Meanwhile, in WCW: 1997 Week 29

Jamie Lithgow

Back in 1997 Harrison Ford was in cinemas playing the part of the ass-kicking US President who battles Russian hijackers on board Air Force One. Sounds outlandish, but imagine living in 1997 and being told who the actual president will be in 2017! Anyway, asses were also kicked in the world of wrestling so let’s head down south in this week’s ‘Meanwhile, in WCW’…


  • JJ Dillon is considering issuing Macho Man Randy Savage with a harsher punishment after his most recent $50,000 fine for battering referee Nick Patrick. It does seem like a drop in ocean for a character the standing of Macho Man who is also a member of the supposedly loaded nWo. JJ also said that The Giant would also be punished for beating the crap out of a referee and some security guards last week. Consistency between babyfaces and heels in a wrestling angle, whatever next?!
  • JJ also revealed that a major announcement involving Raven will be made on Nitro…
  • Konnan confirmed that Rey Mysterio Jr has a broken leg, after K-Dogg’s vicious attack a couple weeks ago. The nWo newbie was very pleased with himself, with interviewer Lee Marshall acting like a disappointed Dad. He actually said he was disappointed in Konnan’s recent behaviour. No word on if K-Dogg will be grounded yet though,
  • Speaking of Konnan, Tony Schiavone suggested that he will now go by the name of K-Dogg rather than Konnan i.e. a full-on name change rather than just an additional nickname.
  • Joey Maggs repeated his trick of watching Bobby Eaton lose a match from the aisle. He seemed to be pulling for Eaton, but did nothing to help when Jimmy Hart got involved in the match. This is a very vague angle with some very fringe performers. Thus, nobody cares.
  • It appears that there is such a thing as an nWo replay, as seen after Syxx’s victory over Lenny Lane. It’s a regular replay of a match finish, only in black and white and featuring a nWo member.
  • We saw a short vignette about Dave Taylor before his win over Davey Haskins. Rather than a typical wrestler promo, this felt more like one those video packages you see of Big Brother contestants before they enter the house.
  • News from the WCW hotline cantered around a superstar leaving WCW for pastures new. That could be any number of guys.

Full Results

  • Meng defeated “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton
  • David Taylor defeated Davey Haskins
  • Alex Wright defeated Hector Guerrero
  • Syxx defeated Lenny Lane
  • Prince Iaukea defeated the Cheetah Kid
  • Super Calo, Juventud Guerrera, and Hector Garza defeated Villano IV and V & Silver King
  • Hugh Morrus defeated Roadblock
  • Chavo Guerrero Jr. defeated Johnny Swinger
  • Vincent defeated Scott Armstrong
  • Konan and Scott “Flash” Norton defeated Harlem Heat


Consider Flair’s buzz killed

The Ric Flair/Syxx feud reignited again this week, and also provided Nitro’s show-long angle. From the start of the broadcast we heard that Ric Flair was set to announce the newest member of the Four Horsemen, but when it came time to introduce the mystery man Syxx walked out. The nWo man took the opportunity to get in Flair’s face to tell him that The Four Horsemen are a thing of the past. A sarcastic Flair reacted by agreeing with Syxx before starting to walk away, only to deck Syxx. The pair had a brief scrap that came to halt when Chris Benoit provided backup for Flair. Syxx then claimed that the Horsemen duo wouldn’t be so bold if Scott Hall and Kevin Nash were present. Benoit then called Syxx’s bluff by appearing to challenge The Outsiders to a match. Hall and Nash – who were shown arriving half way through Nitro – were brought up to speed by Konnan. Shortly after this we were told that Benoit’s challenge had been accepted and that The Outsiders would face The Crippler and Ric Flair. The match was okay, and better than most Nitro main events. However, Benoit spent the latter part of it fighting the Tag Champs on his own as Flair battled Syxx at ringside. Syxx got the best of it and locked Flair in his Buzzkiller hold. For some reason the referee did not disqualify The Outsiders for Syxx’s blatant interference. Flair wasn’t the legal man in the match, but come on. Right as Nitro went off the air, The Steiner Brothers came out to the top of the ramp to stare down Hall and Nash whom they will face for the tag titles in the near future.

In Other News From Nitro –

JJ’s face says it all

  • The new Horseman was supposed to be Curt Hennig. We saw him and Flair talking backstage after the segment. Flair was upset that Hennig no-showed while Hennig said that he is still mulling it over.
  • Nitro was actually held on Tuesday this week. There was no mention on air of exactly why, probably because the reason is so lame. Rather than a baseball or basketball match, Nitro was pre-empted on Monday because TNT wanted to show the conclusion of period drama mini-series; Rough Riders. Well, it beats being bumped for a dog show…
  • Hollywood Hogan was in attendance to tell us all how great he is and accept Lex Luger’s challenge for Road Wild. Later, Luger pushed his luck by challenging Hogan to a match there and then. Hollywood declined and said The Total Package would have to wait. Fair enough on Hogan’s part really.
  • Hogan put Konnan – or K-Dogg – over in his promo by calling the newest member of the nWo the cherry on top of the cake. K-Dogg then made his entrance using the group’s B theme.
  • We have a new TV Champion. Ultimo Dragon defeated Steven Regal with his Dragon Sleeper. Both guys received jobber entrances as they were both in the ring, ready to start their match when we returned from a commercial break.

    This guy is a member of the nWo, believe it or not

  • JJ Dillon came out, armed with a contract, to make his announcement regarding Raven. Raven’s best friend, Stevie Richards, then showed up to tell everyone about his WCW contract, which JJ confirmed in a comically dismissive manner. JJ enquired as to where Raven was with Stevie dragging him and Mean Gene to ringside where his buddy was sat. JJ presented a confused, and slightly annoyed, Raven with the contract by saying that it includes everything he asked for. Raven’s confusion was then clarified because it emerged that the dim-witted Stevie had negotiated the deal for Raven without his foreknowledge. The moody Raven then ripped up the contract and shoved Stevie to the floor. Back to square one we go then.
  • Jeff Jarrett interfered to cost Steve ‘Mongo’ McMichael his match against Dean Malenko. Afterwards, Double J suggested that he and Malenko form an alliance given all the enemies they have. Well, Jarrett has pissed off The Four Horsemen, Malenko is just feuding with Eddie Guerrero. Malenko seemed receptive to the idea but said he would give Jarrett his answer at another time. The announcers acknowledged the rumours about Malenko being on The Horsemen’s radar and that receiving help from Jarrett might damage his chances of joining the group.
  • The Iceman appeared a short while later to attack Eddie Guerrero after the future Latino Heat had defeated his older brother, Hector. Big bro actually stepped in to stop the attack, only to cop a beating himself. The dastardly Eddie slithered away without helping Hector.
  • The Giant was jumped by Macho Man and Vincent after The Great Muto got disqualified for spitting mist into the big guy’s eyes. The blinded Giant did eventually manage to fend the bad guys off but almost chokeslammed his tag partner, Lex Luger, who came out to help. Obviously Luger managed to shout “it’s me” loud enough for Giant to realise the hold. Why don’t more wrestlers do that? It would prevent so many tag team breakups…
  • Diamond Dallas Page jumped Curt Hennig after his much hyped debut match on Nitro. Security broke them up.
  • Booker T was beaten down by other nWo members after his match with Buff Bagwell. Stevie Ray’s absence was noted by the announce team.
  • Konnan seems to think that he’s a not just a member of the nWo, but he has also joined sub-group The Wolfpac. To my knowledge the Wolfpac – Nash, Hall and Syxx – is a Kliq thing for Kliq members, but I might be wrong.
  • Speaking of Konnan, he interrupted Rey Mysterio Jr. as the luchdor appeared – on crutches – to provide an update on his injury. It’s all going well, although he isn’t sure when he’ll be back. The pair argued about who, or what, is ‘raza’. Rey was backed up by The Villanos, Psychosis and La Parka who all seemed to agree that K-Dogg isn’t ‘raza’. One has to assume these were the only luchdors at Nitro because they are all heels.
  • We almost saw the battle of the skeletons. Yes, Mortis and La Parka squared off –almost – but in a tag match. Unfortunately the pair were never in the ring together, but did give each other verbals prior to the bout to create the illusion that there is some kind of heat between the two Skeletor wannabes. After the match La Parka claimed the high ground by nailing Mortis with a chair. Wrath scared him away afterwards.

Full Results

  • Konnan defeated Tsubasa
  • Ultimo Dragon defeated Steven Regal I to win the WCW World Television Championship
  • The Giant defeated The Great Muta by DQ
  • Dean Malenko defeated Steve ‘Mongo’ McMichael
  • Eddie Guerrero defeated Hector Guerrero
  • Lex Luger defeated Scott Norton by DQ
  • Mortis & Wrath defeated La Parka & Psychosis
  • Buff Bagwell defeated Booker T
  • Curt Hennig defeated Michael Wall Street
  • The Outsiders I defeated Chris Benoit & Ric Flair to retain the WCW World Tag Team Championship


“Look what you’ve done, you’ve made a mess of yourself”

Mean Gene to Stevie Richards after Raven pushed him over

“Oh, ouch… I mean well”

Stevie in response

Have WCW blown it Rey Mysterio?

  • More clarity on the recent slew of WCW departures; Dave Taylor is going nowhere. As evidenced by his appearance on Saturday Night, he is actually in line for a mini push. Sister Sherri can be added to the list though. Her break up angle with Harlem Heat the other week was to facilitate this.
  • According to Mean Gene’s WCW Hotline, Meng and The Barbarian may or may not be leaving WCW. What a crap rumour, why report on it if you can’t get off the fence?
  • Apparently the Sting mask worn by Kevin Nash at Bash at The Beach cost thousands. Granted it did look better than your average Sting mask, but they put it on a guy a foot taller than the real Sting!
  • ECW’s Rob Van Dam was said to be backstage at a recent Nitro. With ECW’s working relationship with the WWF being scaled back, apparently RVD simply attended Nitro to get the rumour mill turning again and keep his Mr Monday Night gimmick chugging along.
  • Stevie Richards is nursing a few injuries, so his routine of being slapped around by Raven is set to continue until he is healed up. On the subject of the former ECW pair, it was reported that Paul Heyman inserted a clause in their ECW contracts that after they leave they cannot appear on a rival PPV for six months. The duo appeared – but did not wrestle – at Bash at The Beach, so maybe there’s some credence to this in form of working a match rather than simply appearing. If this is true then we won’t be seeing either man work a PPV match until October or November.
  • Here is a line from this week’s Wrestling Observer that makes no sense – “Supposedly people realize they’ve blown it with Misterio Jr., but working him against Konnan means they still haven’t figured it out”. Who exactly are “they” and do they realise they’ve blown it with Rey or not? For the record, there was talk about six months ago that Rey could be a massive, mainstream star that WCW could push to the moon. Ten years later WWE would prove WCW’s theory correct, but be capable of acting upon it. That said, it’s far from the end of the road for Rey in WCW. If there is some kind of payoff to his feud with Kevin Nash then Rey could yet become a major player.
  • In other Rey news, WCW still want him to lose the mask. Yes, they want Rey to ditch what will become one the most marketable and recognised pieces of wrestling merchandise ever. Given that he eventually does lose his mask, I’m inclined to believe this report from the Observer.

This week’s Raw was a good show featuring plenty of memorable moments that can be found on many a retrospective on the WWE Network. The show hailed from Canada and featured a Shawn Michaels promo, need I say more?


Raw 4.05 – 0 Nitro

Bumper ratings for Raw in a potential best ever score, albeit unopposed by Nitro, Monday Night Football or anything else wrestling fans may be drawn towards instead. For the record, Tuesday Nitro scored a healthy 3.75.

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