Meanwhile, in WCW: 1997 Week 31

Jamie Lithgow

It’s Monday, so back to 1997 we go. This week saw actor Christian Slater arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and battery after a scuffle at a party. In the world of wrestling, WCW celebrated their 100th episode of Monday Nitro with an action packed three hour show. Let’s find out what happened in this week’s ‘Meanwhile, in WCW’…


So that’s how they spell it

  • The Wolfpack (Kevin Nash, Scott Hall & Syxx) were the main attraction on Saturday Night this week. They appeared during The Steiner’s match with High Voltage with a view to interfering, until both teams stopped wrestling each other and called the nWo boys to the ring. Nash then immediately displayed signs of a back injury and the group bailed. They returned to main event the show as The Outsiders faced The Public Enemy, or what they thought was Johnny Grunge and Rocco Rock. The men in the hockey jerseys were in fact Rick and Scott Steiner. Their disguise appeared to work just long enough to get close enough to Hall and Nash and end the show with a brawl.
  • Lex Luger cut a promo on Hollywood Hogan.
  • DDP confirmed that Kimberly is still his manager. She’s just concentrating on Nitro Girls stuff and staying out of harm’s way for the time being. Page also cut a promo on Curt Hennig.
  • According to the Mean Gene’s WCW Hotline, the greatest wrestler of all time will be making a comeback and an announcement is expected soon.
  • Meng KO’d Joey Maggs within 30 seconds after peppering him with a series of slaps.
  • In a segment straight out of Nitro, Macho Man goaded The Giant from the crowd by calling him a punk. The Giant took off after Savage through the crowd. We assume he never caught him because that was the end of the segment.

Full Results

  • Syxx defeated “Hardwork” Bobby Walker
  • The Giant defeated Roadblock
  • The Steiner Brothers defeated High Voltage
  • Meng defeated “Jumpin'” Joey Maggs
  • The Steiner Brothers and The Outsiders went to a no-contest


Enjoy it for now, Lex

This week marked the 100th episode of WCW Monday Nitro and to celebrate the occasion a new WCW World Heavyweight Champion was crowned. To the delight of the live crowd, Lex Luger defeated Hollywood Hogan. Prior to the bout, both men cut promos. Hogan boasted, as per usual, before stating that after he defeats Luger he will defend the title against Scott Hall at Road Wild, thus keeping the belt “in the family”. Later, Luger conceded that Hogan is responsible for what wrestling has become today but guaranteed to beat him. To the match, and although basic it was heated and thus entertaining enough. The Outsiders tried to interfere, but were unable to land an offensive shot to cause a disqualification. Amidst the chaos, Luger managed to throw Hogan up and into the Torture Rack for the submission win. Post-match, the WCW babyface locker room emptied to celebrate with Luger in what felt like an alternate ending to Wrestlemania X.

In Other News From Nitro –

This is how to make an entrance

  • The celebrations in the ring were contrasted by Hogan going ape-shit in the nWo locker room as Nitro went off the air. He also appeared apologetic towards Scott Hall, who would have received the title shot at Road Wild had Hogan retained against Luger.
  • Ted DiBiase has returned from wherever he has and is no longer a member of the New World Order. Moreover, he is now The Steiner Brother’s manager. DiBiase claims to have seen the error of his ways and will work to earn Rick and Scott’s trust and respect. DiBiase’s unveiling was interrupted by The Outsiders with Kevin Nash saying that the former nWo member is a dead man.
  • During this segment, DiBiase was a micro second away from calling the WCW Tag Titles the WWF Tag Titles. He got as far as “World Wrestling F…” before Mean Gene made the save.
  • JJ Dillon was on hand to strike a deal with Sting and get him back into the ring. After hyping this segment with Sting vignettes throughout the show, JJ invited him to the ring. Dillon offered The Stinger a contract for a match on his terms, whenever he wants against…. (drum roll please)…. Curt Hennig. Predictably, Sting did not say a word, ripped up the contract and fucked off. JJ promised to keep trying though.
  • Wrath picked up a clean win over The Barbarian. Meng came out to get in his face afterwards.
  • The Public Enemy defeated High Voltage without needing to break a table. This is an extremely rare occurrence.
  • Probably the funniest moment of this week’s three hour Nitro was Alex Wright dancing with the Nitro Girls on his way to an interview with Mean Gene. Typical foreign heel Wright prefers to speak German first so he can communicate to his fellow countrymen, before speaking English. Apparently this is a source of heat for Mean Gene and American audiences in 1997.
  • Stevie Richards presented his “boss”, Raven, with a contract he has apparently spent the last fortnight working on. For his troubles, Stevie was spat on and shoved by Raven to which Richards replied “you’re not gonna abuse me anymore”.
  • Jeff Jarrett attacked Chris Benoit during The Crippler’s match with Syxx. Steve ‘Mongo’ McMichael made the save for his fellow Horseman to a surprisingly big pop. Is Mongo really popular in Detroit? I thought he played for the Chicago Bears? Anyway, Dean Malenko – who has formed an alliance of convenience with Jarrett – ran in to even the sides.
  • Diamond Dallas Page squared off against Ric Flair, who just so happened to have Curt Hennig in his corner. Prior to the bout, Page said that he has respect for Flair but that he also has his number. A perfectly enjoyable match was ruined when Hennig cheaply interfered to cause the DQ. Page held his own during the two on one attack which followed.
  • There was a Macho Man goading The Giant spot on this show too. This one was even less eventful than the spot from Saturday Night.
  • Rey Mysterio Jr. hobbled to the ring on crutches to confront Konnan, who injured him in the first place. Rey played possum by allowing K-Dogg one shot and enough time to lower his guard before swerving the nWo man and nailing him with one of his crutches. A fit and healthy Rey then helped Psychosis – Konnan’s defeated opponent –  to the back.
  • After being chokeslammed last week, Eric Bischoff called out JJ Dillon to state that should The Giant ever lay a hand on him again he’ll sue him. I’m not sure why Dillon needed to know that, but Bischoff also stated that should such a thing happen he’ll fight Dillon too. Eric Bischoff vs. JJ Dillon? That’ll put some butts in the seats…

Full Results

  • Curt Hennig defeated Mortis
  • Dean Malenko & Jeff Jarrett defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Hector Guerrero
  • The Giant defeated Joey Maggs, Lenny Lane & Scott D’Amore in a Three On One Handicap Match
  • The Public Enemy defeated High Voltage
  • Alex Wright (c) defeated Scotty Riggs to retain the WCW World Cruiserweight Championship
  • Chris Benoit defeated Syxx by Disqualification
  • Booker T defeated Vincent
  • Wrath defeated The Barbarian
  • Konnan defeated Psychosis
  • Ernest Miller & Glacier defeated Damien & Silver King
  • Diamond Dallas Page defeated Ric Flair by DQ
  • Los Villanos defeated Hector Garza & Lizmark Jr.
  • Lex Luger defeated Hollywood Hogan (c) to win the WCW World Heavyweight Championship


“Knock off the wiener schnitzel, we speak English. This is America”

Mean Gene, clearly not a fan of people that ain’t from round here

  • Apparently Eric Bischoff has implemented a blanket ban on bad or distasteful language and vulgar gestures on WCW TV. Rumour has it Bisch received complaints from some higher ups and thus had to act. Not that there was much to act upon, I very rarely hear anything even remotely close to a bad word on Saturday Night or Nitro. Rumour has it one of the terms cited as unacceptable is “hosebag”, which I have never heard mentioned on WCW TV.
  • Not only is Terry Taylor said to have his shit together as stand-in head booker, morale in the locker room is said to be higher too. This has been accredited to the boys knowing in plenty of time what they will be doing at TV tapings and not having to stress at the last minute.
  • The Omni, a former staple of the WCW/JCP calendar in the 80s and early 90s was demolished last week 😦
  • Apparently the on-screen uncertainty over Curt Hennig’s membership into the Four Horsemen is due to a similar situation backstage. The creative folks just can’t make their minds up. Makes for great TV though… right?
  • There are murmurings of a return for Disco Inferno, but only if he loses to Jacquelyn. The story here is that he was asked in the spring to do exactly this. The plan was then for him to leave the company only to return and continue the angle a few months later. Disco’s peers persuaded him not to A. agree to lose to a woman and B. voluntarily become unemployed with only Eric Bischoff’s word about getting his job back. This time Disco – who is said to have had no problem doing the job – has been asked to stare at the lights for Jackie at the start of a brand new contract. This sounds like a much better deal for Mr Inferno because WCW will have no choice but to follow through with the storyline and continue to feature the guy who lost to a woman.

It was the Raw after Summerslam and following controversy in the PPV main event, Shawn Michaels officially turned heel. Also, Sgt. Slaughter’s back. Hooray?


Raw 2.6 – 4.36 Nitro

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