Sunday Sermon: Do We Need to See Shane McMahon Wrestle in a WWE Ring in 2017? Wilson

In today’s Sunday Sermon, Craig flies solo and casts his eyes towards the rumoured matchup between Shane McMahon and Kevin Owen’s at October’s Smackdown PPV ‘No Mercy’ and wonders if, in 2017, we really need to see Shane O’Mac in the ring.

First thing’s first, I like Shane McMahon as a character. I think he’s hugely entertaining and a good act. I also, back in the Attitude Era, enjoyed his in-ring work, even though it was very spot heavy.

But in 2017, Shane is 47. Should he still be working as an in-ring worker? And, more importantly, should he still be doing the over the top bumps that made him a star in the eyes of many. Falling off the cage against The Undertaker was crazy the other year, now we’re looking likely to get a match between the younger McMahon and Kevin Owens at Hell in a Cell. Is that what we want or need to see him doing these days?

Shane McMahon began working in WWE at age 15, starting initially in the companies warehouse where he filled in fans’ merchandise orders. He would slowly climb up the ladder at the company becoming a referee, producer, announcer and eventually an in-ring talent. Behind the scenes, he was also the company’s Executive Vice President of Global Media behind the scenes.

By 1999, he had become an on-screen talent as part of the Corporation and, in February of that year, would capture the European Title.

Shane would go on to become one of the most popular acts of the time. Whatever limitations he had in the ring, he made up for by taking some insane bumps.

Whether it was being thrown through the screen at King of the Ring or jumping from corner to corner to kick a bin into his father’s face, nothing was off limits for the younger McMahon in the ring.

Business interests would take him away from the WWE for several years before he returned to our screens around the time of the brand split.

To no one’s real surprise, he quickly found himself back performing in the ring, we’ve even seen him tumble off the top of a steel cage against The Undertaker in a memorable WrestleMania moment.

But, at the age of 47, do we really want and,  more importantly need, to see Shane McMahon competing in the ring?

There is no doubting his popularity as an act but should he really still be taking the sort of bumps that made him famous? I would absolutely argue no.

Since his return,  he’s already picked up an injury taking a spear from Roman Reigns having jumped off the top rope (!) into it. Now, and this is no slight against Kevin’s Owens, one of the best workers in the WWE, but the rumoured Hell in a Cell match is a risk too far for Shane.

It’s not even that it has been booked poorly, it hasn’t been as the storyline has been excellent, it’s just that it’s a struggle in 2017 to make the case for Shane McMahon continuing to work in the ring.

There are dozens of workers who would benefit from a programme with Owens and would go on to bigger and better things afterwards, but McMahon really isn’t one.

Whilst McMahon will certainly put on a good show, that’s part of the problem. He will, as always, go above and beyond the call of duty to make the match work.

In 2017, we don’t need to see Shane O’Mac in the ring. At his age, his role should be as a commissioner not as a wrestler. It is an unnecessary risk on his health for a short business boost. No denying his talent or how over he is but that’s not the point. His highspot style isn’t suitable for a man his age. That’s the reason why I have no desire to see him perform in a WWE ring again.

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Sermon: Do We Need to See Shane McMahon Wrestle in a WWE Ring in 2017?

    • Agree, there’s also to me that Shane is taking the spot of another wrestler who could benefit from a feud with Kevin, get a rub or a chance to prove themselves to the fans and get mic time etc. It’s why i was not a fan of Shane battling AJ at Wrestlemania.

      Of all the people WWE have in the company, of the people who could have often a Wrestlemania spot or chance to work with AJ. Shane was not one of them and this is endemic of WWE’s refusal to build for the long term and give their lower card wrestlers who work hard, forced to be on the road 360 days a year, refused plenty of basic rights and benefits.

      Just to see the son of the boss out there at his age getting to do stuff they would never be allowed to do.

      I like Shane a lot, but his time in the ring is done in my view. Regardless of his love for it. He’s had his moments in matches. Now it’s time for others to get those spots and cheers.


  1. I highly disagree. Wrestling is what shane LOVES. that is a fact,as it is the only way to explain why a man in his position would take such risks. he has tons of money,and will never be in need,and is the son of the company’s owner. he does it because he loves it. same thing as the undertaker. so yes,for one or two nights per year,he should wrestle,because both him and us absolutely love it when he does.


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