Book or Cook? The Booking of Big Cass

Craig Wilson, Brian Damage, Jamie Lithgow and Benjamin Trecroci

The WWE roster is filled with “superstars” at every level. There are the main roster guys who regularly appear on Raw and SmackDown, those who are used as glorified jobbers and those who are barely used at all. In this series of pieces, we will take an individual wrestler barely used and decide if they are worth keeping or should they be let go. Today we decide if we Book or Cook Big Cass.

Craig: It’s not been an easy run on the main roster for Big Cass, has it? After splitting with Enzo, the charismatic one of the two, and going solo he quickly succumbed to injury, losing any of the ‘big mo’ he had going for him. Now back on our screens, it’s all a bit flat. He got stuck in a TV programme with Daniel Bryan despite everyone and their granny wanting that to be a programme between Bryan and The Miz, so that hurt him.

Some say he’s a big man and Vince will like him but even at a billed 285 pounds, he’s hardly at the top of the ‘land of the giants’ league table, is he? Has he got the charisma or spark to get over? Does he have a connection with the crowd or could he?

All that and more today as we decide whether to Book or Cook Big Cass.

Brian: Yeah, Big Cass hasn’t exactly lit the WWE on fire since he broke off with Enzo Amore. The two really worked well off each other and it was a big mistake breaking them up. The thing is, we all thought it was going to be Enzo would suffer the most. That isn’t quite what happened.

Even though Enzo is no longer with the WWE, he still had a solid run as Cruiserweight champion. All the while Cass was on the sidelines with a knee injury. When Big Cass came back he was placed in a feud with Daniel Bryan. Cass needs a mouthpiece, he doesn’t seem to have the charisma to survive Vince’s world. Oh yeah, he has the size that Vince covets, but he is lacking so much more.

Jamie: I remember having a debate on this very blog about the era of the big man in WWE and if it really is over. I think Big Cass proves that size alone is no longer enough to get over with WWE fans. He’s a big dude, but then what? Braun Strowman is also a big dude but he’s mean, freakishly strong, can be funny and (for a big man) can work a hell of a match. Meanwhile, Big Cass is just big. Even when he was over as Enzo’s partner, that’s all ,he was. Literally anyone else could have filled that void. Big Cass reminds me of Billy Gunn in that he was really over in a tag team with a really charismatic partner, but on his own he just doesn’t seem to have an identity. Maybe he just needs more time, it’s not like Billy Gunn was short on chances until something else finally stuck with the Billy & Chuck thing.

Brian: Excellent analogy by Jamie in regards to Big Cass and Billy Gunn. Despite his size…he just doesn’t seem to have “it.” Whatever it is. Also, if you believe the stuff floating around the internet about Cass having a bit of an ego and attitude problems: why invest in him?

No doubt, the knee injuries are always a concern when dealing with Big wrestlers and Cass looks like he may have those same issues. I am going to say “cook” him. I just don’t see any redeeming qualities that will make him one day be a huge star in WWE.

Jamie: I’m going to say ‘cook’ as well. I mentioned Billy Gunn but a difference between the two is that even I was convinced – for a while at least – that there was something there with Billy, it just never clicked as a solo star. Big Cass on the other hand, I’m not convinced there is a whole lot there to click into place. I’d like to say give him time, but there are so many guys in WWE and NXT that could fill his spot right now and do better. If they want to replace Cass with another large, imposing guy then stick someone like Lars Sullivan in there. Cook him!

Benjamin: I really want to like Big Cass. He was starting to get his footing under him and then he went on the shelf. Upon returning he put into an interesting feud with Daniel Bryan. He killed it on the mic during that promo with Miz. He was really starting to win me over then they put him in the ring with a “little person” and all that momentum was halted as it was a terrible segment.

Hearing reports he went off script during that segment and now he’s in hot water in more ways than one.
Cass has something, but like you guys are saying I’m not sure if he has the “It Factor.”

So it’s going be a Cook for me as well.

Craig: Yeah, it’s a cook from me as well. I think everyone has really covered the points I’d make. He just lacks the ‘it’ factor, for me.

You can read all previous ‘Book or Cook’ pieces here.


7 thoughts on “Book or Cook? The Booking of Big Cass

  1. Cass is better with someone in a tag team or be a bodyguard for the Miz or a top heel. He is not a top player and with this recent injury and getting his ass kicked by Bryan. I doubt he’ll get any momentum back.

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    • Add in his backstage heat, attitude and he’s already heading to being in the Titus Zone doghouse. At this point his best bet is to be Miz’s bodyguard or put back in a tag team with someone who can talk and to basically reel his ego in. The former is very possible, the latter not so much I think.

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      • That is true. His program with Bryan was filled with problems such as kicking that midget in the face and the fact that he couldn’t hang in the ring with someone like Bryan. He needed more work. Not to pushed into a program with the most over guy in the WWE.

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  2. Before his injury, I thought he had the Roman Reigns treatment of “Make Big Cass looks strong!”
    Now they try to push him as the most despicable hated heel around…
    I say book him.

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