Icons of Wrestling #30 – Battle Kat

Jamie Lithgow

Height: 5’11”
Weight: 225lbs
Hometown: Eternia
Glory Days: October – December 1990
Fun Fact: Dean ‘Original Battle Kat’ Peters attended Robbinsdale High School, Minnesota. He graduated in 1976, alongside ‘Mr Perfect’ Curt Hennig, ‘Ravishing’ Rick Rude and Tom ‘Z-Man’ Zenk. Other alumni from the school include The Berzerker, Nikita Koloff, Demolition Smash, Mean Gene Okerlund and Verne Gagne.


Dude could dance too

During the 1980s, WWE was home to a lot of wrestling dogs; The Junkyard Dog, The Moondogs, The British Bulldogs and even Matilda. There was, however, a lack of wrestling cats. Given that bees, dragons, snakes and birds were all well represented, it was perhaps an oversight that felines were not considered for a role in The Fed during it’s ‘golden age’. That was until new year’s eve 1989 when it would seem that Vince McMahon made it his new year’s resolution to make 1990 the year of the cat. So the decision was made, but not just any cat would do. WWE needed a cat suitably equipped for a battle; a Battle Kat, if you will.

Real name Cringer, Battle Kat was formally the pet and occasional fighting mount for Prince Adam of Eternia. That was until October 1990 when he debuted in the World Wrestling Federation against Bob Bradley. The Acrobatic, dancing man-cat went on to make a handful of other televised appearances, managing a couple of victories over Paul Diamond and a big win against Boris Zhukov. After utilising a roll-up in his debut, Mr Kat would use a modified Thesz Press type manoeuvre – which mimicked the action of a cat jumping on someone – to defeat his foes. Battle Kat suffered just two defeats, the first coming in a tag team match against The Orient Express after the sneaky foreigners used Mr Fuji’s cane as a weapon on Kat’s tag team partner; Koko B Ware. Yes, Battle Kat was teamed with The Birdman… who booked this shit!? Battle Kat’s second defeat was a singles loss to The Barbarian on the December 10th episode of Prime Time Wrestling. This was the last we saw of Battle Kat in WWE as he soon returned to Eternia to help He-Man protect Castle Grayskull from Skeletor’s advances.

In reality, Battle Kat was originally portrayed by Dean Peters aka well known enhancement talent Brady Boone. However, he was released from his contract and replaced after just one televised match, ironically enough by the guy he wrestled; Robert ‘Bob Bradley’ Markovich, who was also a well-known enhancement talent in WWE. Peters’ release is said to have occurred due to his involvement in a bar fight, the injuries from which causing him to miss a few dates. After the Battle Kat gimmick was canned, Markovich would return to his role as an enhancement talent. After leaving WWE, Markovich worked the independent scene and frequently tagged with a young Rob Van Dam. Coincidentally, RVD was heavily inspired by Peters – as Brady Boone – due to his smaller stature and athletic ring style. Peters is said to have helped RVD quite a bit in his young career. After working as an enhancement talent in WCW, Peters began to transition into the role of a referee until his life was tragically cut short following a car accident in December 1998. Markovich spent most of the 90s bouncing around the independent wrestling scene. He made his final appearance for WWE on an episode of Shotgun Saturday Night from January 1998 where he lost to Steve Blackman. He retired from wrestling in 2001.

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