Raw Rewind: 22 February 1993

Craig Wilson

Today we return with a ‘Raw Rewind‘ from 22 February 1993. Last week, Money Inc attacked Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake with a briefcase. This week, we’ll hear from Hulk Hogan. Strap yourselves in…

Champion Roll Call:

WWF Champion: Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart
WWF Intercontinental Champion: Shawn Michaels
WWF Tag Team Champions: Money Inc. (Million Dollar Man & I.R.S)

You can read last week’s Raw recap here.

Rob Bartlett kicks off the show announcing wrestling fans can’t spell. Fair enough…

We get the intro theme before we get Vince McMahon, Macho Man and Bartlett at ringside announcing the matches for tonight. Savage announces that Hulk Hogan will be here!

Match 1: Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Scott Taylor.

A very young Scotty 2 Hotty is about to get killed by Bigelow, lads…

Taylor tries a charge and gets knocked down, unsurprisingly. Taylor has some mullet on him. But mullets are a fairly regular thing here. A running clothesline just shakes Bigelow but a second attempt is countered. Taylor attempts a victory roll but that’s countered with an electric chair drop. Rear chinlock gives Bigelow a brief breather. Bigelow hits a backbreaker before heading up top, launching himself with a diving headbutt to the chest. No pin, though, as he again goes up top to hit a second diving headbutt and, as Vince said, “forget about it.”

Winner: Bam Bam Bigelow

Rating: Squash match but Taylor looked good in the little offence he got.

Sit down interview with Vince McMahon and Hulk Hogan hyping his comments later tonight. This was recorded earlier in the week, apparently, in the same venue as their interview ahead of WrestleMania VIII. Hogan is branded in an ICOPRO t-shirt. Hogan talks about, in no particular order, his Hulkamaniacs, positive lifestyles and saying prayers and eating vitamins. We also get a bit of a #FakeNews rant from Hogan. He cites having a positive lifestyle in comments that absolutely doesn’t age too well…

Match 2: Tatanka and the Nasty Boys vs WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels and the Beverley Brothers.

Michaels’ theme is no longer sung by Sensational Sherri, it’s himself doing lead vocals. Ego much? Tatanka is barely in the ring before he attacks Michaels and its bedlam. Triple team on Michaels sees Tatanka back bodydrop him over the top rope. Tatanka will face Michaels for the IC title at ‘Mania as the Nasty Boys hit a double pitstop on the Beverley Brothers.

I sense Dave Meltzer never gave this one five stars… The Beverleys double team Knobbs as Michaels antagonises the babyfaces. Tatanka is in but Michaels scarpers and here’s Beau, who eats several chops. Saggs is in and drives the Beverley shoulder first into the turnbuckle before hitting a shoulder breaker – perhaps the first actual wrestling move I’ve ever seen either Nastys hit.

Back from a break and Knobbs and Blake are in. Knobbs takes a huge bump to the outside, where Beau attacks as Saggs stupidly distracts the referee. Michaels is now in, the cowardly heel bastard. Brian Knobbs is well beaten down and looking exhausted. Hot tag time and Tatanka is in against Michaels. He goes wild with a series of chops to the head and then the chest. Powerslam gets a one count before Beau breaks it up. He’s doing his signature dance, to a nice wee pop from the crowd. He lands a chop off the top for a nearfall. Vince hypes their WrestleMania match as Tatanka hits a Samoan drop. It’s broken up by Black before all six men find themselves in the ring. Michaels is now in control, goes for his teardrop suplex but Tatanka rolls him up and we have our winners.

Winner: Tatanka and the Nasty Boys.

Rating: Fairly random on paper, unless there was a big Nasty Boys vs. Beverley Brothers feud I missed… But this one was OK. Some good action and fairly fast-paced. It won’t make any end of year lists for the best match but it’s not bad at all.

A video hypes WrestleMania IX at Caesar’s palace. We then cut to ringside and Vince looks properly excited about WrestleMania.

Sean Mooney is still outside the venue. Poor bastard, that’s been weeks! Apparently, the crowd are pretty excited about Hulk Hogan’s return.

Match 3: Crush vs. Terry Taylor.

Crush has terrible hair. Terry Taylor is called ‘Terrific’ here but no one is buying that ahead of this very obvious squash. Crush shoves Taylor to the ground. Crush hits a dropkick as Vince praises him for being a great athlete before Macho chips in too. With his build – i.e. tall – it’s no wonder that Vince is into Crush. Taylor drops him throat first on the top rope and takes control here.

Vince hypes Crush/Doink at ‘mania as the big Hawaiian fights back. “What a manoeuvre” greets Crush’s tilt-a-whirl backbreaker before Crush applies the Kona Clutch.

Winner: Crush.

Rating: Pretty average. A squash where Taylor was able to get a little bit of offence.

We get the special Hulk Hogan interview. Vince is in the ring, still looking pretty excited. Hogan makes his way out clad in red attire. The crowd looks fairly happy, to say the least. Hogan addresses what happened on Raw last week when his best friend Brutus made his return last week before being attacked by Money Inc. Hogan thanks the ‘big man upstairs’ for being with Brutus Beefcake and Jimmy ‘Mouth of the South’ Hart for protecting him from another attack. That gets a nice little pop. Hogan announces he’s here on a mission and he’s back in the WWF. Vince looks almost aroused at the prospect. Hogan calls out “Brutus ‘The Bionic Barber’ Beefcake”. He comes out wearing sunglasses and Hogan-esque coloured attire. He is sporting plasters on his nose and two black eyes. Hogan then call’s out the pair’s new manager Jimmy Hart. He’s sporting very garish Hogan and Beefcake inspired attire, obviously. Hart calls this the greatest day of his life, he’s dreamed of wearing the yellow and red of the Hulkster, apparently. Hogan gives Hart the task of getting matches between the newly named ‘Mega-Maniacs’ and Money Inc – either tag or singles matches.

We get another promo for WrestleMania – just in case you forgot it was happening.

When we return Hogan is still posing for the fans when we return.

Match 4: The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) vs. Skinner

I’d forgotten about Skinner. This won’t last long… We get a quick break and learn that we’re running out of time. But there’s time for a Slim Jim advert with Macho Man so everything’s OK. Wait, this is going off the air. We’ll get this result and a title match between Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart and Fatu next week.

Winner: You’ll have to wait a week

Overall Thoughts: This is all about Hulk Hogan returning. There’s nothing else to this show. Nice pop for Jimmy Hart’s face turn but this is all about Hogan. In fact we get an interview with Hogan previewing his interview later when he announces his return!

Overall score – 2/5

In other WWF news…

Louie Spicolli got a try-out in a dark match doing a surfer gimmick and apparently impressed.

Undertaker missed some house show matches due to issues with his teeth. He was replaced by Savage who jobbed to Yoko.

Raw was pre-empted last week for the Westminster Dog Show (which did a higher rating than wrestling has in that slot in many years), All American did a 2.5 and Mania a 1.4 (a substantial increase over the past two weeks).

European houses were huge, including two houses (London and Dortmund, Germany) in excess of $340,000. Nothing comparable in the US.

The local newspaper in Portland ran an item on Doink being Matt Borne
In Stockton, Doink was cheered in his match with Bob Backlund. Backlund-Doink matches were getting negative stars every night.

Crush subbed for Mr. Perfect on all the house shows beating Shawn Michaels via DQ. He also won a battle royal by tossing out Yokozuna and recorded a win over Razor Ramon so expect a push for him shortly.

Max Moon is gone from the WWF.

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3 thoughts on “Raw Rewind: 22 February 1993

  1. The Mega Maniacs forming and challenging Money Inc. means that the poor Nasty Boys don’t get their big title shot at WrestleMania IX.

    Combine them, Yoko, and Bret, and that’s FOUR people Hogan screwed over on that very card.

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