Sunday Sermon: The Women’s Evolution

Craig Wilson, Brian Damage, Benjamin Trecroci and Jamie Lithgow

So, last week in ‘This Week in Wrestling’ we talked about the potential introduction of a women’s tag team title. In the end, the big reveal ended up being the announcement of a women’s only PPV. In today’s Sunday Sermon, the team discusses what this means not only for the WWE but also for the company in general.

Craig: Now, whilst to most, this is welcome news and builds on the WWE’s women’s revolution, some of the more neanderthal elements of the fan base, particularly the keyboard warriors, are less pleased. Predictably, it’s led to many asking when we’ll get men only PPVs, ignoring the countless events in wrestling history which were just that.

But that’s really by the way. This is a major big deal for women’s wrestling. The WWE has been on a long journey to this point, moving away from the pin-up divas of old to a series of women who can knock it out of the park in the ring.

So, team, what are we thinking a) about this announcement, b) the prospect of the PPV itself and what you hope to see transpire on the show.

Brian: Personally, I question such a move. It’s not that the WWE women aren’t talented, but are they actually big enough names to carry an entire pay per view. I admit that I have serious doubts.

Aside from Ronda Rousey and maybe Charlotte Flair, who do you see on that roster that would draw people to the event? I like WWE’s ambition, but maybe start out a venue a little smaller than Nassau Coliseum.

While the Coliseum is no Madison Square Garden….it is still someplace that may be a little too big for right now.

Benjamin: While this Evolution PPV might be an answer to the all-male Greatest Royal Rumble, it’s been a long time coming. We are not that far away from Good Housekeeping matches & one-minute segments.

It’s a shame that small minded fans can’t see the big picture here. Sure other promotions have done all women PPVs but for the WWE to do this is a major step forward.

Now as to what happens on this PPV? Really hope they build stories for this show and not just throw some multiple people in a couple matches and call it a day. Wonder if they either have or set up the rumored Four Horsemen match vs UFC women for Survivor Series.

Ronda Rousey will probably be prominently featured as champion as hopefully by then Asuka is also a huge part of the title picture. Still feel like the women should all be on Raw or Smackdown but that’s for another day.

I’m looking forward to the show for sure.

Brian: The other question that needs to be asked is: is there a demand for an all women’s wrestling show? It’s one thing to carefully book three matches and call it a day. Do we have enough trust in creative that they will book an entire show based solely on the female stars?

I want it to succeed and I hope that it’s a great show that is sold out and is entertaining. We will see I guess.

Benjamin: Good question on the demand. Think believe want it but they have to be very careful with the length and pacing of the show. No way you can have a show over three hours. Maybe one match on the preshow and then keep it moving.

As much as I’m interested in this show. I don’t want to watch a 4:30 show (including pre-show) No Way Jose…

Brian: That’s an excellent point. This shouldn’t be a four-hour marathon of a show like the usual WWE pay per views. Two and a half to three hours tops. Give just a select few matches time to tell a story in the ring.

Don’t try and cram every single female star into one show. Just take the best of the best and leave the fans wanting more.

Jamie: If WWE came out and said that the show will last less than three hours then it very well might entice me to renew my Network subscription – I cancelled it by the way. I love the concept and it is the right time to do it but due to the question marks over demand, one would think that WWE might follow the NXT Takeover format rather than a full-blown, epic main roster PPV, right? WWE does have the numbers to produce a four hour, all women’s PPV complete with pre-show, but how much of it would fans actually care about? I’d love for them to go down all killer, no filler road and put on a fantastic show for two and a half hours instead. Otherwise, instead of the first ever women’s only WWE PPV we’d see a regular WWE PPV featuring all women – if you get what I mean? Annoyingly, though, I can very well see this turning into Wrestlemania i.e. every woman on the roster will feature, regardless of whether or not there is value in it and regardless of the time, it will waste on the show. I hope it’s not like that, but I’m just waiting for the announcement of a pointless battle royal.

I don’t want to sound negative, but WWE has a track record here. The show could so easily be awesome, and I hope it is. As an aside, who will do commentary? I’m assuming the female referees from NXT will be deployed, so that takes care of that. Beth Phoenix and Lita have done colour commentary before, but what about play-by-play? Renee Young has done it before in NXT I believe, but I understand that she did not enjoy it. I’m just assuming they’ll have an all-female announce team, but you never know, Michael Cole and Corey Graves might be deployed.

Brian: Renee Young calling the action would be fine. That’s if she has any interest in doing it. If not, may I suggest Mauro Ranallo instead of Michael Cole? If there is one announcer that could really do these ladies justice, it would be Mama Mia himself in Ranallo.

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Sermon: The Women’s Evolution

  1. Honest but unrelated question: For a few months now, MMA fans at live events have been doing this thing where one drunk guy in the crowd screams out a Ric Flair style “WOOOOO!!!”, then another guy across the arena responds with another “WOOOOO!!!”, and another, and another, and this continues for minutes at a clip. The first time it happened, I though that Ric Flair may have died or something, but I see that he is still alive and well. So does anyone know what this fad is all about? Because it is incredibly annoying, to the point that I now watch my UFC events with the sound off.


  2. I’ll be completely honest; they should’ve just announced a Women’s Tag team title instead.
    Not that the women aren’t deserving of their own PPV, put the whole things kinda reeks to me of segregation, and the whole “separate but equal” thing.

    The women’s division isn’t that popular enough nor has been the focus of RAW or Smackdown in consistently enough for people to care to buy. If it had, and the same amount of time and resources that are sunk into the Roman Reigns project were likewise channeled into the women’s division, then I could see it. But who’s popular enough to sell the PPV to the WWE Universe?
    Bayley’s damaged goods, ESPECIALLY in light of the horrible way the whole Sasha/Bayley feuds’ been handled.
    That only leaves Rousey and legends.

    Also, there’s the mentality of women’s matches by and large being nothing but bathroom breaks.
    Not that they shouldn’t try to break that line of thinking, just that it’s going to be hard to do with the way the current writing staff has dulled the “women’s revolution” down. You can thank Vince for that, despite Triple H’s efforts to the contrary.

    Instead, they should try small, and feature these women-only ppv bouts on the WWE network as they did in same vein as the old Saturday Night’s Main Event, and build from there.

    The lack of big names and lack of legit interesting storylines is what’s going to be the big obstacles to this being a success.

    Short of getting AJ Lee, bringing back Chyna, Sensational Sherri and Luna from the dead, I just don’t see it.

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