Sunday Sermon: Predicting WrestleMania XXXIV

Jamie Lithgow, Brian Damage, Craig Wilson and Benjamin Trecroci

In today’s Sunday Sermon, the team indulge in what has become a yearly tradition – predicting WrestleMania way in advance. There is no set date on when we get our creative hats on, we just figure prior to the previous year’s SummerSlam is early enough to avoid predicting the glaringly obvious. So, will Jason Jordan have turned on his “dad” by then? Will Brock Lesnar still be the Universal Champion and will WrestleMania XXXIV be his last match in the WWE? Will the Undertaker show up and will WrestleMania become Jinder-Mania? Crystal balls at the ready, here we go…

Jamie: First thing’s first, what main events WrestleMania XXXIV? I can’t help but feel that Raw is still the number one brand, so I assume it’ll be a Universal Title match. Given that the title is currently on Brock Lesnar and he only wrestles occasionally I’d say that time – along with many other factors – are on his side in terms of keeping the belt until next April. Rumour also has it Brock will be returning to the UFC next year too, so I have to assume he loses any title match he is involved in. Also, who holds the belt for a solid year and doesn’t drop it at WrestleMania in this day and age?! So, who beats Brock Lesnar for the Universal Title at next year’s WrestleMania main event? I’m open to anything other than Roman Reigns, but a re-run of a match that needed to be saved by a Seth Rollins cash-in two years ago looks like a safe bet in my mind.

Brian: I am a bit torn on this because while I think the Universal title will be defended in the main event, I don’t think it’ll be Brock Lesnar as the champion as originally thought. He is definitely going back to the UFC if all goes right, so I see him dropping the Universal title. My guess it’ll be Samoa Joe as champion.

There are also rumors that there will be another “Superstar Shakeup” after SummerSlam so I think some new faces will be on Raw by the time WrestleMania comes along. With that said though, I will say Samoa Joe vs. John Cena for the WWE Universal title.

Craig: Ah, one of my favourite Jamie hobby horses – what is in store for the next WrestleMania. Always a great topic, though, particularly when we look back on this come April next year and see where, if anywhere, we were right.

For me, WrestleMania screams Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar with Lesnar passing the torch. Sure, it blows apart any surprises that anyone expects to happen at SummerSlam. We know Lesnar isn’t leaving then but we all know there is a chance he’s UFC bound – but he’ll want a ‘mania pay day before then and why not let the WWE have a torch passing moment.

It’ likely that feud will go from now onwards so who wins the Royal Rumble and who is the WWE Champion said winner challenges? What will the women’s scene be like? Do we expect Rhona Rousey to face Charlotte or will that transition not have taken place by then?

In all reality, so far away, we really aren’t just time wise far away but also a million miles away from the final card taken shape. Right?

Jamie: I’m not so sure we are a million miles off. When it comes to WrestleMania it seems to matter not what has happened for the previous year. Rather, WWE will find a way to book the biggest names they have available. Whether it main events or not, it sounds like Lesnar vs. Reigns is a shout. I like the sound of John Cena vs. Samoa Joe too, but does it sound like a WrestleMania main event? I’m not so sure.

That’s a couple of matches and some big names down, but what about Triple H? Will he resist the temptation to book himself, for a change? I don’t know why, but Randy Orton just popped into my head. It’s not something I’d like to see, but Triple H vs Orton is a big-time match that hasn’t happened for a while.

Question, have WWE booked AJ Styles vs. Shinsike Nakamura yet? If not, then they must surely be saving it for a special occasion. WrestleMania perhaps?

Benjamin: If I was “holding the pencil” booking WrestleMania 34 it would be AJ Styles vs. Nakamura but we know Vince McMahon will likely never let guys like that headline his main show. Everyone is pointing to Reigns vs. Lesnar but that just seems really bland and something we just saw. Now, of course, a bunch of things could change as to what each man is doing. Reigns could be managed by Paul Heyman or maybe he could be a member of The Shield as well by the time next year rolls around.

Reigns with Heyman vs. Lesnar could be interesting.

But if it’s just Reigns vs. Lesnar are just doing the things they are doing in August 2017, then I’m not that interested. So, I’ll go with John Cena vs. Reigns instead.

Jamie: Totally agree, while AJ vs. Nakamura might very well be saved for WrestleMania it won’t even come close to being the main event. Heck, they faced each other at Wrestle Kingdom a couple of years ago and didn’t headline.

Lesnar vs. Reigns is sounding ominous, but could Braun Strowman be given the task of facing Lesnar instead? Again, it does nothing for me but is more appealing that Roman due it being something a bit different.

Question, does anyone know if The Rock is filming a movie around WrestleMania time? With the Undertaker seemingly retired (or maybe not?) then WWE are down one big match. I could totally imagine The Rock facing Triple H in some sort of power struggle stipulation match. Triple H is the heir apparent to the WWE thrown while The Rock represents ‘The People’. That shit writes itself, assuming The Rock is available that is.

Brian: Not sure about the Rock but a betting man would almost guarantee he will be at WrestleMania for sure, one way or the other. As for the rest of the card, I can easily see the Four Horsewomen led by Ronda Rousey take on the WWE’s version of the Four Horsewomen. I also expect Asuka to play a big part in the Women’s division by the time it is ‘Mania season.

Bray Wyatt Vs Braun Strowman because, well, why not? Finn Balor vs AJ Styles would be awesome! Especially considering both men’s past histories with the Bullet Club in Japan.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Sermon: Predicting WrestleMania XXXIV

  1. I think Cena vs. Reigns might be the main event. 2 of the biggest stars of the WWE going one-on-one. No titles. It’s all about the future and respectability of the company. Plus, have the Undertaker return as the referee and fucks them both to the point as he announces that he’s not done yet. I don’t want my last memory of the Undertaker to lose in such an awful match where he looked so awful. I want him to go out with his head held high.


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