Styles Clash: Clash of the Champions XXIV

Benjamin Trecroci

We continue our series taking in the history of Clash of the Champions with this latest instalment taking in part XXIV. Held on August 13,1993 at Ocean Center in Daytona Beach, Florida in front of 8,903 fans. The show a drew a 3.8 on TBS.

WCW was always changing, but here in 1993, they had a very solid roster that had been entertaining people for the better part of the year. This was the lead into Fall Brawl 1993: War Games. However, this Clash will go down in wrestling lore as the night the Shockmaster debuted!

Tony Schiavone and Jesse “The Body” Ventura kick things off with the news that Brian Pillman, one-half of the WCW World Tag-Team Champions the Hollywood Blonds, has sustained an injury that will keep him from competing tonight. WCW, however, forced The Blonds to compete tonight and they will have to find a replacement for Pillman.

So, the first match is “Stunning” Steve Austin & Lord Steven Regal w/ Sir William vs. The Four Horsemen (Arn Anderson & Paul Roma). Anderson and Austin started things off with Arn backflipping Stunning Steve over the top rope but the ref didn’t see it. Roma comes in off the top rope onto Regal. This was Roma’s first real big match after joining WCW and The Four Horsemen earlier this Summer. Roma hit Austin with own stun-gun as he tried to regain the momentum and make the tag to Arn. Finally, Anderson tagged in and unloads on Regal and Austin. Arn attempted a DDT but it’s broken up by Regal. Sir William attempted to use Pillman’s crutch on Anderson but inadvertently hits Austin as Arn rolls up Stunning Steve for the title change!

After the match, Eric Bischoff interviewed Roma and Anderson about their win and Arn dropped some knowledge with a classic “Adversity introduces a man to himself…” promo. Know Roma gets a bad wrap for his run as a Four Horsemen but he was a really good worker and looked like a million bucks so really didn’t see the big problem at the time with his “spot.”

The second match is “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton vs. 2 Cold Scorpio. This was scheduled to be Regal but because of his earlier match, he was replaced with Eaton. These two get going as Scorpio placed Eaton on the top rope and then delivered a dropkick while Beautiful Bobby was still on the top, pretty crazy to see. Scorpio followed that up with a plancha dive to the floor. Eaton, however, recovered later in the match and hit a flying elbow halfway across the ring for a near fall. Scorpio then hit the 360 Splash off the top with his knee catching Eaton right in the kisser for the win. Solid replacement match from two high flyers.

Next up is Johnny B. Badd vs. Max Payne. This was the scorching hot feud involving the mask that Badd was wearing after Payne shot confetti into his face at the last Clash against Payne’s guitar named Norma Jean. Payne destroyed Badd for about two minutes until Big Max missed a splash off the top rope. Badd placed his arm on Payne and that’s that, Johnny B picks up the win.

Alright, it’s time for what we’ve all been waiting for, as it’s THAT episode of The Flair for the Gold.

Ric Flair’s guests are Sting and The British Bulldog as they were set to announce their mystery partner for the Fall Brawl ‘93: War Games. The Bulldog says everyone is “cooking” a bunch of times so this segment is starting off great. Outcomes out Sid, Colonel Parker and the new team of Kane and Kole (later known as Harlem Heat) ordering Sting and Bulldog to reveal their partner. Sting drops the infamous line, “All I have to say is this our partner is going to SHOCK THE WORLD…..

THE SHOCKMASTER….wait who? If you have headphones or some good speakers put your ear up to the speaker and listen as Flair said, “I told you”

While Booker T drops the “Who’s this motherfucker?”

Davey Boy, “He fell on his damn arse.”

There’s a bunch of other off-camera talking as the mismatched voice-over of Ole Anderson spouts off some nonsense. This will forever be classic. Not sure who thought The Shockmaster would be a good idea, but it was doomed from day one. There have been so many stories through the years of how or why The Shockmaster was brought in, but it will live in infamy. Amazing.

After that debacle, Schiavone and Ventura are still completely cracking up with match number four Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs. WCW World Television Champion, Paul Orndorff. Match started off kinda slow but not in a bad with these two veterans. As the match progressed, Steamboat dove over the top rope onto Orndorff to gain the quick advantage. They trade pin attempts as Steamboat bridged out into a backslide for a two-count. Orndorff tried another pile driver but Steamboat gets out of it and rolls up Orndorff to become the new TV Champion! For his winning effort; Steamboat received a vicious piledriver on the rampway right onto his new belt.

Next up is Sting & Ric Flair vs. Colossal Kongs (Awesome Kong & King Kong) w/Harley Race. In the first thirty seconds, Sting slammed both of the massive Kongs as the crowd exploded! Sting and Flair are destroying the once thought to be invincible Kongs. Sting hit two dropkicks, clothesline, Stinger Splash and then a splash for the easy win. Cool moment as Flair and his old rival, Harley Race brawled on the outside for a brief moment. Always strange to see Flair and Sting acting friendly towards each other, especially during this time.

Match number six is The Equalizer & Rick Rude vs. Dustin Rhodes & Mystery Partner. Road Warrior Animal is back as he gets out of a Z/28 Camaro. Rude said they had feelers out and knew Animal was going to be the partner, when just then Road Warrior Hawk entered on the other side of the ring to actually become the mystery partner. The Equalizer was often associated as the “brother” of Kevin Sullivan under the ring name of Dave Sullivan as well as the superfan of Hulk Hogan later in 1994. The feud between Rude and Rhodes over the U.S. Title has been going on throughout the year and it continued for this show.

The match itself wasn’t the best as Hawk cleaned house for an extended period of time. Then, The Equalizer attempted a bodyslam on Rhodes but Hawk shoulder blocked both of them off the top rope to allow Rhodes to fall on top for the win.

It’s Main Event time with WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Big Van Vader w/Harley Race vs. Davey Boy Smith. The DQ rule has been waived so all hell is going to break loose here and it does right away. Davey Boy goes right after Vader on the rampway and unleashes an impressive suplex of the huge champion. Once they get back in the ring, Vader took control with clubbing blows. The action moves to the outside as Vader attempted a splash on the railing but instead just eats steel. Funny moment as a fan pushed Vader as he was hung up on the railing. Vader recovered from his miss and took control once again inside the ring with a Samoan drop and a hit a splash from the top but somehow Davey Boy kicked out. Bulldog almost got the three count on a crucifix move, but Vader kicked out. Everytime Bulldog would attempt a comeback, Vader would counter him. Vader climbed to the top rope, but Davey Boy dropkicked him on the top to gain the upper hand. After a big boot to the head, Vader hits his big splash off the top but that can’t put him away. Vader tried another splash off the top but was met with a huge powerslam, unfortunately on the way down they knocked down referee Nick Patrick. Bulldog had Vader down for the count, but there’s no ref! Bulldog went for another suplex but Race clipped Davey Boy’s knee as Vader falls on top just as the ref regained his bearings to count to three as Vader retained the belt.

After the match, Race and Bulldog attack Bulldog, when all of a sudden Cactus Jack returned from being “missing” to jump Vader on the rampway, just as Schiavone drops the familiar… “And we’re out of time!”

Well, this was certainly a Clash that will never be forgotten and a must watch for The Shockmaster segment in all its glory. The main event was really good especially with the return of Cactus. The other matches were sort of lacking in overall action, it didn’t help that two matches had to switched around because of the Pillman injury. Still, a fun show as 1993 moved into the Fall months and War Games.

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