This Week in Wrestling 2017 week 39

Craig Wilson and Brian Damage

It’s Saturday so time for the latest instalment of ’This Week in Wrestling’. Today, in part 39, Craig talks about Jason Jordan while Brian shares all the best viral content he’s stumbled upon this week. 

What to do with Jason Jordan?

This week, more than ever before, I felt very sorry for Jason Jordan.

Since the introduction of the farcical storyline that he is Kurt Angle’s illegitimate son, there has been a sharp contrast between the announcers’ treatment of him and the crowd’s interest in him. On the one hand, you have commentators ramming down our throat that Jordan is Angle’s son while, and at an alarming rate, the WWE fans are caring less and less about him.

We are now at the stage that Jordan enters to virtually no reaction at all while the announcers play up the fact that he is the son of a legend of the business. It is a very unfortunate state of play that, in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer compares to “stabbing his character with a knife over and over again.”

In getting to this terrible position, and it’s looking increasingly unlikely that this can be turned around, the WWE split up a hugely entertaining team with a great deal of potential. I’m not suggesting that American Alpha could have gone on to be the greatest tag team ever but they racked up impressive matches in NXT and, fleetingly, on the main roster.

But by splitting them up, for this, the WWE has gotten, in Jordan, a solo act that’s not getting over and, in Chad Gable, a guy going through the motions and have paired him with Shelton Benjamin. Looking at it on that level, the WWE would have been better off pushing Benjamin as a solo act while having American Alpha carry on as a team.

However, it appears that the WWE is intent on continuing this. Either they are wildly stubborn, which is likely, or they have, in creative terms, a ‘silver bullet’ to turn this around. It’s fair to say that the former is as likely as the latter is unlikely.

There is little doubt that Jason Jordan is a talented worker. Although it got literally no reaction from the fans, Jordan and The Miz had a reasonably decent encounter at last week’s ‘No Mercy’ event. A match of the year contender it wasn’t but, aside from a few timing issues, it was a passable match-up. But it doesn’t matter. The fans have cast their judgement on this storyline between Jason Jordan and Kurt Angle.

As Dave Meltzer went on to say: “Anyway, I hope they’ve got a good way out of this because this is the 2017 version of their booking Alberto del Rio’s babyface turn and then his big return, and not even figuring it out until too late how much damage they had done.”

I’m not convinced that we aren’t already at the stage where the damage is done. And also, what is the way out of this? They reveal that it was all a mistake and Jordan isn’t really Angle’s son? It seems like a storyline that Jordan, and us too, are saddled with for some time to come. And it’s a shame because, without all of this, Jason Jordan could have been on to something as a main roster talent, most likely as a tag champion with Chad Gable.

Photo Gallery

Here are some more wrestling related tattoos…

It’s amazing that after all these years of booing, all it too was Roman Reigns to turn John Cena into a fan favorite.

Here are the last three “passing of the torch” matches in the WWE. All three were met with boos from the fans.

This is an actual legitimate picture of a catch wrestler from the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. He looks eerily like Cody Rhodes with a handlebar moustache.

Here is a photo of a bunch of Japanese rookies: Masahiro Chono, Keiji Mutoh, Shinya Hashimoto and Jushin Liger. I wonder if any of these kids made it in pro wrestling…

A great drawing of Bobby Heenan reuniting with Andre the Giant…

I never knew Macho Man Randy Savage was adept at sign language…

Video Gallery

A cool vintage commercial starring World Class Championship Wrestling star Shaun Simpson and WCCW announcer Marc Lowrance.

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One thought on “This Week in Wrestling 2017 week 39

  1. Jordan finds out it was a mistake and turns on Angle and re-unites with Chad Gable and take out Sheldon Benjamin. We see a Benjamin-Angle team take on American Alpha….but the WWE won’t do that. It will be some stupid cop out.


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