Book or Cook? The Booking of Mojo Rawley

Craig Wilson, Benjamin Trecroci, Brian Damage and Earl Marx

The WWE roster is filled with “superstars” at every level. There are the main roster guys who regularly appear on Raw and SmackDown, those who are used as glorified jobbers and those who are barely used at all. In this series of pieces, we will take an individual wrestler barely used and decide if they are worth keeping or should they be let go. Today we decide if we Book or Cook Mojo Rawley.

Craig: He might be hyped and he may well have won the Andre the Giant Battle Royal at WrestleMania but without Zack Ryder, who appeared to turn on his Hype Bros partner after last week’s Smackdown or at least sowed the seeds of dissent, has Rawley lost his, errr, mojo?

A dynamic and charismatic athlete, there is little doubt but what role does he have after the inevitable feud with Ryder and, hell, does Rawley even leave that programme as the victor?

All that and more in this latest ‘Book or Cook’ piece.

Benjamin: Oh man. Mojo Rawley what to do, what to do? His “Get Hype” persona is something you have an opinion on either good or bad.

His call-up from NXT seemed to be out of nowhere and maybe not very warranted. I was actually starting to get into him when he was Less Hype on Talking Smack and on Smackdown Live He actually seemed to have a good story and a decent dude. But then Zack Ryder came back and he was right back into Hype Bros and wasn’t seen too much anywhere else.

Not sure how high he can go with or without Ryder. So. I would say he’s a COOK ’em.

Brian: The thing about Mojo Rawley’s gimmick and probably his real life is his undeniable energy. Something like that just doesn’t equate to being a heel and that may be Rawley’s downfall. There is no doubt a program in the not so distant future with Zack Ryder but I just don’t see that feud elevating Mojo a lot. His win at WrestleMania for the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal trophy already seems forgotten.

Mojo certainly has the demeanor to be a decent heel but, as I said, his energy and friendship to Rob Gronkowski just won’t allow that to happen. I agree with Ben that Mojo seemed to be brought up a little too soon from NXT but, then again, what was he going to do down there? It’s not like he was going to get in the NXT title picture. So here we are with Mojo Rawley, a man without much hope for success I’m afraid.

Earl: Oh me oh my. If any of you asked any of my friends about wrestlers I do not care too much for, Mojo Rawley is up there. I mean – I do not get it. Ha! Now do not get me wrong – I can understand that some of you reading this will take that preface and use that to disqualify what I am about to write. I can accept that. I am going to, however, urge you to see past my personal bias as I (try to) write this objectively.

If we look at Mojo, he seems to be plagued with the “start/stop booking” that has plagued many a superstar. Some guys can get past this. Some guys stay stuck in it. I genuinely believe Mojo is destined to remain here for the time being. Remember Cesaro shortly after winning the Andre battle royal? He was kinda booked like he was a big deal and then it stopped. Now, look at Mojo and compare him to Cesaro. Do not tell me you see a greater upside for Mojo! Cesaro looks great and has great matches that I think Mojo just cannot have at this point. Ha! I think he was given his chance to connect after making a big splash at Mania. The fans did not make that connection so they regrouped and waited until Zack returned. We are now waiting to see how this pans out. Wrestling 101 or Wrestling 202 has taught us a heel turn is bound to happen, but we aren’t too sure on who it’ll be at this point. Maybe this can provide him with the boost he needs. In my book, he was doomed as soon as the name “Mojo Rawley” was assigned to him. As long as that is on him, I can’t see much for him. Voting a strong “cook” on this one.

Brian: Yeah, it is a cook for me as well. I really don’t see where they can go with this character. He isn’t what I would call “main event” material and he isn’t exactly over with the fans either. He is okay on the mic, but his skills in the ring leave a little to be desired.

Craig: Well, this was universal! It’s a cook from me too. I can’t get into the character, not a fan of his in-ring work and really disliked the Hype Bros. But with that tag team, at least there was an interesting part – in Zack Ryder. With that team seemingly on its last legs, what hope does Rawley have as a singles competitor? For me, not that much.

There you have it, our thoughts on the future of Mojo Rawley. Got an opinion on him? Leave your comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Book or Cook? The Booking of Mojo Rawley

  1. I think if given the right chance, Mojo could be a better asset. Maybe if when Zack came back he wanted to put the Hype Bros back together but Mojo said no? Zack has got to be the face to get Mojo over, no one will buy Zack as a heel. Outside the box thinking. BOOK


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