Whatever Happened to Bull Buchanan?

He wrestled as a South African, a SWAT member, a white rapper and an as an extreme conservative. He also had a good career wrestling in Japan. Today we ask: ‘Whatever Happened to‘ Bull Buchanan?

Barry Buchanan got his first big break in professional wrestling as an enforcer for Jim Cornette in his Smoky Mountain Wrestling promotion in 1995. His gimmick name was ‘The Punisher.’ After Smoky Mountain Wrestling folded, Cornette recommended Buchanan to Vince McMahon and the World Wrestling Federation. Buchanan was signed and sent to the USWA for developmental seasoning.

He was given the name ‘Recon’ and he teamed with ‘The Interrogator’ to form the South African Truth Commission. Together, they went on to win the USWA tag team titles three different times. The Truth Commission were eventually called up to the WWF with lukewarm success at best. The Truth Commission wouldn’t last all that long and eventually, Buchanan was sent to the WWF’s developmental territory, Ohio Valley Wrestling.

He was called back up to the WWF in 2000 and was repackaged as ‘Bull Buchanan.’ He would team with the Big Boss Man for a while. That team would split up when Boss Man turned on Buchanan at WrestleMania 16. Bull Buchanan floundered as a singles competitor and ultimately turned heel again.

This time, he became a member of Steven Richards ultra-conservative group called the Right to Censor. Buchanan would team with a repackaged Godfather (Now known as the Goodfather) to win the WWF tag team titles. The group would eventually break up and Buchanan competed as a singles wrestler for a while.

Buchanan would pair up with a young upstart named John Cena and both portrayed white rappers. Buchanan changed his name to B2 aka B-Squared. He acted more like Cena’s sidekick who interfered in many of Cena’s matches. This pairing would also dissolve when John Cena turned on him. Buchanan would ultimately be released from the WWE.

Barry Buchanan would then embark on a career in Japan. He wrestled for All Japan Wrestling where he teamed with former WWE stars like Rico Constantino and D-Lo Brown. He also feuded a bit with Keiji Mutoh aka The Great Muta. Buchana would also compete for Pro Wrestling Noah in Japan and various independent promotions in the U.S. His last match took place in 2014 and he announced his retirement. So, we ask, whatever happened to Bull Buchanan?

A year before his retirement from the wrestling ring, Barry Buchanan started working for Carroll County Jail in Carroll County, Georgia. He was made a deputy in 2014 and that is when he decided to call it quits from pro wrestling. He is married and has four children and three grandchildren.

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4 thoughts on “Whatever Happened to Bull Buchanan?

  1. Hi, Much Love as a friend, I could use your help with a few things, and Could someone keep me updated on Bull Buchanan, Antifaz Del Norte , Twiggy Ramirez, EZ Money, my partner and Uncle from another mother, Al Snow and Rod Price and Taijri and B. Brian Blair and my other uncle from another mother, Uncle Sabu?


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