Whatever Happened to ‘The Alpha Male’ Monty Brown?

Brian Damage

It’s not uncommon to see an individual go from the gridiron to the squared circle. Football and Pro wrestling seem to go hand in hand. Today, we look at one particular individual who looked destined to be one of the all time greats in wrestling but had his career cut short by tragedy. Today we ask: ‘Whatever Happened to‘ Monty Brown?

Monty Brown was a stand out outside linebacker out of college who was signed by the NFL’s Buffalo Bills. Brown had the opportunity to play in a Super Bowl with the Bills but lost to the Dallas Cowboys in 1994. By 1996, Brown signed a free agent contract with the New England Patriots. While a few teams had garnered interest in signing Brown, he chose the Patriots because as he said it: ‘It was closer to Stamford, Connecticut, where the WWF’s offices were.’

A strange comment to make, but Brown was a lifelong pro wrestling fan who always dreamed about becoming a wrestler himself. After suffering a career ending ankle injury, Brown sought out help to train to become a professional wrestler. He found that help by training with former UFC and NWA world champion Dan ‘The Beast’ Severn. He would also get help by training with the ECW’s own Sabu.

Brown started wrestling on independent shows in his hometown area in Michigan. He caught the eye of some talent scouts and began wrestling on NWA/TNA pay per view shows. Not long after, Brown would tweak his persona and start wearing leopard print trunks and claim to hail from “The Serengeti” and became known as ‘The Alpha Male’ Monty Brown. His TNA career soon took off quickly after the gimmick change.

Monty Brown became such a fan favorite with TNA and looked destined to one day win the NWA/TNA world title. His finishing maneuver was called “the pounce” which basically was a vicious looking side spear on his opponents. That day, however, never came. Sure, he came close a few times to winning the title but, for whatever reason, TNA management were afraid to go ahead with it. Instead, the title stayed firmly on the waist of the founder of TNA, Jeff Jarrett. In my opinion, it was a decision that probably hurt TNA moving forward.

TNA’s loss became the WWE’s gain as when the opportunity presented itself in 2006, Brown jumped ship to the WWE. He was renamed Marquis Cor Von and he competed on the WWE’s third brand of the newly restarted ECW. Cor Von became a heel and wrestled as a part of a faction called “the New Breed” who feuded with a bunch of ECW originals. Brown’s WWE/ECW career never fully got off the ground as it was reported that he was taking time off to deal with “personal issues.” Monty Brown never returned to the WWE again.

So, the question needs to be asked, Whatever Happened to Monty Brown? As it turned out, the personal issues Brown was dealing with was the death of his sister. After her death, Brown decided to stay close to his home to help raise her children. The WWE released Brown from his contract in 2007 but left an open door for Brown to return. He never did as he decided to retire from pro wrestling.

Monty Brown currently lives in Saginaw, Michigan where he is a physical trainer and owns and operates his own physical training facility called Alpha-1 Fitness. He also helped work on a clothing line called Scripture clothing.

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