Whatever Happened to Sean ‘Val Venis’ Morley

Craig Wilson

One of the most colourful and sexually explicit characters of the WWF’s Attitude Era, for a prolonged period, Val Venis was a crowd favourite with the WWE faithful. Today we ask ‘Whatever Happened to‘ Sean Allen Morley, the man behind that porn star character.

A porn star gimmick with the distinctive ‘hello ladies’ intro music and vignettes featuring Jenna Jamieson? It can only be the Attitude Era and it can only be one superstar we are talking about, namely Val Venis.

The man behind the gimmick, Sean Allen Morley, was Oakville Ontario Canada on 6 March 1971. In the early 90s, he began wrestling training and was shown the ropes by Dewey ‘The Missing Link’ Robertson. Soon he debuted on the Canadian independent scene before finding his feet wrestling in Japan, Mexico and Puerto Rico. He was the youngest person, and the first non-Mexican, to win the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship.

By the late 90s, he came to the attention of the World Wrestling Federation. At 240 pounds and being 6 foot 3 inches, he’s not a huge surprise in itself particularly at a time when both the WWF and World Championship Wrestling were at war and snapping up all the best talent available.

Given a porn star gimmick and renamed Val Venis, in many ways he encapsulated the vibe of WWF wrestling at the time. The fact that his finishing move was called ‘The Money Shot’, further shows the route the company was going for at the time.

All in all, however, his WWF career outlasted the Attitude Era and it was until 2009 that Morley competed with the company. During that time, there were many, many memorable moments. Who can forget his ‘affair’ with Kai-En-Tai’s manager Yamaguchi-San’s wife, Shian-Li Tsang, and the feud between the group and he that eventually led to a feud and culminated in Yamaguchi-San attempting to castrate him with a sword. “Choppy your peepee” is a fairly well-remembered line from the time…

There was his tag team pairing with the Godfather ‘supply and demand’ – get it? – and runs with the Intercontinental Title (twice), European Title (once) and a tag team title run with Lance Storm.

Who can also forget Right to Censor? That group was a parody of the Parents Television Council(PTC), who had been protesting about the level of violence and sexual content in the WWF programming at the time – see above few paragraphs! – and were threatening boycotts of WWF sponsors. Here, he was joined by Steven Richard, Bull Buchanan, Ivory and the Goodfather.

From 2003 onwards, his career took a dip and he was largely used in order to get newer talent over in the company although did defeat CM Punk in his try-out match for the WWE. He spent much of 2008 on the shelf due to injury and in early 2009 was released from his WWE contract after 10 years with the promotion.

Stints again on the independent scene and in TNA followed but by 2010, aged 39, Venis was largely done with wrestling.

And that brings us to today as we ask, ‘Whatever Happened to’ Sean ‘Val Venis’ Morley. Now aged 47, he is married with two kids and under the online pseudonym “Kaptain Kannabis”, he is a proponent for the legalisation of cannabis and runs his own medicinal marijuana business Purple Haze Lounge which is now “Health for Life” marijuana dispensary in Mesa, Arizona.

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One thought on “Whatever Happened to Sean ‘Val Venis’ Morley

  1. You didn’t talk about Morley’s six-month stint as Eric Bischoff’s chief of security from November 2002 to May 2003, which involved manipulating the Dudley Boyz into doing Bischoff and Morley’s dirty work. Said stint would end when Stone Cold came back as co-Raw General Manager and fired Morley for losing to Jerry Lawler.


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