Whatever Happened to Terri ‘Tori’ Poch?

Brian Damage

She was a bodybuilder and a fitness model turned valet and then professional wrestler. Today on the blog, we ask…’Whatever Happened to‘ Terri Poch aka Tori in the WWF?

After an early career as a professional bodybuilder and fitness model, Terri Poch started a career in pro wrestling. She started out in the old Pacific Northwest territory based in Portland, Oregon. She was a valet to Scotty the Body aka Raven. Her first wrestling name was ‘Taylor Made.’ Poch got her training in largely by great amateur wrestler named Brad Rheingans.

After her training, Poch embarked on a career as a pro wrestler. Her first gimmick, she was named ‘The Private Dancer’ Terri Poch. Ultimately, she developed the name ‘Terri Power’ and joined the all women’s wrestling promotion called the Ladies Professional Wrestling Association (LPWA) Terri Power won her first and only championship of her career when she became the LPWA champion. She was also recognized as the very last LPWA champion as that group folded.

Terri Power then embarked on a tour of Japan, where she wrestled the very best in All Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling. She wrestled in Japan for over a year and after her tour was over…she retired from the business. Her retirement lasted for a few years. In the interim, she focused on her career in modeling. That’s when she was noticed by the World Wrestling Federation.

Terri Poch was brought into the company in 1998 and had a very similar look to WWF star Sable. Terri Poch was seen at ringside for several of Sable’s matches and was dubbed Sable’s number one fan. The original idea was to make Terri and Sable sisters, but that plan was scrapped. The two would eventually unite, only for Sable to down and humiliate the woman known as Tori. Tori would eventually challenge Sable for the WWF women’s title and lose.

Tori would move on to become the girlfriend of Kane, but would turn heel and join X Pac in Degeneration X. Terri cites this as one of her greatest times as a pro wrestler with her being in such a high profile storyline. She remained as a member of DX until she was power bombed through a table by the Dudley Boys. In reality, Tori was legitimately injured and needed time off to get surgery done on her shoulder. She returned months later and once again became a babyface by breaking up with X Pac.

Tori would disappear again, but would return dressed as a ninja who kept helping Raven in his matches. Her career seemed to come full circle as she was paired up once again with Scott Levy. The angle didn’t last long and Tori was released from the WWF. She ultimately retired from pro wrestling a second time in 2001.

So that begs the question: whatever happened to Terri ‘Tori’ Poch? Terri Poch now resides in Portland, Oregon where she opened up her own Wellness Center. She not only practices yoga, but also helps her clients with nutrition, Cryotherapy and other methods for full body wellness. She rarely makes wrestling themed appearances anymore, as she is focused on her business. Poch is not married and does not have any children.

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2 thoughts on “Whatever Happened to Terri ‘Tori’ Poch?

  1. I finished 10 full sessions of Rolfing with Terri in Portland recently – it was an wonderful experience and it very much changed my life and body for the better. She’s been doing it for almost 2 decades now, startling while she was still wrestling, and I wanted to point out that her expertise in Rolfing has played a huge part of her life – something your synopsis missed. She’s completely passionate about it.

    I had no idea about her wrestling history until we got to talking over the weeks. Anyway – she’s just a fantastically great person in real life – kind, warm hearted, and really gifted at what she does.

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