Sunday Sermon: What Else Do We Want to See on the WWE Network?

Jamie Lithgow, Craig Wilson and Brian Damage

Last week saw the debut of ‘Something Else To Wrestle’ on the WWE Network. For those unaware, this is a spin-off from the ‘Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard’ podcast which is probably the most popular wrestling podcast around right now. On the heels of this, today the team put WWE’s extensive archive to one side and consider WWE’s original content created specifically for their Network. What do we like? What do we dislike? What would we like to see more of and do we have any ideas for shows ourselves, that’s the discussion in today’s Sunday Sermon?

Jamie: To say that I was surprised when Conrad Thompson and Bruce Prichard’s podcast made it onto the WWE Network is an understatement. Until I sat down and actually watched it I assumed it was some kind of belated April fool’s joke. Love or hate the podcast, and it does divide opinion, I find it interesting that WWE is A. actively encouraging such a show on the Network and B. that it is produced and performed by non-WWE employees. Obviously, the WWE is fairly relaxed with keeping kayfabe on The Network already, especially with shows like Table For 3 and Ride Along, but Something Else To Wrestle digs even deeper into backstage goings-on, albeit from times gone by. It’s these kinds of shows that I like on The Network because I like learning about the business and hearing the stories. This why I’d love to see a video version of those watch along podcasts i.e. watching a show, match or PPV with alternative commentary. A no-brainer has to be the ‘Anatomy of a Match’ episodes that Edge and Christian do on their podcast. The most recent one was Steve Austin and Bret Hart discussing their match at Wrestlemania 13. It was the podcast equivalent of watching a movie or TV show with the director’s commentary. It’s a wonderful concept for wrestling geeks like me and WWE have all the resources needed already there.

Craig: I like the something to wrestle with podcast although when they started reaching three hours in length, I began to think that was a bit OTT. Still to watch the podcast on the network though.

Absolutely agree re anatomy of the match style stuff. Whilst I’d not want to terribly see, nor can I see WWE producing, shoot interviews etc, two superstars or tag teams breaking down a match would be something I’d like to see.

I’d like them to bring back the legends of Wrestling show too, that Mean Gene Okerlund and latterly Jim Ross hosted. Sure some topics have been covered but plenty more still to be done. The women’s revolution seems a very obvious choice, for example.

Jamie: I feel like anything where fans get to peek behind the curtain is popular on the Network. The WWE 24 series is really interesting and I can’t wait for the second season of Breaking Ground. With that show, it’s like they took the bits of Tough Enough that I actually liked, polished it up and brought it into the 21st century. My guilty pleasure on the Network has to be Ride Along though. On paper, I should hate it, and I did before I actually got off my soapbox and watched an episode. I find it hard to explain why, but I find it really watchable. A big part has to be the length though. There’s not many WWE shows you can watch from start to finish in 20 mins.

I’m starting to sound oddly positive, and that’s just not me! So, I must say that I think Camp WWE is the absolute shits, and I really don’t care for Holy Foley either. Holy Foley is a decent concept but it is clearly just a vehicle for Noel to get over, even though she’s not a wrestler or even a WWE personality.

Brian: I’ll be totally honest and say that I hardly…if ever watch anything on the WWE network besides the pay per views, NXT, 205 Live and network specials. I also watch a lot of the “Vault” stuff and watch classic promotions like World Class and stuff like that. I have tried, but can’t really get into any of the original programming. I don’t know what it is and I am probably robbing myself of missing some good stuff. I just don’t care about Camp WWE, Story Time, Ride Along etc, etc. I feel just for the pay per views alone is worth the price of the network. I have watched some Austin podcasts when they were on and found them entertaining. I haven’t checked out Prichard on the network yet.

It sounds like Jamie is returning to the dark side! Bwhahaha!

Jamie: That’s actually quite an interesting perspective and I wonder how many other subscribers just sign up for the PPVs and don’t pay attention to the other stuff? As Brian said, it’s a good enough deal as it is with just the PPVs and archive so there is no real pressure to watch the original content in order to feel like we’ve gotten our money’s worth. I’ll admit myself to overlooking so much content and not really thinking twice about it. I couldn’t even tell you what an episode of Story Time looks like.

Brian: We are both probably missing some really good content, but again, I don’t feel the need to watch anything that isn’t live or immediately peaks my interest. I am almost positive there are others like us as well. You have to give kudos to McMahon for going in this direction with his vast library of content. I remember when he announced that the WWE network would be a streaming service instead of an actual channel on television and I thought that it was a big mistake. I was being shortsighted and wasn’t looking into the future of television. Now almost everything is streaming and several wrestling promotions like New Japan and Impact Wrestling have followed McMahon’s lead into this form of airing their product.

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