back to Britain. Take some time off to sort herself out. Do some indie work for a while if she wants to wrestle again and then have WWE call her back when she’s ready.

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  2. One mystery. Did they know Del Rio was trouble when they brought him back in 2015? If they didn’t why not? If they did why did they bring him back? WWE have questions to answer too.


  3. The Paige del Rio relationship is a worrying one but I have bring up fact Paige herself on her Twitter has said it her who was question on domestic assault on him after the last arguement this may be a young girl try protect a guy she inlove with or could be iwc with there del Rio is abusive to her has got it wrong and as for her brother yeah a guy who be arrested for selling drugs and assault and unlawful images of a minor is a real good guy to pass judgement on someone else life


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