Sunday Sermon: The Big Kurt Angle/Jason Jordan Reveal

Craig Wilson, Benjamin Trecroci,  Earl Mar and Brian Damage 

This past week Kurt Angle revealed that his big secret was in fact that Jason Jordan is the son of Kurt Angle. In today’s Sunday Sermon, we discuss whether this was an anticlimactic announcement and what this means going forward.

Craig: Well, whilst this wasn’t great, it could have been a whole lot worse, right? I had a fear that after her appearance on the network it could have involved Dixie Carter. We can all be pleased it didn’t, right?

But there was over a month’s build up to the reveal that a member of a tag team that the WWE care so little about is the love child of Kurt Angle. Really? It’s a bit of an anti-climax. What’s the scandal? A man at college has sex with a woman at college. How’s that a thing? How was that going to cost him his raw gm? It’s only going to cost backdated pocket money, no?

So, does this help Jordan? What’s the end game and is it all worth splitting up a promising tag team for?

Benjamin: For some reason, I’m not that upset over this. Did not want to see Stephanie come back for the umpteenth time. If Dixie Carter wasn’t on that WWE24 special, that could’ve been interesting-ish.

But, the execution of it was pretty underwhelming. Not real sure what Corey Graves had to do with it. Hopefully, that will be explained at some point soon. The story itself was kinda silly. Not really sure how this was going to tarnish Angle’s reputation. For a second I seriously thought he was going to come out as gay.

As a big fan of Jason Jordan, I hope this is a blessing in disguise. But they are going to have act fast on him. If they wait on him, it could turn into a disaster for him.

Then as far as American Alpha goes, I’m not really sure what happened to them on the main roster. They were never given a proper introduction or build up and then all of a sudden they were champs. It’s too bad because they really stood out on NXT. Hopefully, Gable gets a proper push out of this, guess only time will tell.

Craig: Yeah, I don’t really get what Corey Graves has to do with it at all either. Mad really. Why was he involved, why was it ramped up so much that it would cost Angle so dearly and why was this promoted as much on TV. If this leads to Jordan getting a solid push, and there’s every chance it will, then whatever the means are, the end will be worth it. But this is all a bit random and mad eh?

There has been talk for a while, internet talk admittedly, that the WWE were hotter on Jason Jordan than they were on Chad Gable. But as it stands, if I was offered either being Angle’s storyline son or facing AJ Styles for the US title, I definitely would pick the latter.

Earl: Well. This angle (no pun intended). I remember writing that I thought we should “book” American Alpha. I saw them as a uniquely talented team with a great upside. Then I saw this reveal… That feeling I had was replaced by a bevy of thoughts. The predominant one was “Why does Vince McMahon think these father/son angles will still work?” I mean, the curtain is off and kayfabe is dead. There is nothing believable about this story (to me) besides the fact that Jordan does favor Angle in the ring. Is it enough to say there’s a father-son relationship? I don’t think so. I think Jinder Mahal’s in-ring style favors/is influenced by Triple H. Should I expect Triple H to claim fatherhood over Jinder? I hope not!

Another thought that popped up was “If Jordan (an active superstar) is Kurt’s son, do I really see the need for Kurt to be an active wrestler again? Not really.” I actually don’t crave to see Angle back in the ring, but I recognize there is the belief Kurt would do well against today’s superstars. If Jason Jordan-Angle is there, why do we NEED Kurt there? His son is there. With that announcement, I felt like Kurt’s chances of a return dropped dramatically.

The last thought that popped up was more optimistic. I always think Backlund and Darren Young could worked if they were heel. Imagine a deranged Young following his out-of-touch mentor’s guidance. This Jordan/Angle bit could work in that regard. I began to imagine an overly dramatic Kurt celebrating heavily every time his boy won and giving out ridiculous advice each time he lost. There could be hope here. Not much for me, but there is hope there could be some comedy and whatnot here as well.

All in all – was it a winner? Only time will tell. My initial thought is not one of intrigue, but one of fatigue. After the Hornswoggle reveal, I always thought “Please WWE. DO NOT do another father/son reveal.” And they did it. And I lived. I’ll just cross my fingers that this thing will work.

Craig: I absolutely agree here with Earl. This father/son angle is a well-worn path and should be binned. Frankly, it can join ‘heel GM’ in said bin. Overall, I do like Jason Jordan and if this leads to a sustained push or a good run for him, then that’s an OK end – regardless of the means. There’s also the potential benefit of this giving Angle a superstar to fight in the ring for him, meaning that we don’t have to see Angle back in the ring. Last year I attended the ICW ‘Fear and Loathing’ show in Glasgow, which featured Angle wrestling. It wasn’t a pretty sight and, based on that, even if Angle is medically cleared – and there’s more chance for him than for Daniel Bryan – I’d still rather not see it.

Brian: Let me just say that when I first found out about this, I was naturally upset that they were splitting up American Alpha. It just didn’t make sense to me that they were breaking up such a talented tag team. I also feared, and to a degree still do, that Chad Gable will get “Marty Jannetty’d” from this storyline.

Jason Jordan is an unbelievable talent, that we all know. This will certainly propel him to a whole new level. While initially upset about American Alpha’s split, it probably is for the best. They were already overshadowed by the New Day, the Usos and Breezing, so other than a heel turn, what were they going to do?

Jason Jordan will shoot straight to the top in this angle and definitely become a star, something that the WWE really needs. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of talent on their rosters, but not many stars. Jason Jordan just might become one one now.

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