Factually Speaking: Pro Wrestling Facts and Stuff Like That

Brian Damage

Here we are yet again for the latest round of useless wrestling facts, trivia and information. These tidbits might not make you any smarter, but it’s all in good fun. So sit back and soak in the knowledge.

In 1986, The WWF was bringing in former multiple time NWA world champion Harley Race. The original gimmick Vince McMahon wanted to give Race was a hangman’s noose and a Lone Ranger style mask and call him ‘Hangman’ Harley Race. If the gimmick sounds familiar, it was the same one given to Jesse Barr aka Jimmy Jack Funk. That’s because Harley Race justifiably turned the gimmick down.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in December of 2017. This makes the Rock the first ever pro wrestler to receive such an honor. Not Hulk Hogan, Jesse Ventura, John Cena or Ric Flair have ever had such an honor. He joins Vince McMahon as the only pair to ever get stars that have been involved in professional wrestling full time at one point or another.

Anybody got old WWF action figures laying around? They could be worth a small fortune. Take for example this figure of “Boxcar Willie”, aka Greg Valentine, from his 1991 run as one half of the tag team ‘Rhythm and Blues’ with the Honkytonk Man. Word has it, the dolls were made then scrapped once the team broke up. Somebody put this rare doll up for auction and it went for about $15,000 bucks! Not bad for a toy.

During an early portion of ‘Ravishing’ Rick Rude’s career, he had a valet nicknamed ‘Raven.’ Not to be confused with the Scott Levy character of course. Did you know that Rude’s valet Raven was actually his biological sister in real life? Her real name was Nicole Rood and she was a former Las Vegas showgirl.

Speaking of Las Vegas, The Little White Chapel is an iconic building in that area. It has seen the marriages of several celebrities like Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow and Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. It has also played host to a couple of wrestling related “weddings” for both WWE and WCW. Colonel Robert Parker and Sister Sherri had their planned wedding there for Clash of Champions and Triple H and Stephanie McMahon had their infamous wedding there for Monday Night Raw. As a side note, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and Debra were legitimately married at the Little White Wedding Chapel.

…And while we are on the subject of weddings, the REAL marriage of Stephanie McMahon and Paul Levesque (Triple H) took place on October 25, 2003. In typical Vince McMahon fashion, he approached both his daughter and future son in law about the possibilities of having their wedding done live on pay per view. He was denied.

Mean Gene Okerlund has a son named Todd Okerlund who played hockey in the 1988 Winter Olympics and was drafted 168th overall to the New York Islanders.

Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan were considered one of the greatest broadcast teams in WWF history. From their days of doing shows like Prime Time Wrestling and Wrestling Challenge to doing various pay per views together. The Royal Rumble in 1993 was the last major event that this iconic duo worked together as a broadcast team.

AJ Styles started and ended the calendar year of 2017 as the WWE champion. He joins only a very select group of wrestlers in WWE history to ever achieve such a feat of being WWE champion to start and end the year. The others are as follows: Bruno Sammartino, Pedro Morales, Bob Backlund, Hulk Hogan, John Cena and CM Punk.

Nikki Bella won her very first WWE Divas title on April 23rd, 2012. That just so happens to be John Cena’s birthday. She won the title just 7 months before the two started dating.

The youngest United States champion of all time, in either NWA/WCW/WWE, is David Flair. He won the title when he was just 20 years old.

Everybody remembers when TNA wrestling first began it was a weekly pay per view show. Vince McMahon originally pitched that idea for a weekly Saturday night pay per view show. The pay per view companies all said no to the idea. It would later be known as Shotgun Saturday Night and air for free on television.

Despite being billed as “Mr. WrestleMania,” Shawn Michaels has a losing record on the grandest stage for WWE. As a matter of fact, up until last year’s WrestleMania, Michaels was in a three-way tie with Triple H and the Big Show for most Mania losses at 11. That is until Triple H lost to Seth Rollins last year making him the biggest loser at 12.

Bret Hart has a niece whose real name is Satanic Ecstasy Hart. She is the daughter of Bret’s late brother Smith Hart.

Daniel Bryan’s first ever match in the WWE was jobbing to John Cena on ‘Velocity’ in 2003. Daniel Bryan’s last WWE match he was teaming with John Cena as they defeated Cesaro and Tyson Kidd on Smackdown in 2015.

Before she became a TNA Knockout, Velvet Sky appeared on WWE’s Smackdown in 2005 during a JBL celebration segment.

The very last WCW tag team champions were held by the Dudley Boyz, while in WWE.

In 2000, the Boston Red Sox were up for sale. Major League Baseball Hall of Fame Columnist Peter Gammons reported during that time that Vince McMahon was “very interested” and considered buying the team.

Mike Rotundo and Barry Windham were known as the U.S. Express in the WWF. When Windham left the company, he was replaced with a lookalike in Dan Spivey. That team was called The American Express.

In the Memphis territory in 1989, Mark Calaway and Charles Wright were a tag team. They were known as The Master of Pain (Calaway) and The Soultaker (Wright) respectively. They would later become known as The Undertaker and Papa Shango/Kama Mustafa/The Godfather.

In his 38 year career, Hulk Hogan has only been pinned cleanly by 14 other wrestlers. They are: Bob Armstrong, Andre the Giant, Antonio Inoki, Tony Atlas, The Ultimate Warrior, Jacques Rougeau, Kurt Angle, Roddy Piper, Sting, Goldberg, The Rock, Triple H, Brock Lesnar and Lex Luger.

The rock band Dropkick Murphys got their name from a pro wrestler named John ‘Dropkick’ Murphy who wrestled in the 1930’s and 40’s. John Murphy was from Eastern Massachusetts, the same area where the band hails from.

In 2017, Brock Lesnar was named the highest paid pro wrestler earning 12 million dollars for the year. In that year, he wrestled a total of 13 matches.

Long before he conquered Vince McMahon and the WWF for 80 plus weeks in the Monday Night Wars, Eric Bischoff was an aspiring model. Here is a young ‘Easy E’ modeling for the cataloge for the discount store chain Target.

Everybody remembers when Brutus Beefcake returned to the WWF in 1991 after a long absence due to a near-fatal parasailing accident. He came back under a mask and attacked various heels in the company. The picture above was the original look for his costume. It even appeared in the WWF magazine, but differed when it appeared on TV.


2 thoughts on “Factually Speaking: Pro Wrestling Facts and Stuff Like That

  1. I’m legit shocked to find out “Sleezy E” used to be a Target model…..much like probably how most old-school ECW fans were shocked to find out Shane Douglas was a manager there.

    I’m also legit surprised to find out Bullet Bob Armstrong was one of the very guys to legit give Hogan an “L” even if it was when he was Sterling Golden.


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