This Week in Wrestling 2018 Week 29

Craig Wilson and Brian Damage

It’s Saturday so time for the latest instalment of ’This Week in Wrestling’, the 29th of 2018. Today, Craig talks about the women’s tag team titles while Brian talks about Hulk Hogan and shares all the best viral content he’s stumbled upon this week.

The WWE women’s tag titles?

As alluded to by Brian in the photo gallery, including pic, the strong rumour is that on Monday Night Raw, Stephanie McMahon will announce the creation of the women’s tag team titles.

So the story goes, instead of being brand exclusive, these will be defended across all of the brands, which in itself is rather interesting.

It’s a logical move, in all reality, and comes at a time when the Mae Young Classic will see a fresh batch of female talent vye for a role within the company. Factor in the huge emphasis now on the women’s division in the WWE, the Ronda Rousey effect, then with so many eyes on women’s wrestling, it makes sense to create another set of gold.

And tag team titles makes perfect sense as many women on the roster already find themselves in factions – official (Riott Squad, Absolution etc) or otherwise.

Factor in the fact that there will likely to be a tournament to crown the inaugural champions, which gives the WWE new product for its TV shows, then it’s a win win for everyone.

Whilst I’ve been critical in the past of their being too many champions in the WWE, the addition of these titles makes sense and here’s hoping that, come Monday, these rumours prove to be true.

Sorry Not Sorry

As reported everywhere this past week, Hulk Hogan was reinstated into the WWE Hall of Fame and has resigned with the company after a three year absence. If you didn’t know, Hogan was fired by WWE after audio emerged of Hulk Hogan making derogatory and racist comments about African Americans possibly dating his daughter Brooke. Hulk Hogan was backstage at the Extreme Rules pay per view last Sunday and issued an apology to the entire WWE locker room.

Some accepted his apology and have forgiven him, while others felt his apology was disingenuous. People like Mark Henry, Titus O’Neill and the New Day have criticized Hogan’s apology. He basically said in his apology that he didn’t realize he was being recorded. Not too apologetic sounding is it? Hulk really has an opportunity here to turn a negative into a positive. I know he has been working with the Boys and Girls club of America and has been making the rounds on his “Apology Tour,” but is it enough?

Should Hulk Hogan be forgiven? Forget about everything he accomplished as a wrestler and say he was somebody like Kevin Owens made the same comments., would Owens be given this same opportunity? Hogan was the biggest star for a long time and should be held to a higher standard, I get it. He should be given a second chance to redeem himself. His apology though seems a lot to be desired and hopefully Hogan can work to rectify his mistakes. As of right now, he has an uphill battle ahead of him.

**On a personal note**

A long time reader to this blog, Glenn Crespo recently suffered a stroke this past week and is in pretty bad shape. We here at ring the damn bell would like to send our prayers and best wishes to Glenn on a speedy recovery. Keep fighting the good fight Glenn, we are pulling for you!

Picture Gallery


Take a look at this picture. No that is not Jack Swagger on the left nor is it Metallica front man James Hetfield. It is Bludgeon/Wyatt Erik Rowan early in his wrestling career.

Brian Pillman Jr. hanging out with Ravens head coach John Harbaugh. Pillman’s dad…’The Loose Cannon’ Brian Pillman was once roommates with Harbaugh.

There is a strong rumor going around that Stephanie McMahon’s “big announcement” on Raw this Monday is going to be about starting a women’s tag team division. If true, these are what the tag team titles are rumored to look like.

Cool Drawing of Ric Flair


‘Mella is Money!

It’s Lana Day on the red carpet for the 2018 Espys

This is the much slimmer future Yokozuna in his tryout match with the WWF

Video Gallery
Dr. Wagner Jr and La Parka in a Burger King Commercial…

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6 thoughts on “This Week in Wrestling 2018 Week 29

  1. I’m not against Women’s tag belts, but I am against Stephanie McMahon using this as yet another way to get herself over with more false credit as a genius and the design of those belts, if in fact they’re going with that design. No, just no. Looks like one of those commemorative coins they sell on TV. Just ugly.

    Early Rowan really does look like a cross-between Jack Swagger and James Hatfield, ha ha. DAYUM.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. If the glen who had the stroke is gentleman who commented here under name glen I wish him a speedy recovery I always found his comments interesting and him be fount on times gone . On hogan so long he on TV a lot or in a title match I don’t get problem yeah he said n word 11-12 years ago in his on home he said sorry yeah maybe racist he may not I’ve been called worse by blacks and Latinos and whites


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