Just The Facts Ma’am: The Return of Useless Wrestling Facts

Brian Damage

Rumors are rumors but facts are facts! Here is another piece that delves into the most useless facts about pro wrestling. Some you may know, others not so much. Either way, sit back, read and learn something that you’ll never need to know in your whole entire life.

The Heel Miss Elizabeth

The original concept for Miss Elizabeth when she debuted in the WWF was to make her a heel manager to the ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage. Vince McMahon liked the idea of a heel valet like Sunshine, Precious, Baby Doll and Dark Journey. The idea was to have Elizabeth be this beautiful and elegant woman appear too sweet and kind but be a sharp, conniving businesswoman behind the scenes.

The Problem was that WWF fans almost instantly fell in love with her after her debut and the plans changed almost immediately.

The Money in the Bank Failures

Winning the WWE’s MITB briefcase is almost a guarantee that the winner would become a world champion. As we all know, there have only been three times that the MITB winner failed to successfully cash in the briefcase. All three times, John Cena was somehow involved.

John Cena failed to cash in against the champion CM Punk

Damian Sandow failed to cash in against the champion John Cena

Baron Corbin failed to cash in against Jinder Mahal after outside interference from, you guessed it, John Cena.

The Last WWF Champion

The last ever WWF champion before the company was renamed and rebranded as the WWE in 2002 was none other than Hulk Hogan.

Layin’ the Smackdown

The WWE title only changed hands twice on the company’s secondary show Smackdown. The two men to win the WWE’s top title on Smackdown were Brock Lesnar and Vince McMahon.

Glow-ing Endorsement

If you have watched the Netflix series ‘GLOW,’ you will notice in the opening credits that the producers used the silhouettes of Bayley belly to belly suplexing Sasha Banks from NXT Takeover Brooklyn back in 2015.

Bobby Heenan’s last Managerial Role

Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan has often been considered one of the greatest managers in all of professional wrestling. Between his time as a manager for both the AWA and the WWF, Heenan has managed over 45 wrestlers. The very last wrestler Bobby Heenan ever represented as a manager was CM Punk in Ring of Honor back in 2004 for one night only.

Grand Slam Champions

There have been a total of 16 Grand Slam Champions of various incarnations in the WWF/E. Dean Ambrose is the latest member of that club and also the youngest to achieve it. Dean Ambrose did at the age of 31 years old.

The Inaugural Global Force tag team Champions

The current GFW tag team champions are currently held by LAX after winning a tournament on Impact Wrestling. They are not the first ever GFW tag team champions, however. That distinction goes to the team known as the ‘Bollywood Boyz’ aka the Singh brothers in the WWE.

Cody Rhodes Amazing One Year Odyssey

In the span of one full year from 2016-2017, Cody Rhodes appeared on four of the top wrestling promotions biggest shows. WWE’s Wrestlemania 32, TNA’s Bound for Glory, ROH’s Final Battle and New Japan’s Wrestle Kingdom 11.

Good Ol’ Jim Ross

Jim Ross is the only head play by play announcer to cover WCW’s Starrcade, WWE’s Wrestlemania, NXT Takeover and New Japan’s Wrestle Kingdom.

The Origins of Mean

It was Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura who gave Gene Okerlund the “Mean Gene” moniker.

Bombs Away

The original name for the Mike Enos and Wayne Bloom in the WWF was going to be the “Bomber Brothers” before it was switched to The Beverly Brothers.

Not Exactly A Slam Dunk Gimmick

One of Mark Jindrak’s original gimmicks in WCW was that of an evil basketball playing wrestler named ‘Basket Case.’

Money down the Drain

WCW lost approximately 65 million dollars in just the year 2000 alone.

Just an Idea

While discussing gimmicks for Canadian wrestler Joe E. Legend to debut within the WWE, Joe suggested an ultra-conservative/religious gimmick. Vince turned it down for Joe and saddled him with the ‘Just Joe’ gimmick. He would later use Joe’s idea on Stevie Richards and form the Right to Censor.

Take the High Ground

In 1988, Vince McMahon wanted wrestler Sivi Afi to get multiple tattoos to resemble the late “High Chief” Peter Maiavia. His new gimmick would be called “High Chief Afi” and he would be the third member of the Islanders with Haku and Tama. Afi got his legs and waist heavily tattooed as asked but the gimmick was scrapped due to Tama quitting and Haku being repackaged as King Haku to replace the injured Harley Race. Sivi Afi was never used again in the WWF.

He Better Not Lie, Cheat or Steal

Current Smackdown Live star Aiden English is the son in law of Vicki and the late. great Eddie Guerrero. He is married to their daughter Shaul. The couple met when they were both wrestling for NXT.

The other King of Wrestling?

A couple of months after debuting on the Ed Sullivan show, Chicago wrestling promoter Fred Kohler offered a young and up and coming singer named Elvis Presley $10,000 to referee a match. The match had Hans Schmidt take on Wilbur Snyder in 1956. As some may know, Presley was a big pro wrestling fan back in the day. Elvis Presley turned down the offer as superstardom was headed his way.

Shirley Temple’s Brother

Shirley Temple was an American child actress from the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s. Did you know that her older brother George Temple tried briefly to become a professional wrestler? George Temple Jr had a short career as a pro wrestler. His family denounced his career decision and refused to support him and his endeavor.

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